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Which Of These Four Shoppers Are You?

The Loner or The Social Shopper?

By Sherazade Khan

Do you find yourself browsing online or fighting through throngs of aunties to buy the crazy pants you’ve been crushing on lately? Do you prefer to stroll in a Mall alone or you prefer to have a support system while you try on the too-tight-for-you size XS at boutiques? When you get dressed in the morning, do you think about making a statement or just appearing at your workplace is good enough for you? The answer to these questions will determine which type of shopper are you.

Find out which category of shoppers do you fit into.

The Impulsive Shopper

You firmly believe in YOLO, and you expect your bank account to keep up with it! Once you decide to buy something, you absolutely CANNOT not buy it. You become female version of Amitabh Bachhan in K3G – Kehdiya…tou bas kehdiya – even if it means going without food for the next week or so.

Elbowing your way through women, trying to get their hands on the best deals, is your idea of a workout. And you feel you’ve achieved nirvana when you hug your new purchase and get high on the smell of something ‘new’. If the financial guilt dares to creep in, you look at yourself in a mirror and say, “Tumhein koi haq nahi ke tum itnee khoobsurat lago”, and that puts an abrupt end to your guilt trip.

The Lone Wolf

You step into the mall only when you desperately need something – and it’s followed by a serious spring cleaning session. You need a few wardrobe staples and you don’t have time to browse. You do a thorough analysis of how much wear you can get out of each piece before even taking it to the trial room!

And you MUST try out everything because if something isn’t the perfect fit, then you don’t need to waste your hard earned money on it. You’ve never heard of the term, ‘impulse buying’.

The Social Shopper

Need to plan a GT with friends? Why not hang out at the mall and catch up in the trial rooms! Because who wouldn’t want to squeal in unison with their besties over a pair of shiny metallic loafers?

Shopping for you is a social activity that is planned ahead and includes a strategically placed lunch break – it comes after shopping for a pair of jeans, and before makeup shopping. You like to have a few opinions before taking the final decision, and if your friends don’t make it, they’re expected to respond to your trial room selfies ASAP!

The Online Shopper

You, my dear, hate to brave the crowd and wait in queues outside the trial rooms. Shopping online is so much easier and convenient, why would anyone put themselves through the torture of breathing in the same air as a million other aunties?

Your selected outfits reach your doorstep with a click or two. It is as simple as that. Don’t like the product or the fit? Return and exchange policies, cash on delivery, and flexible vendors are now making refunds and replacements so much easier.

Your kind is supremely at ease during sales. Because instead of finding yourself squeezed between heavily perspiring ladies, all you do is wake up early (or sleep late) and bag the bargains – all the while sitting in your comfy bed in your pjs!