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You Must Listen To This Stripped Down Version Of ‘Na Kaho’

It has all the right feels!

You’re not a millennial, if you didn’t spent your teenage years listening to Aaroh’s ballad, Na Kaho, in a dimly lit room. This song crept on us like Misbah Ul Haq’s innings. Not many were aware of the song’s existence for the longest time, and simply switched the channel after seeing a glimpse of a long-haired bloke swaying along a too-mellow-to-catch-our-attention tune.

It once we sat and listened to the lyrics and the music, it grew on us and now refuses to let go.

Na Kaho is a song which we love to hear from time to time. It is simple, relatable, and the melody is evergreen. We still haven’t gotten sick of it in the past ten years, so chances are that’s not going to happen ever. Nescafe Basement recreated the song last year in “the loving memory of Haider Hussain Hashmi (1974-2014)”. Hussain was Aaroh’s Lead Guitarist and Co-Songwriter, and lost his battle with brain tumour in 2014.

Nescafe Basement stayed true to the original song (which we love), and the vocalist did an amazing job, but he made us miss Farooq Ahmed’s vocals even more. We can’t thank Patari enough for this stripped down version.