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What’s In Our Bag?

Eight things that can beat the heat!

By Hafsa Saeed

Sticky clothes, shiny forehead, dry throat, and a strange odour, is us in a nutshell in this extreme heat. But let’s not lose heart over trivial things like sebum and oily hair. There is a solution for every problem and we’re on a mission to find it. Include these eight things in your life AKA your handbag and live a stress-free life.

Most of us are guilty of carrying our entire lives in our handbags. Be it a tiny cross body or a tote, we’ll go out of our way to find teensy hand creams, lip balms and deodorants because we don’t like feeling helpless. This summer we bring you the must-have items to beat the heat on the move.

Duh, a water bottle

Drink, drink, drink! Everyone keeps telling us how important H2O is for us and we continue to find ourselves guilty of forgetting to chug in as often as we can. Staying hydrated at all times during these summers is the key to stay fresh during the summer.

The markets are full of funky bottles, so you don’t have to worry about a bottle messing with your style statement.

Face Wipes

Yes, you heard that right! Cleansing your face is not just restricted to night time. Why let all the grime settle in your pores when you can get rid of it in one quick swipe. So stock up on these babies to keep your skin clean and hydrated throughout the day.


And we mean deodorant, not perfume! You might end up broke if you settle for former in this heat because you’ll need to spritz it on after every hour if not minutes. So buy your favourite drugstore deodorant and use it sparingly.

Now you won’t need to sniff your armpits (excuse the imagery) before attending a meeting or doing an everyday thing like moving closer to a colleague.

A pile of tissues

As much as we love our face wipes, it is true that over using them is harmful for our facial skin. Hold on to the good old tissue papers to absorb the excess oil or sweat. You can also use blotting papers instead.

BB cream

If there is one make-up product every girl swears by in this weather, it is the BB Cream. Keep it in your bags at all times for reapplication because the sweat will slide it off your face if you tend to stay more outdoors than indoors. A BB cream and a compact powder is all you need in this heat to look fresh and alive.

Scrunchies and clips

The models with free flowing hair in advertisements may convince you to go all out and sport a blow dry every day, but the moment you visualize your hair sticking to your forehead and poking in all directions, you take a scrunchy and sweep it off your neck and forehead into a nun bun.

The point is, never ever forget extra hair ties because you know they have a habit of mysteriously going missing.

Sun block

We agree it is a hassle to apply stuff to your skin in this weather, but a sun block will save your face from getting tanned or going two toned.


Let’s end this on a fabulous note. The shades just won’t protect you from the heat, but will also make you look like a total diva now that the market is full of all kinds of funky shades.