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What Was The Hottest Trend At PLBW?

Sexy Backs!

There were a lot of collections at PLBW which didn’t do anything for us. Our hearts refused to flutter at the sight of over flowing zardozi, and neither did we fall for the uninventive silhouettes. But there were moments when we gasped, and those came when the models turned their backs on us! As unbecoming as it sounds, there were quite a few sexy backs at display at PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week 2017.

It seems our designers paid a lot of attention to the ‘other’ side as opposed to the one which happens to have our face.

Here are some of the sexy back trends that we spotted on the runway.

Sexy Lace back

From left to right: Sania Maskatiya, Jeem, Ahmed Sultan and Sana Safinaz.

A little bit of lace and a few diamante or crystals placed artistically on sheer fabric is a recipe for an extremely sassy back. Some designers overlapped the lace to create a cross over effect while others went with the cut-out feel.

Sexy Sheer back

From left to right: Shamsha Hashwani, Shiza Hasan, Sana Safinaz, and Faiza Saqlain.

Sheer fabric is trending big time. Heck, designers are even making trousers out of it! But it is the sexy sheer back trend that has caught our attention. It is minimalist and instantly adds a bit of a drama to the entire look.

Sexy Dori Back

From left to right: Nomi Ansari, Mahgul, Ali Xesshan, and Faiza Saqlain.

Nothing screams sexy more than a backless dress put together with a skimpy piece of dori. It isn’t innovative. We know. The sexy dori back has been there ever since Rekha performed on Dafli Waale and we’re guessing, it’ll be there when someone plans their destination wedding on moon.

Sexy Peekaboo back

From left to right: Jeem, Sadaf Fawad, Misha Lakhani, and Sara Rohale.

Sadaf Fawad showcased her debut collection at PLBW this year and while she played it safe with her designs, we liked the way she handled the back. The peekaboo back (or cut out back – which ever you prefer) was one of our most favourite trends at the PLBW.

Sexy Deep V Back

From left to right: Saira Shakira, Nickie Nina, Sana Safinaz, and Mahgul.

Again, a classic which you can’t not like. Let the picture speak for itself.