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Who Is Winning The Lawn War This Year?

It's not who you expected it to be

By Maheen Bajwa

A decade ago Pakistan’s top model, Vaneeza Ahmed, introduced her designer lawn label and soon enough all our top designers started eyeing the airy fabric with a lot of interest. Soon enough, receiving lawn catalogues at our home became akin to having pakoras during Iftaar. From mad stampedes at Sana Safinaz’ lawn exhibition to Gul Ahmed releasing multiple collections every year, we’ve seen it all. Then there came time when women were seen looking down upon the exhibitions, “I wouldn’t want to get sandwiched between two sweaty beings just for a lawn jora!” But…the next time you met them, they’d be sporting the latest designer lawn print. How did that happen? Only god knows!

What we do know – after thorough research – at Women’s Own is who is winning the lawn war, so if a designer lawn didn’t make the list they actually just didn’t make the list!

Saira Shakira

This year Saira Shakira created eight designs that blew the buyers away. They chose to focus mainly on bright vibrant colours, and it seems the audience was thinking on similar lines because they took a great liking to their collection. We were told by our lawn sources that Saira Shakira’s lawn campaign is going really strong; celebrity power for the win!


Sobia Nazir

Next up is Sobia Nazir’s luxury lawn. Her lawn collection caters to ladies who love their lawn as luxury pret, and it’s safe to say that her formula worked out a 100%! Sobia’s USP were net dupattas with four sided borders. You could also describe SN lawn as ‘day-wear meets party-wear’.

Farah Talib Aziz

Farah Talib Aziz lawn has jumped up a few places since last season on the ladder titled Who-Makes-The-Best-Lawn and the credit for this goes to the FTA team. They were the first ones, in the lawn segment, to experiment with French chikan embroidered fabric and the positive response goes on to show that innovation is always welcome in this rusty industry.


Unfortunately, Elan fell short this year in holding its original spot – that is number one. The drop had a lot to do with the fact that Sapphire’s lawn was very similar to Elan’s and smart buyers would obviously choose the cheaper option. The lesson to learn here is that you can’t get away with everything just because you’re one of the most sought after brands in the country AND cannibalization is not just a theory.

Sana Safinaz

One may have noticed that SS did not make the cut last year and their lawn moved off the racks at a slow pace. This year, they upped their marketing strategy, gained the first-mover advantage, and improved the quality of their fabric. Their printed net shirt pieces were a total win. The look book was beautifully conceptualized in terms of styling and it was really hard for consumers to ignore it!