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You Won’t Believe What Bonanza Satrangi Is Introducing This Eid

Are you sick of this heat?

And the sweat and pungent odour that comes with it occasionally? You can look like a million dollars, but if you smell like rotten eggs then you might as well hide in your room until you’re sure you stepping out won’t be hazardous for other people’s health. Or unless you get your hands on Bonanza Satrangi’s set of fragrances. We were smitten by Bonanza Satrangi’s Eid Collection, but little did we know that the brand had an Eid present hidden in their kitty.

Their newly launched range includes floral, fruity and musky scents for both, men and women, and comes at an amazing price point. In short, you won’t need to break your bank to smell delicious.

The CEO of Bonanza Satrangi, Mr. Hanif Bilwani, earlier stated, “We wanted to introduce a product which was not only superior in quality (as compared to local competition) but something which was also economical for our customers.”

They stayed true to their statement and have introduced the fragrance line from as low as Rs.1880! Let’s have a look at what’s in store for us.

Master collection Sport, priced at Rs. 1,880 is a fresh woody scent and has citrus and spicy undertones.Midnight Bonanza is again fresh and spicy, but is priced at Rs. 3,180.

My Satrangi is a floral scent for all you women and has patchouli and rose undertones. It can be bought for Rs. 2,680.

Fareeha, priced at Rs. 1,880, is your basic everyday floral musk scent.

Another fragrance at similar price point is Rang. It has sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, and will make you smell like a bouquet.

Passion is again a musk, but a fruity and citrus-y one.

Mystery, priced at Rs. 2,680, is an out an all-out floral scent with Lily and Vanilla as its star ingredients.

If fruity is not your thing then go for Enchant, which is a fresh woody scent and has a little bit of everything from sandalwood, rose, patchouli to musk!

Memories has a sweet citric feel to it, which we might not prefer, but quite a few do.

Add a spicy touch to Memories, and you’ll end up with a different scent altogether called Charisma!

With a plethora of fragrances, Bonanza Satrangi has definitely made an impact with this launch just in time for Eid.