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“Who wears our clothes,” asks Generation


Don’t you feel at home when shopping at Generation? When all else fails, doesn’t a trip to Generation save the day? Be it an emergency meeting, dholki, or even an interview; Generation has been dressing people up for their important days since forever.

The brand has won two awards this year alone for their achievement in retail fashion. There must be something that the brand is doing right, because we all know shifting to another brand (hint: Sapphire) in this consumer-driven world is as easy as online shopping.

We’ll tell you what they’re doing right. They’re empowering women one design at a time.

Last year it was their campaign ‘Step Outside’ – which was all about encouraging women to reclaim public spaces – and this year it is ‘Greater Than Fear‘.

“To all the women out there, let’s be greater than fear! Here’s a tribute to each one of you. Thank you for inspiring us every single day,” says the brand’s Creative Director, Khadija Rahman

The conversational portraits, “Invite you to become #greaterthanfear. Whether you’re 12 or 72, you’re 5’11 or 5’2, honey skinned or ivory hued, the question you should really be asking when picking out and outfit is, “do I love it?!”

As Khadija Rahman rightly points out in her Director’s Note, “Do I even wonder about what I want to wear? Whatever happened to the one question that should hold the most weightage? [Instead we wonder] Will the tightness of my kurti decide how you treat me in the streets today? Would you raise questions about the sanctity of my hijab because of the shade of lipstick I wear with it?”

Don’t we all do that? Judge people as soon as we set our eyes on them. Why not celebrate life, like these 20 women:

When Generation rolled out the recent campaign and contacted real women, a lot of inspiring stories came their way; from women trying to find their true identity – such as Transwoman Irha Parishei – to getting back at fate with a healthy dose of irony like Nashmia Frahan – a 7 year old diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes who now makes the best lava cake in town.

Janat Sohail: Playing multiple instruments including the guitar, percussions and the ukulele, her talent is bursting from the seams. Initially part of Nescafe basement, Jannat soon came to the realization that her calling was more inclined towards alternative, indie music. She's chosen to retract from the platform and the audience, as well as the fame that comes with it, and relaunched herself as the eclectic, ‘Wooly and the Uke’, a one woman band where she sings as well as plays the instruments with an authentic sound that she truly identifies with. Read more about her story in our supplement, accompanying this week's @sundaytimes! Photography: #UmarRiaz Mua: @saigolnatasha #stepoutside #greaterthanfear #JanatSohail #WoolyandtheUke

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“We really wanted to know who our customers were,”states Rahman. “And boy were we in for a treat! From friends to strangers, tweens to the elderly we came across a plethora of stories that were more exciting than a work of fiction! Needless to say we were compelled to tell their stories to the world! Hence the ‘Faces of Generation’ was born.”

Generation shares 20 inspiring stories through their #GreaterThanFear campaign, but we’re told that there were many more. And that’s absolutely believable because we, humans, fight our demons on a daily basis.

As Josh Malihabadi puts it:

“Garden e afaaq mein

(In a Sensous sky)

Champa kali hai zindagi

(life is a chumpa flower)”

*This post is published in partnership with Generation.

**Photography by Umar Riaz.