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Who is winning the Game of Lawns?

This year's five bestsellers

Maheen Bajwa

We see towering billboards of campaigns worth crores; share videos of halls being stormed by droves of women and pore through Instagram to catch a glimpse of the exclusive launch parties and previews, but do we really know what’s actually working in the lawn world and why?

The designer lawn volume is worth up to approximately Rs14 billion per annum, with hundreds of designer lawns being produced every summer and increasing every year. Suits range anywhere from around Rs5,000 to a whopping Rs7,500 and we’ve got all types and ages of women scrambling to get their hands on their favourite prints.

We got inside information from top lawn retailers and distributors on some of 2016’s best selling lawn so far. Here are the results:


At No. 1, Élan Lawn stands as the champion in this year’s competition and completely sold out in majority of the stores. Here are some reasons that might determine the brand’s success:

This year, Élan screamed elegance, glamour, and luxury. The brand experimented with design and colours in a very intelligent manner, welcoming muted but fresh hues such as pastel pink, soft mints, mustard and monochrome, offering respite from loud colours and overbearing prints we’ve been seeing year after year. It is safe to say that Elan is currently the most powerful design house in the country with strengths in all areas of fashion. Everything this brand touches turns to gold!

Maria B

On the second spot is Maria B. This design house played its cards right when it came to creating a bestselling product by introducing designs that were romantic and feminine and summery, and also diverse enough to appeal to all age groups. Maria B was also the first design house to collaborate with Swarovski in the lawn arena, a collaboration that worked well in their favour. The brand’s 2016 lawn campaign also features two popular faces of the Pakistan media industry, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Maya Ali.

Shehla Chatoor

Lawn’s new kid on the block did not fail its clientele. Instead, it proved to be a warrior in the lawn wars, battling its competition with ease. How is Shehla Chatoor different? Well, for starters, it was the only design house this year to focus more on their prints than embroidery. The brand went back to the roots of a three-piece suit symbolizing practicality, simplicity, and day wear. The SC campaign was also one of the strongest this year, featuring Bollywood beauty Nargis Fakhri.

Zainab Chottani and Crimson Lawn by Farah Talib Aziz

Both these designer lawns stood neck and neck in their popularity and sales, and both are big names in the fashion industry with distinct styles. The two brands played to their strengths this year: FTA went its signature dreamy floral route while Chottani chose to go ethnic with an edge.

Zara Shahjahan

The final spot goes to none other than the star couturier in bridals and luxury pret, Zara Shahjahan, who is also making a name for herself in the lawn circuit thread by thread. This year’s ZS collection went by the name of Noor Bano. The prints were inspired by folk lifestyle, combining rich heritage with modern techniques. Each print had its own story and complexity, and the innovative play of colours offered a versatility unseen in the market. Off to a good start with her cultural vibe, let’s see what awaits this budding lawn artisan!


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  • sahira

    these all are stupid brands……original prices are too much high and replicas are available everywhere in 1500…its pathetic……..a very limited number of people can afford the original ones but we got so much annoyed when the same styles,colors and embroiders under the same name of designers are also available in Rs. 1500/- only…..????why they have no such policy to ban the replica business?????why these brands do not take any strict action against the replica makers who are selling their brand names at very low costs and with very third class quality of fabric and embroideries???