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Here Is Why You Need ‘Boogie Bounce’ In Your Life

Got joint pain? Bounce away your weight!

Mehak Taherani is a singer, guitarist, and helps people live a hot and healthy life for a living. How is that for a life? Pretty awesome, we say. We headed to the MUV base to experience the awesomeness, or more realistically speaking to participate in MUV’s latest workout session called Boogie Bounce and it is safe to say that we are fans for life. You bounce, you boogie woogie to the music, AND you burn 800 calories!

Let’s talk about what MUV actually is? It is a base where you arrive to get fit and according to MUV’s Facebook page, its mission is to reinvent what it means to “go to the gym”. Now that sounds like fun. With an expert team consisting of Mehak, Talal, Zain, and Saira; MUV has something for everyone.

Without further ado, let’s hear what Mehak Taherani has to say about their latest offering called Boogie Bounce.

How did you come up with the idea?

Is it all about bouncing and having fun or do you actually burn fat?

How many calories do you burn per session?

Share some fun facts that people don’t know about Boogie Bounce.

How is Boogie Bounce different from other forms of exercise?

Is there a danger of bouncing off the trampoline?

Any parting messages for all the ladies out there?

Here are our two cents: If you want to lose weight then join Boogie Bounce ASAP and if you like working up a sweat then too, this place is your best friend. If you’re just looking to tone your body then you can choose a  lighter form of  exercise.