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You Should Invest In A Brazilian Blowout

And You Are About To Find Out Why


By Mashaal Rana

We are always on the hunt for the next best thing when it comes to hair treatments, but sometimes it can be difficult to keep tabs on new offerings. Enter Tryst – your next go-to salon located in Shahbaz Commercial. This Karachi salon offers the Brazilian Blowout, the only anti-frizz smoothing treatment out there with absolutely no downtime, i.e. the dreaded three-day processing phase you’d to go through if you opted for a Keratin infusion or an Xtenso. Instead, in the words of Anita Mirza, founder and owner of Tryst, “the minute you leave the salon, you can do everything you’d normally do, whether it’s going for a swim or hitting the gym.

“ This treatment is a damage reprise in its true sense,” explains Anita, “ it repairs the harm caused to your hair from everything, including bleaching and heat.”

The folks at Tryst swear by the Brazilian Blowout, as it repairs the internal bonds of the hair that carry nourishment from the root to the tip. This means that you can bleach, colour and style your hair safer after this treatment. Impressed by the benefits of this treatment, I decided to give it a shot myself – three hours and a stiff back later, I must say the results were totally worth it! In one-word it was LIFE-CHANGING. I am now a week into my Brazilian blowout and my hair is frizz-free, more manageable than before and extremely soft – to say the least. The effects of this treatment last for about 3-6 months (and this blowout cuts your hair styling time by at least half).

Before and After
Before and After

So, still planning your weekend getaway? We suggest you visit Tryst and treat yourself. Take our word for it – You won’t regret it.