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You Will Be Fit In No time With This 12 Minute Daily Routine

Or even less

In an age where everything from our food to naps is super fast, it is little surprise that fitness experts have also chosen a quick way out. The increasingly popular HIIT and AMRAP exercise routine takes less time – usually 12 minutes – but is equally (or in some cases even more) effective. Today we are going to talk about an eight-minute AMRAP, which stands for As Many Reps As Possible, routine.

According to Nida Shahbazker of the newest fitness facility in Karachi, Impact, “If you incorporate weights and high intensity cardio to the routine, then your body manages to burn calories even when you’re resting.”

How to get started with AMRAP?

Do two sets (or more depending on your speed) of these exercises with a one minute gap in between for eight minutes.

  1. 15 jump squats
  2. 30 alt knee up
  3. 15 burpees
  4. 15 weighted sumo squat
  5. Take a break of one minute
  6. Repeat the reps

In case you don’t know what a jump squat or a burpee is, here is your visual guide.

You can also increase the time if you want to go for the kill, but don’t over exert your body. It is better to be consistent than to push yourself to the limit one day and not work out for the rest of the week.

“It is an amazing way to workout and it’s structured in a way that it makes you push yourself as hard as you can,” explains Nida Shahbazker. “As opposed to a traditional workout that gives you a stated number of rounds without a time barrier, AMRAP will make you fit in as many rounds as you can do in a restricted time frame.”

It is suggested that you do the AMRAP routine five or six times a week if not daily.

She adds, “In those 12 minutes [or eight minutes in this case] you should then complete as many rounds as quickly as you can.  Alternatively you can also work on one particular exercise. If you want to work on your push ups, for example, then you can set a timer for two minutes and fit in as many push ups as you can!”

What are you waiting for guys? Your body only needs eight minutes to reach your #bodygoals!

This post was published in partnership with Impact.

*Wardrobe credit: Tena Durrani, Makeup credit: Ayesha Fahd, and Photography credit: Umair Qadir.