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Common Desi Reactions to Feminism

"Woh jo naya trend chala hai?"

By S. Mahmood

Don’t let the above image fool you; we’re being sarcastic. Dating back to the 1940’s, before feminism was even a common word, Pakistan produced some of the fiercest feminists of all time, such as Ismat Chughtai. However, ‘coming out’ as a feminist is still supremely difficult in a desi society. We’ve compiled the most common desi reactions to women being feminists:

Oh. In other words, an extremist?

Honey, no. With that one ignorant sentence, you’ve erased every possibility of continuing this conversation with us.

Lums say parh kar dimagh kharab hogaya hai!

So…education and believing women are equal to men equals actual insanity. Wonderful. Thanks.

Feminists ki shaadiyan nahi hoteen. Feminism is the reason for high divorce rates in today’s world

Here is a thought:  In the past, women were even more suppressed and quite literally couldn’t speak up for their rights. In fact, they didn’t even know about their rights. And if that’s the recipe for a ‘successful’ marriage, count us out!

Women just want to play the victim card

What other cards do you expect us to play when we are the.freaking.victim?

Feminist? Oh acha woh aaj kal jo aurton ka naya trend chala hai?

HaanWohi. This new trend called, “wanting basic human rights”.

You should be a humanist. I thought women’s rights were important, but now I think human rights are more important.

Not when within humans, one gender is clearly underprivileged. Why does the slogan go, Black Lives Matter and not All Lives Matter? Ever thought about that?

Learn to take a joke, yaar. Feminism has ruined your sense of humor.


We don’t know if it has ruined ours, but you Sir, certainly need an upgrade.  We assure you, there is more to the world of comedy than rape jokes.

You can fight gender inequality. But don’t be so vocal about it!


Why not? How do you expect me to be an active part of a movement by remaining completely silent?

Don’t share all this online. You’ll scare potential rishtas.

Apologies. I forgot there is nothing more frightening than an aware, independent, strong woman.

We saved the worst for last. It starts off on a promising note:

Me: I’m a feminist
Him: Me too…

But you know that’s too good to be true, so you hold your breath. Here’s how that sentence ends:

Him: But there is a limit to all that.

You: Sigh.

All we need is empathy to realize the plight of women, to fix the future of women.