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Who Does Danyal Zafar Wants To Sing His Next Duet With?

Hint: It is not Momina Mustehsan

Danyal Zafar is the newest hottie in town! Before you glare at us for objectifying men, we apologise. Well, not really. He is a hottie and we’re sure he doesn’t mind being called one. But we aren’t taking anything away from his equally praiseworthy vocal chords. He, together with Momina Mustehsan, recently gave us Muntazir – ballad which might not have made it to our all-time favourite songs playlist, but it did put Danyal Zafar on the music map!

So we were more than eager to know who he wants to sing next with and what kind of dreams does he have. Hence, we took our 18 questions to Danyal Zafar and he was game enough to answer them!

What was the first ever song that you sang?

Knocking On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan

What’s your most embarrassing moment from school/college days.

In grade two, a friend of mine told my crush I liked her. She was so upset!

Playing the guitar or singing?

Why not both?

What’s your first ever memory of Ali Zafar?

I fell down on my hand and hurt myself really bad, he put me in his lap and introduced me to the classic game ‘snake’ on a Nokia phone to distract me. It worked! I beat his high score in an hour, HA!

Who would you like to do your next duet with – Aima Baig, Momina mustehsan or Zaw Ali?

Zaw Ali

Image courtesy of Abdullah Haris

Shalwar or shorts?


Nani or Dadi?


Tea or coffee?

Workout days: Coffee, cheat meals: tea with sugar

Movie night or clubbing?

Movie night any night!

What’s that one thing you can’t live without?

My family

Which Pakistani song best describes your life?

Aitebaar – Vital Signs

Image courtesy of Abdullah Haris

What’s the best thing about being a celebrity?

The love people show you

What’s the worst?

Being prone to unnecessary judgement

What was your last dream about?

I was trying to cross a stream, and these pebbles I would step on would tickle my feet

What’s your favourite holiday destination?


What would you say to people who think you’re a parchi?

I’ll let my music speak for itself

Dedicate a song to all the women out there.

Pretty Woman!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how difficult is to be Ali Zafar’s brother?