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You Can Spot Your Favorite Celebrities At These Restaurants

Sakura is a celeb favorite!

By Hafsa Saeed

We honestly don’t mean to encourage stalking and unladylike behavior but hey, let’s admit it, we do let out an excited squeal or two (internally) when we spot our favorite celebrities. Sometimes there is a selfie involved and sometimes there isn’t. But don’t we just love running into our fave celebrities like they’re our next door neighbors? The chance of the happy coincidence increases if you know where they love to hangout.

Since we are always here to satisfy the inner celebrity stalker in you, here is a list of your favourite female celebrities’ favorite restaurants.

Enjoy! (But do not harass or camp outside these eateries)

Sakura, Karachi

This hot favourite sushi place inside PC, Karachi, is a second home to Hira Tareen, Syra Shahroz, and Sarwat Gilani. It is known for making the best sushi in town, and is definitely not easy on the pocket BUT you won’t find that sushi anywhere else, so it is totally worth it!

Café Flo, Karachi

This quaint little place is a personal favourite of Maria Wasti and is also on Hira Tareen’s top favorite restaurant list. Flo is known for its fine dining experience. The atmosphere is lovely and their French food and steaks are cooked to perfection. What else can one ask for?

P.s. Their Penne Pasta is to die for!

Yum Chinese and Thai, Lahore

This is the Hindi Medium actress’s “all time favorite” restaurant. So if you want to spot Saba Qamar, drop by Yum. Known for its premium Chinese food, their Kung Pao chicken is everyone’s frequent pick.

Pompei, Karachi

Located in the Shapes Health club compound, Pompei – an Italian restaurant – is our personal favorite. You can find us there, but we’re sure you aren’t interested in this piece of information, so let’s give you the scoop: Zhalay Sarhadi loves Pompei and so does Hira Tareen.

Pompei with its quiet environment and a fine dining experience won’t disappoint you at all. Do remember to order their Grilled Jumbo Prawns and Salom with Roast Fenne!

Cote Rotie, Karachi

Anoushey Ashraf is a big fan of Cote Rotie “these days”. Situated inside Alliance Francaise, their menu changes frequently (that is the best part). The menu never gets monotonous but the best part about their menu are their dishes consisting of bread.

My personal favorite is Linguine with mushrooms.

Xander’s, Karachi

Syra Shahroz and Anoushey Ashraf are fans of Xander’s.

This cafe (which was a trendsetter in a way) is known for being consistent. Our top favorites from their varied menu are the pepperoni club and the Xander’s club with their scrumptious waffle fries.

Il Posto, Karachi

Angeline Malik loves it for its “perfect Italian feel”. Il Posto is famous for its authentic Italian cuisine and their spaghetti Aglio Olio is a must try.

Amu, Lahore

Juggun Kazim loves Amu . Their most recommended dishes are Salmon Tiradito and the langoustine Ravioli. It will provide you with the right fancy experience you want in Lahore.