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Ali Xeeshan at the NYC Fashion Parade 2019



In the local fashion scene, who comes to mind when one considers not just robust design or distinguished fashion sense, but also a cohesive mindfulness of the surroundings, and the effective relationship between style and its environment? You guessed it right, the cornerstone of versatility in fashion design, Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio!

For the coming year’s spring/summer 2020 collection, Ali Xeeshan brings together Egyptian hand-loomed cotton with one of the world’s most critically important issues: plastic pollution. Known for divergent thinking and a topnotch approach to design, the brand’s upcoming collection is called Choke, and the focus with this campaign is raising awareness about this global crisis and to encourage widespread action.

Since the collection is centered around a globally important issue, it was rightly launched at the New York Fashion Parade 2019. NYC is the world’s culture hub and Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio has used the massive voice of the city for the best possible cause, in the most effective manner – to raise awareness and generate attention for plastic pollution. A spectacular two-nights show was out up as the fashion glitterati of the Big Apple acclaimed the thought provoking collection and received it not only as a splendidly edgy work of design but also as an idea that was made of invaluable fashion and style acumen.

The brand enjoys a highly decorated reputation not just in terms of excellence and accolades in the discipline of fashion design, but to always keep in mind reality as it is. Having already worked on award-winning ideas such as the Bridal Uniform, Ijazat and Khamoshi, the designer is known for employing his art form to address real problems including child marriage, conquering the digital divide and now, Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio has been laboring to highlight the serious consequences of plastic on the environment. In bringing you ‘Choke’, the brand’s fundamental aspiration is to empower through fashion, and motivate problem solving and aims for real action to be taken on a necessarily high scale.

Speaking about the concept, Ali Xeeshan says: “The idea is more sustainable solutions, implemented innovation, and people and organisations that are actually, more empowered to take action to stop plastic pollution and live plastic-free. There’s no better way to showcase this serious problem through fashion, because life in plastic is not fantastic.”

About 2 million plastic bags are used each minute. 73 percent of all beach litter is plastic. 40 percent of all plastic produced is used only once! Not only is the general environment on the brink of devastation, but also our entire ecosystem is vastly threatened. The marine life is not all that is under negative affect. The brand passionately believes in putting an end to the use of plastic, because every time an individual litters mindlessly, it is essentially their own conscience that is choked with ignorance.


Is this the Real Life or Just Fantasy?

Yes, I know, Bohemian Rhapsody just started playing in your head too. However, I am not going to talk about Queen or Freddie Mercury here. Lately, I have been catching snippets of Pakistani dramas on TV since my mother follows a few and one of them is usually playing in the background when I sit down to unwind with her after a long day at work. This one time, I walked in to see a girl, probably the lead in the drama, crying like there was nothing left for her in life anymore, and a very angry looking man just walking away. As it turns out, the man was her husband who thought his wife had been unfaithful and prompted by his mother, had not only divorced her but also was physically violent.

Surprisingly or not, it’s quite a pattern. Most of the Pakistani dramas these days feature tragic stories centering the female lead where she goes through all the hardships imaginable to prove her love or worth to the man she loves or has to end up with. Usually, there will be evil in-laws thrown in the mix, a villainous friend who is jealous of her or she just has to sacrifice her happiness and dreams for one thing or the other. Now, I do not watch or follow any TV dramas myself that much but they have come up in quite a few conversations since they do have a large following in our country. You hear people complaining about the content or the lack of it but still, it is good entertainment.

If you really keep everything aside, the dramas we have can be looked at as nothing much as mindless entertainment. Do they have a good, strong message? Rarely. Are you getting to see something new in each play? Not really. Does it make for a good family bonding time? Most of the times, no. If I talk about myself here, the last time my family and I watched a Pakistani drama was when Humsafar was airing.

Now, I am not being overly harsh or critical of the content on our television screens and nor am I saying that there hasn’t been anything substantial to come after the blockbuster serial or Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

Surely, there have been Udaari, Baaghi, Shehr-e-Zaat, Aakhri Station and most recently Cheekh. However, for every uplifting and different show, there are three to four soap opera-ish, overstretched dramas with a storyline that will leave you with an existential crisis. You can count the number of good TV serials that you have watched in the last two to three years on your fingers. So what happened? Well, one argument can be made that after the Indian soap invasion, our content became heavily influenced by it and in a way started following their lead when it came to making and producing dramas in an effort to attract the local audiences. Other than that, one can also say that due to the lack of entertainment options we have, the usual saas-bahu thing works when it comes to keeping a lot of women and girls engaged since watching TV is how they relax and spend their free time.


Some time ago, I was part of a conversation where the lack of good content in Pakistani dramas was under discussion. One argument presented was that one of the biggest reasons behind it is that a majority of our audience is used to what’s being shown on their television screens and do not respond well to change which is why good dramas do not work. Another opinion said TV channels also need to make money so it’s their source for it. One person also stated that it’s unfair to compare the dramas of the previous years to now as the writing is not the same anymore.

This might all be right or true to some extent, I mean, we can say that a combination of various factors is to blame for the below average dramas that you get to watch these days.

Going back two decades or more, things were very different. You might have heard your mother, aunt or any elder women in the family talk about the good old days or golden age of television where a drama written by Haseena Moin could literally stop traffic and bring life to a standstill. It’s not even an exaggeration. I have heard so many people tell me how shows like Ankahi, Tanhaiyain or Aangan Terha would cause families to plan their important events around them and how there would hardly be any vehicles on the street when they aired.

If you ever have the time, do give some of the old serials a watch and you will realize the huge downfall that our television content has suffered. Of course, we can argue that times have changed and everyone’s tastes have changed but except a handful of good dramas, what’s coming on the screen nowadays, is it really catering to the people’s demands or preferences?


People have stated that in a way it is since a lot of the content the audience sees is relatable in real life. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. However, the intense dramatization which portrays a woman crying constantly, getting verbally and physically abused and generally victimized, is rarely true to everyday life, no matter what someone’s social or economic background is. While, yes, women are suffering and oppressed in our society, and at times, they are helpless too, but are they as weak as you get to see them on your television screens? Also, why is the very old-school thought that a woman is a woman’s biggest enemy still one of the biggest plot lines in a TV serial?

It is 2019, women are uplifting each other and learning more and more to be supportive of each other, not bringing their fellow women down. Why is someone’s ex-girlfriend still plotting against her ex’s wife? Thankfully, our generation has become smarter and the upcoming one is even more aware and not afraid to call out content which seems far from reality.

While reading this, anyone could say that when I criticize our current dramas for being irrelevant or not real enough, it could be my privilege talking. If that has crossed your mind, perhaps you are right. But as I said before just look around you and reflect on it. Yes, women face domestic abuse, and yes, they don’t get their rights but where do you commonly come across a helpless girl who got kicked out of her house as a result of an evil scheme by her husband’s cousin, then kidnapped by her sister-in-law’s cousin and kept in a hidden place for a long period of time before being dropped off at her gate mysteriously? I am not joking, that’s actually a plot of one of the dramas that I accidentally watched a few minutes while switching channels some days ago.

Hopefully, the future seems a little bit brighter than that poor girl’s life in the drama. Our audience is becoming less and less tolerant to these types of plot lines. Maybe, in a few years, the writers, producers and even channels will start paying attention to the content they are putting out and even the actors could push for a change. Some already are! We might move away from the typical saas-bahu conflict to something more real or fresh, and who knows, you might get to see stronger women, better subjects being tackled and a thoughtful message being conveyed at the end.

Discovering Rehmat Ajmal

She is determined, passionate, supremely talented and strikingly beautiful. You probably have come across her Instagram account and definitely looked it up! Rehmat Ajmal is a name that everyone is quickly becoming familiar with and we at Women’s Own caught up with her to find out everything we could about this model, actor and designer!


W.O: Talk to me about your qualifications and your journey into entering the modeling industry. How did it all begin for you?

R.A: I graduated from NCA in 2018 and have ventured into different things since then. I’m a textile designer, model and an actor; whatever pays the bills. I got approached by a teacher at NCA during my second year there. That’s pretty much how it all started!

W.O: What would you say were some of the challenges that you faced initially and how did you overcome them?

R.A: I made my way into the industry as a complete outsider to be honest. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t warmly welcomed. Slowly and steadily, I was able to make my own place here. It took a while to get a hold of how things work but with every passing minute I feel more involved and more evolved. While there was acceptance, there was also a lot of rejection. Still is actually. However, I feel that rejection plays a big part in molding and shaping your personality. The more I get rejected the more I accept myself. I find more joy in working with people who accept me for who I am and don’t want to change a thing about how I look.

W.O: Your portfolio is incredibly diverse and impressive. How has the experience been so far as you juggle with acting and now designing? What is the most difficult out of all three; modeling, acting and designing?

R.A: I think the most difficult part is the juggling itself. I remember during my final year in college I did two international campaigns and that was the most challenging year for me professionally. I did most of my thesis in planes, on my phone via emails and it did become quite difficult to keep up. In the end, I’m glad that once I put in the extra effort I was able to pass with a distinction and even topped in my department. I can’t particularly point out and dictate one thing to be the most difficult since I enjoy all three equally but it goes without saying that it does get exhausting.


W.O: What is one of the best things about modeling here and what is the worst? And why?

R.A: I think the best thing would be that there’s a lot of room and acceptance for new comers. Outsiders are welcome and highly appreciated in most cases. With hard work and persistence one can make their own place here. The worst would be the fact that there’s no proper system for enrollment but thanks to social media which has made it a lot easier for people to put themselves out there. Other than this, there’s also a lack of unity within the industry; it’s a problem that we as a group are actively trying to solve with the help of a union. I’m hopeful that in the future things will be more systemic and organized.

W.O: You are one of the most popular faces on Instagram in our country. Do you think social media helps in promoting people here as much as it does for celebrities in the west?

R.A: As I mentioned earlier social media has made it a lot easier for people to put themselves out there. It provides a free space where you can express yourself while staying connected with the works of your colleagues. It also brings artists together from all parts of the world and helps you inspire and be inspired at the same time. As for your second question in my opinion, it has more to do with the statistics and number of users of the application here. While it is widely accepted and used here there is still a percentage that does not use it and maybe that has an effect on the “popularity” in terms of followers. However, as far as I’ve experienced and observed our community highly benefits from social media and that’s a positive thing.

W.O: Since one of the biggest cons of social media is trolling, how do you handle it? What’s your MO when encountering trolls?

R.A: Well I try to not engage beyond my capacity for the sake of my sanity. Instead of partaking in keyboard wars it is important to create healthy boundaries for yourself. One should always respond, express and engage as necessary but the moment it feels like there’s no positive outcome, one should stop.

W.O: If you ever got an offer from a movie from Bollywood, would you take it up? Who would you most like to work with on that side of the border?

R.A: Of course, I believe there are no boundaries in creative projects. I have a lot of favorites on the other side and I’d be happy to learn from any one of them. My current favorite is Radhika Apte.

W.O: You have rarely done any acting project apart from a short film earlier on. Why is that? What kind of projects (movies or TV) or roles would you like to do in the future here?

R.A: I have always wanted to be an actor and I was only waiting to fully pursue it after I completed my degree. I have recently shot for a drama serial with Nadeem Baig which will air shortly. I am currently rehearsing for a theater play which will be showcased by the end of this month. I’m really excited to explore myself as a full time actor. I’d love to see myself doing both commercial and art cinema projects.


W.O: Do you have a favorite Pakistani celebrity? If yes, who and why?

R.A: There are a lot of people who inspire me. Mahira Khan is my favorite. She’s a star and an inspiration to many.

W.O:  Your style is quite talked about and loved by many. How would you describe your personal style? Are you a trend follower and like to watch out for them?

R.A: Honestly my personal style is quite simple. I love to keep it easy and comfortable. I do like to follow trends but sometimes I don’t. It all depends on my mood.

W.O: You recently started RehStore, an online store for art pieces, décor items and even saaris, which features your own designs. Talk to me about launching this projects and the idea behind it.

R.A: Rehstore is my baby project; because of the fact that I work as a model and actor I am not able to find the time to work as a full time designer. It is my side business which is very close to my heart. I started it to fill the creative void. I am not in competition with anyone in that sense. With this particular project I like to follow my own pace and provide design solutions to a niche target market.

W.O: Apart from everything else, activism is also that one thing which is very close to you. In the recent times, you have been in involved in several movements which call for change in our society. Personally, do you think that Times Up and Me Too or Stop Domestic Abuse will be able to bring a real and long lasting change within our culture?

R.A: I believe that one should fulfill their social responsibility by speaking up, addressing the issues we face and hold healthy dialogues. Now, whatever your capacity might be it is important to actively participate with a positive mindset. Every revolution starts with a dialogue. I also am a staunch believer that while it is important to creative awareness via social media it is equally important to follow and practice moral values in your daily life by making sure that none of your actions are harming anyone around you. It is also important to understand when and if you are an enabler or a bystander.

W.O: What is in store for the future for you? Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years?

R.A: I don’t like to speak for the future or draw conclusions. I’d like to see how it unravels! But what I do know is that I’d be following my heart, working and hopefully, inshAllah, living a life of contentment.

W.O: Give a message for readers of Women’s Own.

R.A: We as humans live temporary lives so let’s try to live in the most permanent ways.

Thank you all for taking the time out to read my interview. I’m sending a lot of prayers your way! I’d like to also thank women’s own for being a part of my journey. I hope that I continue to entertain you and entertain myself. Cheers!

Celebration of 50 Years of Apollo 11 Landing with OMEGA & Sonraj

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the Swiss watch brand Omega and Sonraj leading importer of watches and luxury accessories in Pakistan hosted an event in honor of the Apollo 11 mission with the introduction of Speedmaster Moonwatch. The celebration took place at in Karachi at Dolmen Mall, Clifton where Apollo theme based KIOS consisting of Apollo 11 historical event as well as Speedmaster Moonwatch were featured.
At the event, prominent Pakistani based in the Principality of Monaco, Namira Salim, who is renowned
internationally as the First Pakistani to go to Space aboard Virgin Galactic, the first private space line of
the world was joined by Pakistani actors Ayesha Omar, Ghana Ali, Zhalay Sarhadi as well as father son
duo; Behroz and Shehroz Sabwazi.

                                                                Ramiz Sattar and Ayesha Omar

Ramiz Sattar and Shehroz Sabzwari

  Zhalay Sarhadi

Speaking about the re-introduction of OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch, Sonraj CEO, Rameez Sattar said: “Sonraj is the leading importer of watches in Pakistan and dedicated to providing the people with the finest selection of luxury accessories since 1976. Celebrating 50 Years of Apollo 11 Landing through our organisation concept – AM:PM we are delighted to introduce Speedmaster Moonwatch in collaboration with OMEGA within Pakistan.”

   Namira Salim and Ramiz Sattar

Namira Salim and Ayesha Omar

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing, Namira Salim, thanked Mr.
Rameez Sattar CEO Sonraj and Omega for appointing her as a Friend of the Brand and highlighted that
“the NewSpace Age will soon see the First woman land on the moon and as a future Astronaut, I am
looking forward to seeing Omega launch the first edition of a ladies Moonwatch for the next generation
of female astronauts who will rove on the lunar surface and beyond.”

Namira Salim, Rameez Sattar and Zhalay Sarhadi

      Shehroz Sabzwari,Namira Salim,Behroz Sabzwari and Rameez Sattar

About Namira Salim

Namira Salim, a Space Diplomat, Future Astronaut, Pioneering Polar Explorer and Artist, is a prominent Pakistani based in the Principality of Monaco since 1997. She is well renowned as the first South Asian to go to space aboard Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic –the first private space-line of the world.
In March 2006, Sir Richard Branson, Chairman Virgin Group, personally introduced Namira to the world press as one of the earliest Founders and Future Astronauts of Virgin Galactic. Being an example of early consumer confidence, Namira’s membership landed Virgin its biggest investor in Aabar PJS of Abu Dhabi, worth US$380 million. Subsequently, in August 2006, the Government of Pakistan, officially launched Namira to the nation as the “First Pakistani Astronaut” making her an instant source of inspiration for women and youth. In October 2007, she successfully qualified to go to space after completing her spaceflight training at the world´s largest centrifuge in the United States.
Namira holds an Ivy League Masters degree in International Affairs from Columbia University. Her diplomatic efforts lead to the historic accreditation between Pakistan & Monaco in February 2009. Subsequently, in August 2011, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, accepted Namira Salim’s nomination as the first Honourary Consul of Pakistan to the Principality of Monaco.
In November 2015, Namira launched her non-profit organization, Space Trust to promote Space as the New Frontier for Peace, in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Deputy Executive Director of Roscosmos (The Russian Federal Space Agency) and Former Chairman of SUPARCO, National Space Agency of Pakistan. Namira’s work as Founder and Executive Chairperson of Space Trust, has carved her into a Space Diplomat for engaging Heads of State and Heads of Government to utilize space as a sustainable tool for peacemaking on Earth, in support of Space2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Agenda of 2030, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Apollo 11 and Omega 

It was 50 years ago on 21 July 1969, that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to step on the moon.
Although Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong was the first to set foot upon the Moon, he left his 105.012 Speedmaster inside the lunar module as a backup, because the Lunar Model’s electronic timer had malfunctioned. Therefore, Buzz Aldrin’s Speedmaster became the first watch to be worn on the Moon.
The ingenious Speedmaster technology was vital for getting astronauts to the moon. While they were used throughout the early manned Apollo program, the manual winding Speedmaster Professional or “Moonwatch” is the best-known as “The First Watch Worn on the Moon.”
To commemorate that moment on the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 this year, Omega created 6,969 pieces of the Speedmaster and re-created a limited edition of 1,014 of the original 18 Karat gold editions of the Speedmaster, which were given by NASA to the first Astronauts, who went to the moon.

All you need to know about Irtiqa Hassan Interiors

Women’s Own reached out to Irtiqa Hassan to get some interesting insights about her brand ‘Irtiqa Hassan Interiors’. Let’s see what she has to stay bout her journey.

Tell us something about yourself. How was your childhood like and did you take any
formal training before entering into the field of interior deigning?

Spent my childhood in South Africa surrounded by nature, lived my teenage years in
Dubai and then moved to Pakistan, where I did my bachelors in Interior Design from
Indus Valley school of art and architecture.

What promoted you to embark on a career in interior designing and how has the
experience been so far?

I was always inclined towards the field of interior design, its all about human psychology
and play of senses and emotions. I was always sensitive to my surroundings and to
influence those of others is empowering and has been a fascinating experience so far.

What were the challenges you faced during the initial years and how did you overcome

The biggest challenge was to demonstrate what interior design is not! It is not furniture
placement, it is not one feature wall, it is not ‘decoration’. It is a play of all senses
coming together to inspire the ambiance you breathe in.

 You are an inspiration to many people out there. We are interested to know what
inspires you the most and how do you ensure to add your sense of style to your

I always say that my inspiration comes from my travels, from sunsets in white sand
beaches to sunrises in high rise metropolises. My personal sense of style reflects in my
spaces, I believe in all things classic, ethereal and refined.


Your brand Irtiqa Hassan Interiors got featured in British Vogue which is commendable.
How do you feel about this achievement?

It was a very proud moment and we couldn’t have had better validation for our work.

Competition is at its peak these days. How do you deal with competition and a piece of advice you would like to give to people who aspire to enter this field?

The field of Interior Architecture is not just my career path but my passion, we work to create magic,
to create spaces that have never been seen before, and that’s what sets us different from
competitors. Those who wish to aspire to enter this field, the feeling of seeing your design from
paper to ground, hold on to it and you will never want to look back.

What is your most favorite part about being an interior designer in Pakistan?

The field of interior design has just flourished recently, and its good to be one of the trend

How is a normal day at work like and how do you ensure to come up with exquisite collection every season?

A normal day at studio involves Popcorn, caffeine and lots of 2B sketching with the team. An
exquisite collection is the result of all the normal days at work combined

 A message you would like to give to Women’s Own fans.

Design the life you want to live.

Islands to Explore in 2019

Who doesn’t love being at islands? We bet it’s difficult to let go of the idea of wanting to spend some great time at world most exquisite islands. Here are 4 islands that must not be missed upon in 2019. Have a look!

1- Hydra Island

Situated in Greece, Hydra is one of the most beautiful islands you will come across out of the 6000 islands that are under Greece possession. This island is famous for is exotic view and romantic vibes. You will often spot couples spending some quality time here, taking complete joy of the breathtaking view. What makes this island more interesting is the fact that use of cars or motorcycles is completely banned and only donkeys are permitted for the transport. Tourists also get to see the alluring sight of some old mansions and port town which makes their stay worthwhile. Don’t miss out on a chance to visit Hydra Island in 2019.

2- Dong’ao Island

You will be surprised to know that this pretty island is located in China. People often have this assumption that China has no connection with islands and is known for its culture or famous tourist locations like Great Wall, Temple of Heaven and Bird’s Nest. However that is completely false. Dong’ao Island provides super fun water sport activities like scuba diving or sailing and has a pleasant sight that will capture your attention for the longest of while. So now that you have all the reasons to visit this island, what are you waiting for?

3- Formentera Island

Formentera Island surely deserves your attention once in a lifetime. You can easily spend a week here by booking the on island accommodations and indulging yourself in beach parties and fun games with your pals. The picturesque view will make you fall in love with this island over and over again. So start saving now to be able to afford a relaxing vacation at this spot.

4- Lanai Island

USA is famous for Lanai Island which offers Hawaiian vibes. Clear deep blue water with dozens of palm trees promises you the perfect escape from your boring work routine. Now is the time to detox yourself and rescue yourself from worldly hassles for a time being. Switch off your phones and book your tickets to USA for a ravishing getaway.

DIY Remedies to Remove Blackheads & Whiteheads

Everyone wishes to have a clean and healthy looking skin these days without opting for a dermatologist and expensive skin treatments. That is surely achievable now if you start taking care of your skin right from the beginning with these natural home remedies that we will familiarize you with in the next few minutes. Have a look at them to eradicate blackheads and whiteheads from your life completely.

Lemon, honey and sugar all the way!

Basic products that you can easily find in your kitchen can be of great help to you. Take lemon and cut it into two parts and apply honey on top of the two sliced lemons. Sprinkle two pinches of cane sugar over it and massage it all over your face in a circular motion. Do it regularly once a week to achieve best result!

Activated charcoal and green clay mask

Prepare a mask by mixing half teaspoon of activated charcoal powder with two teaspoons of green clay. Add a little warm water to the mixture in order to get rid of lumps. Apply the mixture on your face with help of a brush. Wash it off once the mask ahs dried out completely. Using the mask twice a week will clean your pores thoroughly.

Cocunut oil and essential oils

Heat 1/4th cup coconut oil in microwave for about 30s and combine it with 8-9 drops of lemon, lavender and tea tree oils for a perfect mixture. Apply the mixture on your face twice daily and you are good to go!

Coconut oil and coffee grounds

Mix half cup of coconut oil (warm) with half cup of coffee grounds. Apply the mixture all over your face gently. Leave the mask on your face for 6-7 minutes after application and wash your face with cold water thoroughly. You will start noticing the result in a week. Good luck!


Top 6 Foods High in Iron

The deficiency of iron is incredibly common amongst both children and adults. You may not even realize it and be running low on iron or other minerals as well. It so happens that a number of times that feeling of tiredness and fatigue is brought on by a deficiency of iron. The mineral is what carries the oxygen within your red blood cells which makes it essential for maintaining the hemoglobin.

Health experts recommend that the average iron requirement for adult females is 18 mg per day. In order to ensure that you are consuming the right amount of iron to avoid deficiency, here are the top 6 foods which have high iron content:

  1. Spinach

While this is not a very popular food amongst many, but you would be surprised to know that it actually is quite high in iron. You can cook up a delicious recipe with spinach and begin to enjoy it within your day to day meals.

  1. Breakfast Cereal

If you look for the right brand, you can have a breakfast that will hopefully provide you with some of the iron that is required. A hot cereal is known to be high in iron and can become even more beneficial if consumed with a side of dried fruits.

  1. White Beans

Beans are already great for a lot of healthy purposes. The white beans come up with the most content of iron and a single cup can make up for half of the required amount. You can add them to salads, pastas and several other dishes.

  1. Organ Meats

Basically, these are ones that we usually overlook due to many reasons. Organ meats such as liver are known to be very high in iron and can provide other vital minerals or nutrients as well. You can always try it out!

  1. Lentils

They may be similar to beans in nature and iron content but lentils cook faster and can be consumed on a daily basis as well.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Well, this does have its benefits! You can always justify your dessert consumption by switching to dark chocolates as they are quite high in iron and can provide up to 10 mg of it in a standard sized bar.

Intermittent Fasting: Everything to Know

This fitness or rather dietary trend has been rising in popularity since the past year. While most people have been devotedly following keto, intermittent fasting is quickly catching up to it in terms of effectiveness as well as benefits. However, since the dietary regime is seemingly recent, there are many people still trying to find out what it’s all about.

The practice of intermittent fasting is actually quite ancient. It has just been re-discovered. Back in the day, when there was no technology and civilization had not evolved to such an extent, humans had to search or hunt for their food. Sometimes, they were unable to find anything for days which is why their bodies became programmed to function without food for an extended period of time. Fasting comes naturally to a human body.

People nowadays are realizing that if done the right way, the health benefits of this method are immense. Weight loss, management of diabetes and detoxification are just a few of the positives that one gets to experience after following this dietary invention.

Those who are not yet aware of intermittent fasting do not have to worry. It is nothing to be confused about. In essence, it’s similar to fasting, however, as part of a cycle. During the twenty four hours in a day, you establish an eating pattern which has periods of eating and fasting. For example, you have to set a time window where you can eat any kind of food and after that you have to avoid consuming anything. Basically, during intermittent fasting, you do not have to be concerned with what to eat but rather when to eat.

Different Methods of Intermittent Fasting

The most common intermittent fasting time periods last anywhere between ten to sixteen hours divided across the week. While there are several different methodologies to this practice, the popular ones are these three:

  • 16/8 Method

Basically, this involves skipping breakfast and having a daily eating period of eight hours. Your fasting time would go up to sixteen hours in between each day.

  • Eat-Fast-Eat

In this method, you skip eating for twenty fours once a week. Basically, think of it as going from one dinner till the next without eating anything.

  • 5:2 Diet

You have to watch your calories for two non-consecutive days of the week and the remaining five days, you can eat as you normally do. In those two days, your calorie consumption has to be restricted to fewer than 700.

Health Benefits

As already mentioned above, intermittent fasting is hugely beneficial for your health. Here are the main benefits that studies have shown so far:

  • Weight Loss

It is highly effective for losing weight and reducing fat without having to worry about giving up too many calories or giving up your favorite food items.

  • Reduce Insulin Resistance

With intermittent fasting, your blood sugar levels lower by three to six percent. The fasting insulin level also drastically drops which helps protect against Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Less Inflammation

Intermittent fasting is known to result in a significant reduction in inflammation. This can prevent chronic diseases in the long run.

  • Cellular Repair

During the fasting process, the cells in your body begin repairing. In some studies conducted on animals, intermittent fasting has been shown effective in preventing the development of cancerous cells.

  • Improves Heart Health

This dietary regime leads to a marked improvement in your cardiac health as its effective in reducing cholesterol, blood sugar and blood triglycerides all of which can cause a cardiac arrest in the long run.

  • Healthy Brain

Intermittent fasting can increase the hormone BDNF within the brain and help with the growth of new nerve cells as well. It could be preventive against the Alzheimer’s disease too.

  • Increase in Life Span

The fasting process has been shown to result in an increase in the average life span. The results of this study may be inconclusive on humans but experts say that an extended life span could be expected.

Is it Safe?

This is a very commonly asked question by people when they find out about the method. Several people assume that those who follow this diet are starving themselves and it’s good for the body at all. Well, if you do a little research on it, you will be able to find all the answers. In fact, let’s make this easier.  You are not starving yourself and can have water, coffee or tea (without adding sugar) at any time.

We also found out that apart from hunger pangs and slight weakness in the initial days, there are no such side effects of intermittent dieting unless you have a medical condition. If you suffer from diabetes, anaemia or any such disorder, than you should consult your doctor before starting with this regime.

Other than that, when it comes to the weakness and hunger, your body will gradually adapt to this new lifestyle and you are going to become used to it.


As long as you are well-nourished and healthy, there is nothing dangerous about not eating for a small period of time during the day or week.

Pampering your Hands & Feet

Women's Own

Women are usually more conscious about their face than anything else in the world. They go extra mile to make sure that they follow very strict skin care regimen no matter what the situation is like. However, working hard to maintain a good condition for their hands and feet is equally important but females often end up neglecting the care their hands and feet require. As hands and feet are one of the most exposed parts of your body it is highly essential they you take care of them. We have 5 amazing tips for you to work on!

1-Trim your nails and keep them well shaped

Trimming nails depends upon the speed at which your nails grow. If your nails grow really fast it is better to trim them at the end of every week. Incase they have a slow growth pace you can trim it once in every two weeks. Moreover, shape your nails according to what complements your hands and feet the most.

2-Exfoliate your hands and feet regularly

Using a hand scrub is very important and everyone should get into the habit of exfoliating. This keeps the hands and feet soft and in healthy condition. So start it from today!

3- Moisture to prevent dryness

You must invest in a hand and feet cream that contains emollient ingredients which include butter, natural oils and glycerine. These ingredients help in tackling dryness and keeps skin of the hands and feet in good shape. Make a habit of applying a cream after washing you hands and feet every time you go to bed.

4-Manicure and pedicure is a must

Manicure and pedicure is important and makes any girl feel a lot better about her hands and feet. It gives your hands and feet a fresh touch and should not be missed out at any cost. After all condition of your hands and feet matter the most.

5-Use nail brush to clean nails

Dirty nails can be a big turn off! It is about time you purchase a nail brush to clean your nails every time you notice dirt particles accumulating underneath it. Best way to use it is to scrub your nails from the inside and wash hands after that.

Genetically Modified Foods: What to Know

With the advancement of technology in our time, the quality of living has also significantly improved. A major aspect of the lifestyle we all enjoy is the food that we eat. There is more awareness regarding food choices and items, what people are actually putting into their bodies and its effect in the long term on their health. Now, with this awareness, also comes a lot of concern as well as everyone wants to know if what they are consuming is not hazardous in any way.

It so happens that genetically modified foods have almost become a permanent in most of our diets. The crops, livestock, meat and sometimes, even vegetables and fruits have been genetically engineered in one way or another.

Before I go into any further details, let me just clarify what genetically modified or GM foods are. Basically, any produce that has had their DNA altered by methods of genetic engineering can be considered under this category. A huge number of the everyday crops that people consume, mostly in the West, are genetically modified to become more resistant to pesticides and other such chemicals. This way, they are said to have an increase in nutrients.  Despite claims by researchers, the subject of GM foods has led to a number of debates and controversies over its impact.

While some studies claim that these kind of food items do not contain a higher risk than the conventional food items, but people still remain hesitant about  consuming them and rightly so. When it comes to GM foods, the impact of each item on a person’s health is subject to testing which means that it has to be deemed safe by a regulating authority. In some countries, GM foods are also banned.

Despite this, can we really know the truth about what we are eating? In all honesty, nobody can say. GM foods have made their way into our lives and in a few years might become more widely available than they are currently.

At the end, it all comes down to what you really know about such food items. Well, like everything else, there are two sides to the story. Some groups support the consumption of GM foods, while a majority of the public strictly opposes it. The popular opinion is that people do want to eat food which has been made with certain chemicals.

Do GM Foods have any Pros?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a few of the substances used in these food items can pose serious health risks yet the testing and production continues. The supporters of GM foods say that there are pros which come with consuming such items and they should be acknowledged. Basically, the idea behind genetically modifying foods was to focus on the production of crops so that there would be enough food for the rising population.

Other than that, crops are also higher in nutritious content and may not require the use of pesticides and herbicides on the soil. If we look at it, the primary advantage of GM foods goes to the farmer who now has a better idea of the produce he or she will end up with and is also able to protect the nutrient base of the soil.

When it comes to the general public, advocates are of the opinion that GM foods can be beneficial as well. Apart from the increase in nutrients, the food items also end up having a longer shelf life. This means that people do not have add preservatives to their food items in order to keep them fresh. Food becomes more appealing for consumption and can taste better as well.

There have been reports and studies which prove that GM foods are not all about the negatives. However, one has to understand that impact of adding foreign elements to a natural product could be unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

Health Risks and Looking Out for Them

Now, we all know that no matter how hard everyone tries to stick to eating natural and organic foods, it is not always possible in this day and age. The meat you eat or the milk you drink and vegetables you bring home can all have modifications made to them. At times, people may not be aware of it and consume genetically modified foods.

The health risks it poses are quite extensive and range from minor allergies to terminal illnesses such as cancer. Research as yet has been limited which is why reports have only determined that in the long term frequent consumption of GM foods can cause:

  • Organ damage
  • Weakened immune system
  • Aging faster
  • Infertility
  • Cardiac Issues

Testing has been quite inconclusive for now but one thing that everyone is quickly becoming aware of is that GM foods or processed items can be hazardous to one’s health and their consumption should be avoided or kept to minimum.

Beauty ON THE GO!

A good makeup look should never be compromised! Running late to work or a party? Fret not! We have your makeup kit ready. Carry these makeup bag essentials and be ready to turn heads.


Sunblock is a must for protecting skin from the harmful UV rays. You must never forget to apply sunblock at any cost.


In order to combat blackheads or oily pores apply primer evenly all over face.


You don’t need to worry about an uneven skin tone when you have the right foundation. Perfect foundation application is the secret to a ravishing look.

Foundation powder

Fix up your base with a foundation powder on areas that have high tendency of getting oily.


Your makeup is not done until you apply mascara to give your lashes a luscious touch. Add this product to your makeup bag now!


A little pop of shade can brighten up your entire look. Go for vibrant, funky colors to add a fun element to your personality.


How can anyone not have a highlighter in her makeup bag? Everyone loves a little touch of shimmer to get an instant glow. It’s an essential!


Make sure to remove every pinch of makeup before going to sleep. That is the least you can do for your skin. Let it breathe!


Makeup trends to follow this August

When it comes to makeup, trends are never constant and every season demands for a distinct look. We have discovered five super chic makeup looks that will redefine your features this August. Have a look!

Wet makeup look

Most celebrities are seen in wet makeup look and it nothing but spectacular. For achieving this look it’s important that you keep your skin well hydrated by drinking lots of water. Products which need to be applied on your skin are hyaluronic acid serum to add in the glow which lasts longer and light foundation with a fine finish. Liquid foundation is recommended to get the right look. Highlighter and pink tint are a must to stand out in a crowd!

Glitter all the way

If you have plans of attending an awards night or you are in mood to party with your friends, glitter is all that you need at the moment. Make sure not to put a dark color lipstick with heavy glitter eyes as that can ruin the look. Go for soft nude shades that with heavy contouring to complement your glitter eye look. Glitter look is the best look for the pictures that no one can say no to.

Smoky makes so much sense

It’s time to experiment a bit with the smoky eyes. Rather than opting for the usual black color smoky eyes, go for some other funky colors like green, blue or even orange. Flaunt the look with confidence and grace people with your fun makeup skills.

Pink delight

Pink is the color of all seasons. This color works for all occasions and you will never face a dull moment by donning this look. What should of pink you want to go with really depend on you and which shade you think will go with your complexion. Pink eye shadow, blush and lipstick is all that you need to step out of the house looking radiant as ever.

No makeup look

If you are in no mood of doing a high coverage makeup, no makeup look is the right choice. We agree that humid weather can hinder your idea of going wild with your makeup choices. But No makeup look is actually very light on the skin and hardly takes 5 minutes. Go for it!

Personal Hygiene Tips

Poor personal hygiene is not only a disappointment on your part but people who hang out with you also have to pay a price for it by tolerating your unhygienic presence. It’s about time that you start caring about your personal hygiene as it says a lot about who you are as a person. You can follow these three tips as your everyday personal hygiene routine.

Shower and moisturize

Showering every day in this humid weather is essential. Your hair, body and face are in need of care and showering with loofahs makes a lot of difference. To avoid nasty smells don’t forget to scrub your feet and elbows gently. Apply moisturizer all over your body to avoid dry patches on your skin.

Changing clothes everyday

Concept of personal hygiene is not just restricted to your body cleanliness. It is also about wearing fresh clothes each day to smell good. Change of undergarments is a must as we tend to sweat a lot in our everyday work routine. In order to avoid any sort of skin infections, changing clothes on a daily basis must be your top priority.

Trim and file your nails

Having dirty long nails can be a big turn off. Your nails and toes are the first thing people notices in your hands and feet. Trim and file your nails every week but be careful of not cutting them close to your skin as that can lead to infections and sores.


4 ways to perfecting your Winged Eyeliner

Nobody can deny the fact that eyeliner is all that is needed to give a dramatic look to eyes and make them prominent. Almost all girls dream of mastering the skill of putting perfect winged eyeliner in pursue of enhancing their eyes whenever they feel like dressing up. No wonder, many enroll themselves into professional makeup classes hoping to learn the tricks involved in getting a grip of this art. Well, all girls are in luck as there are four super easy ways that will help them achieve an ideal winged liner eyes that will definitely redefine their look.

Tapes are life savers when it comes to crucial task of getting a flawless cat eye look. Only a small section of 2-3cm of tape needs to be placed on the outer side of eyes where you are aiming to make a wing. Once that is done, a wing line must be drawn in direction of the tape line and in the end it must join the line of the upper lash to give a fine finish.

Spoon comes to rescue as well in accomplishing this task. Spoon edge can be used to form a wing line towards the outer section of the eye and the round portion of the spoon must be utilized for forming a curve at the upper eyelid. Final step involves combining the curve line to the line that you first made at the outer edge and the area between the two lines must be filled in the end.

Angular brushes are indeed a friend in need. This method involves three basic steps. For this method it is best to use gel eyeliner for making a wing. First step is to take some gel on the brush and a straight wing line must be formed towards the edges of the eyes. Next step is to make use of the inverted area of the angular brush for the upper portion of the eye to produce a cool curve. Final step involves filling the whole area that exists between the two liners to get the smashing look.

Business cards can completely end your struggle once and for all. Who would imagine that something that is always present in your handbag can be used as an instant solution for a perfect winged liner? Best way to use business cards is to use one of the rectangular straight edges of the card by placing it slant at the outer edge of your eyes and making a wing line. Next part is to draw a curvy line and cut it to place it on your upper eyelid and trace the shape of that on your eyes. In the end color the space present between the two lines which is a matter of seconds!




Summer Delight

It is totally okay to be in no mood of cooking as summer approaches. You definitely don’t want to spend the radiant season in your kitchen spending hours in perfecting your dishes. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. Some super cool, filling yet light recipes are here as your savior this season which will take you less than 10 minutes.

Grilled Lemon Chicken Salad

– 2 large sized lemons

– 3 teaspoon of minced oregano

– 3 teaspoon of corn oil

– 1 tablespoon of garlic (diced)

– 5 pieces of chicken (boneless only)

-1 teaspoon of minced black pepper

– Quarter teaspoon of Shan salt

-5 chopped broccoli

-4 ounces of spinach

-7 onions

-4 teaspoon of oil

-3 teaspoon of vinegar

Start with squeezing two large sized lemons on a mixture of minced oregano and garlic and mix it up. Add corn oil to the mixture and heat up the stove. Combine the mixture with five boneless chicken pieces. Pour some salt and minced black pepper and mix the ingredients in the stove for four to five minutes. Once done, take out chicken pieces from the frying pot and cut them into slices. Next, chop broccoli into small pieces and along with it add spinach, onion and oil to it and mix these vegetables on a separate pan for three to four minutes. In the end add some vinegar to get a pinch of sour taste. Finally add slices of boneless chicken and your dish is ready to be served.

Strawberry Lime Rickey

-3/4th cup filled with sliced strawberries

-1 lemon (squeezed)

– 4 teaspoon of sugar

-3/4 cup of chilled water of soda

Chop down strawberries and add it in the blender and pour sugar over it. Add lemon to the mixture and blend it. Pour three fourth cup of soda and some sugar to the blended mixture and shake the mixture again in the blender for one minute continuously.  Take out the juice in separate glasses and don’t forget to put in some ice cubes. Just follow these steps and you are done within 4-5 minutes to enjoy the spring breeze.



Exercise at home

Often people can’t hit the gym due to commute problems or busy work schedules.  But that does not mean you put your precious life at stake. There is always a solution to every problem, so NEVER GIVEUP! We are introducing you to a few exercises that can be performed at home. Have a look.


Squats can be performed with or without support of a wall. If you prefer to do it with support of a wall then find any corner of your home and stand in front of the wall, placing your backside at it. Once you have the support, start performing squats by going up and down for at least 30-35 times ensuring to make a right angle towards the area of your calves. Don’t forget to keep your spine straight during the exercise as this exercise is all about your posture. In case you want to do it without the support, it’s the same way only but a little tough as sometimes your back does not get the rest it needs.

2- Arms stretching

If you are looking to tone up your arms, make sure to do arm stretching every morning. Take a chair from your dining room and sit straight on it. After that take your arms towards your back and touch your spine making sure your arms are stiff throughout the exercise. This exercise is deemed very useful for an adequate blood circulation in your arms and can be performed easily at any time of the day.

3- Side plank

Side planking can be a bit exhausting but it is worth all your efforts. Lean down on the floor first. Shift to the right side keeping your whole body straight, knees specially and raise your body slightly. Your right elbow will have to bear the weight for the upper section of your body that will be placed on the floor beneath your shoulder. Once done move your left hand towards your pelvis and try taking or pulling your stomach in. That does not mean you forget to breathe. After you are done with achieving this position in the exact manner you just need to remain in this state for about 40 seconds and repeat the same thing again using your left side.

4- Treadmill

If you have tread mill at home, there is nothing better than that. You can turn on the music and walk or run on it for about 35-45 minutes. This will increase your stamina and increase your metabolism at a fast pace. Even if you don’t have a treadmill at home, you do not need to buy one. All you need to do is to put your joggers on and take a walk in your home lawn/garden or even inside any spacious area at your home.


Do Technology and Women Connect?

Why such an odd question, you might ask. Well, because there has never been a better time to talk about this than now. The role or place of women in technology has been a long debated subject and there seems no end to it in the near future. No matter how much we talk about progress, advancement, girl power and breaking stereotypes, the fact that the field of technology still runs mainly on men and by men still remains.

It is not just about technology and everything related to it being primarily associated with men, it’s also the mindset which prevails amongst people. What I am trying to say here is that usually everyone assumes that a girl or a woman does not have any knowledge about technology or the technical skills to succeed in this field. Take this situation for example, someone’s computer or mobile device stops functioning, they will approach the nearest male in sight and ask them to figure out what’s wrong. It does not matter whether that man even knows anything about the device or the device’s functionality; it’s just what the first natural move will be. There could be a more qualified female in the room who might be able to fix the computer or phone but one rarely thinks about going to women when it comes to technological problems.

I am not saying that a particular type or group of people do this, we all have done this at some point or the other and continue to let this mindset exist. In the past two or three decades, there has been a lot of progress in the world which has seen women from all walks of life and professions come to the front and make their mark in every field. While they have managed to break through most barriers and taken up positions in male dominated professions, technology is one such area where their importance has been neglected.

If you consider the statistics, you will see how the number of women working in the tech industry has only declined in the past 20-25 years. Surprisingly, it keeps on going down even today. There are fewer women pursuing a degree in computer science than ever before and the situation seems to be getting worse in the near future unless there is a drastic change within the work environment for women in tech industries.

While, these numbers are scary to say the least, they do not come as a shock. Why is it so that the number of professional women has increased in every field except technology? Well, there can be a lot of factors contributing towards it but the primary underlying issue is the stereotype or mindset surrounding it. You see, this stereotype that ‘girls and technology don’t mix’ is so strong that no matter how much we have come forward, there seems to be no getting past it.

Even in this day and age, girls get to hear things like, ‘what do you know about the technicalities of a computer and phone’, or ‘you won’t understand how it works’, and it is a persisting problem. This bias or prejudice ultimately gets into the recruitment and HR departments which in turn hire very less women and more men based on the general assumption that boys are better at technology than girls.

Now, I am not starting a gender debate here but only tackling the issue which is acting as a barrier in the way of women progressing in technological fields and it happens to be gender bias as well as discrimination.

It is publicly known that Silicon Valley, considered the technology hub of the world, employs a much higher number of men than women. Tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter all have less than 20% women in tech jobs. While Google’s report stated that females were 30% of their workforce, only 17% women held technology related positions in the company. This is quite disturbing considering that women have been able to match men in every other profession.

In the tech field, things are still lagging behind and the reason is not just gender based bias towards women but the working environment as a whole and corporate policies that fail to favor them. All of these factors build into a highly challenging situation for females in the tech industry which is why; they are also forced to leave it. According to various reports, women are quitting their jobs in technology at almost a 45% higher rate than the men.

While Silicon Valley and tech corporations are finally taking notice on the gender bias and trying to change things around, they still have a long way to go.

Now, a few people would argue against it and say that women are making their name in the tech industry with Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer and Ruth Porat, all working or having worked at top executive positions at Facebook, Yahoo and Google. Well, while these are all very inspirational women, they are only a handful and more women need to be recognized.

Sadly, what we are seeing within the tech industry today has come down from the past. How many people do not even know that women have involved in technological work since the 1800s? Yes, that long ago! There are so few people who even know about women and their

contribution in the field of technology. These women need more recognition for their achievements which have shaped the tech industry into what it is today.

Women in Technology throughout the Years

These are just a few names amongst many who have made great contributions to technology that led to major advancements in the world.

  1. During the 1840s, Ada Lovelace became the first ever computer programmer in the world by creating an algorithm for computing. She has a technology award named after her as well.
  2. Mary Kenneth Keller was the first woman to get a PhD in computer science and is also known for playing a key role in the development of the programming language, BASIC.
  3. Another woman from the 1800s, Williamina Fleming helped gather data on the universe and led a team on computing at Harvard University which helped people understand the universe in a better way.
  4. It is a little known fact that what is considered the world’s first electrical computer, ENIAC was actually programmed by a group of six women. They became the first ever coders which helped the computer with its calculations during World War II.
  5. Grace Hopper, became a pioneer of programming language, when in 1944, she became one of the first programmers of Harvard Mark 1. She was actually the one who came up with the idea that code should be read and written as a human language.
  6. Mary Allen Wilkes is said to be the first person who had a PC in her home and she helped develop the very first personal computer as well.
  7. Apple’s desktop has actually been inspired by the work of Adele Goldberg and her team. She showed Steve Jobs her technological program and he immediately saw the future potential in it for computers and Apple.
  8. Without Karen Spärck Jones, the information system as we know it today would be very different. She basically came up with the idea of ‘Google-ing’ and introduced ways for the search engine to show relevant information on the first page.
  9. Donna Dubinsky marketed the first prototype for the Smartphone technology and introduced the world to personal digital assistants.
  10. During Obama’s presidency, one of his closest advisors was Megan Smith who helped with the internet remaining an open and free space for all.
  11. Arfa Karim, a nine year old tech prodigy from Pakistan became the youngest person ever to become a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Here’s hoping we see more of such inspirational women in the future in the field of technology. Because we aren’t stupid!

Travel destinations under budget

August is the best season to plan a trip with your family and friends to a place which is relaxing and can give you an adequate peace of mind. However, many people ignore the idea of an ideal vacation because holidays are usually not very pocket friendly which hinders the chances of people travelling. Well there are a lot of places that you can totally visit this summer staying under your budget limitations. Don’t miss them out!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is labeled as fifth cheapest city all over the world which may be a little hard to believe because this location has so much to offer to its tourists when it comes to adventure and fun. You must pay a visit to National forest and other adventurous spots to make the most out of your trip. Good luck!

Lima, Peru

For some people holidays are all about hiking, adventures and munching on best food that you find at minimal price range. If you come into this category don’t think twice about visiting Peru. We promise that it will be the best decision of your life!

Tenerife, Canary Islands

If you are planning a getaway with your family at affordable price range don’t forget to consider Tenerife as one of your option. You will have ample of things to do here. For instance you will have the chance to visit best zoo and water parks in the world along with an ideal family time.

Guizho, China

China’s Guizhou province is extremely beautiful and one of the cheapest locations you can be at. This place is famous for its rich culture and mouth watering cuisine options that you will never get over with. The place also possesses one of the largest waterfalls and some exotic sight seeing spots that you must not miss. Get ready and pack your bags.


Everything You Should Know about Vitamin D

We all know that Vitamin D is an incredibly important component and our body requires it for day to day function. Its deficiency can ultimately cause chronic health problems such as the weakening of bones, persistent fatigue and back pains. This is why; one must always ensure that their Vitamin D levels are optimal.

From the beginning, this component has attracted the attention of doctors and researchers. Everyone wanted to know about the highly beneficial ‘sunshine vitamin’ that could help the human bones grow and become strong. If you are wondering, the vitamin got its nickname from the sun where it’s sourced from. Your body makes Vitamin D after being exposed to the sun for a given amount of time. Sometimes, people suffering from a deficiency go stand in the sun and well, it could be partially helpful.

Due to extensive research and studies conducted on the effects, side effects, health benefits and uses of this vitamin, there is a lot of information available. Now, this is a good thing but has also resulted in confusion on a few matters. People start believing in myths which have been going around for a long time and get their facts mixed up in the process.

Let’s begin with the basics first. Vitamin D is a necessity for the body and helps prevents illnesses such as osteoporosis in the long run. It’s stored within the fatty tissue and released when you are no longer in the sunlight. Despite the fact that Vitamin D can be found in your body, its deficiency is more common than one realizes. This leads to doctors and health experts recommending supplements, particularly to people in their old age.

You may have seen or heard about Vitamin D injections which are recommended to those who are suffering from dangerously low levels of it. They help boost the required amount within the body and relieve the deficiency symptoms a person may be experiencing.

However, when it comes to taking Vitamin D supplements and injections, there are some things that everyone should know.


-It can be an effective treatment for those who might suffer from low levels of phosphate in their blood due to various factors. Some people have an inherited disorder called familial hypophosphatemia and it can be treated with Vitamin D supplements taken orally or via injections if recommended by a doctor.

–  Sometimes, hormone fluctuations or more specifically low levels of the parathyroid hormone can cause calcium in the blood to decrease as well. This can be quite harmful for the overall health as well as bone density. Taking oral supplements of Vitamin D can increase the calcium and restore their levels to normal.

– The softening of bones is something that people begin to experience once they begin to enter their 50s. However, it can at times have an early onset if a person is suffering from a liver disease. There are other factors which can also contribute to bone softening. The condition, however, can be treated by taking Vitamin D injections and supplements as well.

– The vitamin is highly effective for preventing and treating the condition called Rickets. It can be taken in any form and for those people who have kidney problems; there is a specific form which should be taken after a doctor’s consultation.

– Vitamin D deficiency can be treated with the injections and supplements. However, the dosage has to be decided by a doctor. Normally, it is between 5-15 micrograms daily. Those who are above the age of 50 have to take at least 10 micrograms while those under 50 require 5 micrograms per day.

Now, due to a lot of misconceptions, some people assume that Vitamin D injections or supplements might not be safe and lead to side effects. Well, there is a catch. Experts have found that supplements of the vitamin and injection shots are likely safe as long as they are taken under the required limit. You know how anything can be harmful if it goes over the limit. It’s a similar case with Vitamin D.

If there is an overdose of it, then it can at times be harmful for the health. Unless, there is a severe deficiency and a short term treatment is required, there is no reason to take in high doses of the vitamin because you can end up with high levels of calcium in your blood.

There are certain problems which can be caused with high calcium. You may experience side effects such as:

  • Upset stomach or vomiting
  • An increase in thirst or the need to urinate more often
  • Metallic and unpleasant taste in mouth
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness and exhaustion
  • Muscle problems

Hence, while you might have much to worry about with Vitamin D, it is still better to be cautious and ensure that everything you take is under the recommended does and supervises by a doctor.

Misha Shikoh Khan: Woman of Talent!

Women’s Own team reached out to Misha Shikoh Khan to get some interesting insights about her clothing line ‘Rania’. Let’s see what she has to say about her brand.

Tell us something about yourself. When did you decide to become a fashion designer and what aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

I am a dedicated mother, entrepreneur, and a hard worker, with a strong passion for style! Creativity and design run in my blood – having grown up in an advertising house-hold, with my father being one of the pioneers in creative and production in the advertising industry in Pakistan for more than 35 years, and my mother having run a successful boutique fashion brand for an equal amount of time, I was naturally geared towards capitalizing on the strong genes! More recently, I felt there is a huge supply gap of good quality and bespoke western fashion outlets in Pakistan – with everyone resorting to the likes of Zara, Mango, H&M, etc, and I felt it was the right time for me to enter with a brand like Rania to ignite a home grown brand in the respective space.

I enjoy the freedom to create and design from scratch, develop the recognition for a home-grown brand in the local and international markets, discover high quality materials (no wonder foreigners are astounded when they enter the kapra and lace markets in the country!), and the flexibility of time (my beautiful 3 year is my number one priority). And of course, catering to my beautiful clients’ and making them feel as special as they truly deserve!

Your clothing brand is receiving a positive feedback from the public and is known for casual and semi-formal wear both. Tell us about your latest collection and response it is been getting so far?

This is currently in the works and to be launched in Fall, we at Rania are very excited! Looking forward to the support and interest Rania has received so far!

We are interested to know about your source of inspiration when you are in a process of creating a new collection. How do you go about it?

Travelling, Fashion Shows, TV; I am often in different cities, mainly Europe, Middle East, and the Americas – you would be surprised at the flow of ideas that run through your mind just grabbing a coffee and sitting in the middle of a public crowd watching people around you, each with her own traditions, fashion, and style. Same is with fashion shows and TV. Once an idea sticks, I blend it with my own creativity, knowledge and style to generate something new!

Do you think the way you design has evolved since you embarked your career in the field of fashion designing?

Of course! Client is Queen. And my goal is always to customize and tailor my ideas and designs to the requirements and trends of my audience.

Competition has increased these days and designers have the pressure of coming out with exquisite collection every season. How do you manage this pressure and ensure that your designs meet expectations of your clientele?

Competition is always healthy! Pakistan is instilled with so much talent across the board, each designer / entrepreneur catering to a separate niche and audience. As far as fashion is concerned, there can never be enough competition; look at the brilliant brands across the world. For me it is catering my design / style to the correct audience, maintaining a high quality of material and service, and of-course mastering the art of cutting, stitching and tailoring, which I feel is the biggest differentiator between brands!

How does it feel to be a fashion designer in Pakistan? Tell us about the challenges you face on a regular basis and how you deal with them?

Feels amazing to be a part of such a talented, creative and growing industry in Pakistan, with such brilliant individuals all around! Challenges are always fun, you just need to know that you will over-come them eventually and keep a cool mind. The biggest challenge in Pakistan is establishing a trust worthy, reliable and hard-working team – this is usually the most difficult part of setting up and maintaining shop in Pakistan as any fall-outs / changes can create a disruption in direction and energy! For me my team is key, and I go out of my way to make sure they are motivated to stay for the long run.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years and any plans of launching at an international platform?

My goal is to serve and continuously satisfy the fashion needs of a select clientele, since my clothes are highly bespoke and custom tailored for each of my clients. And of course, I already have considerable clients abroad, and with the power of social media platforms and tools at hand in this day and age, the world is your oyster and there is absolutely no geographical limit! So definitely the international direction is there!

One piece of advice for starters in fashion designing?

Always explore your passions, work hard, stick to your strengths and niche, and never give up. Just as any businesses there will be challenges and obstacles, but it is your ability to stand back up and be resilient in difficult times which define your success!

Any message for Women’s Own readers?

I am truly honoured and privileged to share my experiences on this forum. I have always been an avid reader of the magazine, and it is remarkable to see how the winds have changed for women in the country, and I am absolutely thrilled and excited to be a part of this journey in Pakistan and around the globe!

Five underrated places in Karachi

Often referred as the city of lights and known for its lively atmosphere, Karachi has a lot to offer to its inhabitants. From fine dining, to night life and sports entertainment this city will never fail to impress you. However, with never ending options, sometimes a few places go unnoticed which is unfair. We discovered five most underrated places that deserve a chance for your attention.

1-Cape Monze:

Who doesn’t like the idea of beaches for a perfect getaway? Spring demands an exotic view with a fresh breeze of air. If you haven’t discovered Cape Monze yet, it is about time you explore the unexplored and plan a day trip with your family and friends to experience a pleasant sight with super fun water sports activities on a Sunday. So are you ready for the detox therapy?

2- Stars Club café:

In order to rejuvenate your taste buds, you are in dire need of visiting this cafe which serves mouthwatering continental dishes. Not being an ordinary café the place is beautifully designed, having a chic and groovy atmosphere which will instantly uplift your mood with its cheerful vibes. A separate karaoke section for live music and pictures of Lollywood celebrities attached on the walls gives this café a filmy ambience which is fun to look at. Don’t forget to book a date this weekend for a refreshing dinner. The sooner, the better!

3- Wazir Mansion:

Visiting this museum will surely revitalize the feeling of patriotism hidden inside you. Wazir Mansion which has now being transformed into a museum used to be Quaid-e-Azam’s home, a place where he lived for 16 years while growing up. Interesting right? This museum has two floors; first floor consists of Jinnah’s bedroom and bookshelves whereas second floor contains items that he used on daily basis like cigar, clothes, pen, radio etc. Now that you have all the details, you must set your eyes in ticking this thing off your bucket list.

4- Chai Deewari:

If you want to treat yourself with the best chai and aloo parathas in town, you know where to land at. In case you are looking to find the perfect spot for playing poker or Uno with your buddies, you have already found one. Good luck!

5-Empress Market:

Shopaholics must not miss a chance of visiting this place. Although quite underrated, Empress Market accounts for a perfect shopping destination selling vast variety of items including food, animals, stationary objects etc. Although, this place needs slight renovation but the existing raw sense of touch gives it antique vibes which does deserve public attention.

Here’s the Food Scoop

Nothing can beat the heat better than a chilled glass of lemonade and mouth-watering homemade chicken and vegetable pies to fulfill your weekend cravings. We are introducing you to the convenient food recipes that can be munched indoors and outdoors both and will not take much of your precious time to cook. We bet you all wouldn’t want to miss out on the pleasure of trying these healthy snacks.

Grilled Pineapple lemonade

-Three fourth cup of sliced pineapples

-Four glasses of room temperature water

-Six teaspoon of powdered sugar

-Three fourth glass of lemon juice (8 small lemons)

Slice 6 ounces of pineapple to ensure it fills up three fourth portion of a cup. Make use of your grill pan by setting it up at a high temperature and place the sliced pineapples on top of it. Let the pineapples cook for about 6-7 minutes until you see the slices getting slightly dark. Next step is to take room temperature water in four medium size glasses and pour it to a large container along with six teaspoon of sugar. Stir the mixture until you are sure it has dissolved completely. Take out the sliced pineapple pieces from the grill and put it in a blender. Add three fourth cup of lemon juice to the blender and blend the mixture until the texture is smooth. Final step involves adding the sugar mixture from the pitcher to the blender. Stir it thoroughly and your lemonade is ready to be served with a little addition of some ice toppings on it.

Chicken and vegetable hand pies

-Four glasses of white wheat flour

-Two teaspoon of salt

-Half tablespoon of baking powder

-Twenty teaspoon of water

-Two third cup of canola oil

-One and a half pounds of fresh chicken

-Two teaspoon of crushed garlic

-2 teaspoon of coriander leaves

-Three forth glass of sliced carrot

-1 teaspoon of black pepper

-Half glass of green peas

-Half cup of green beans

-One and a half glass of chicken stock

-One egg

-Half tablespoon water

Take four cups of white wheat flour, two teaspoon of sugar and half tablespoon of baking powder together in a processor and mix it. Add twenty teaspoon of water and two third cup of canola oil. Do not stop processing until dough becomes solid. Place the dough on kitchen surface that is covered in flour and knead it for about 2 minutes. After pressing the dough into 4-5 inch disks covered it up using plastic and take a break for half hour. Heat your oven at high temperature and place a skillet inside the oven with canola oil in it. After that add chicken and stir it for 6 minutes. Transfer chicken to a bowl and add carrot, coriander leaves, garlic and peas to the pan and cook them. Transfer chicken back to the pan and stir the mixture. Boil the chicken stocks and cook for 5 minutes. Pour salt and pepper on it. Later take one egg and whisk it in a bowl along with half tablespoon of water. Take out dough from the fridge and make 12 pieces of circular balls from it. Shape the balls by rolling it to 6-inch circle and soak it in the egg mixture with some space in between to add on the fillings. Bake the dough pieces and add the chicken and vegetable mixture inside it. You are done!



Transform your hair from DAB to FAB!

You can make use of most of the ingredients present in your kitchen for hair purposes by make some hair masks that will keep your hair super hydrated. Everyday styling and washing can lead to a dry scalp, dandruff and hairball issues that can be distressing. These DIY hair masks will definitely provide you with a better hair-condition that you all must try out now.

Avocado banana hair mask

If you are looking for an instant solution to dry and damaged hair, you are in dire need of trying out the avocado banana hair mask. Start by adding avocado, banana, egg and oil inside a food processor and blend the mixture to make a mask. This combination of ingredient might see too much of work but it will do wonders on your hair. Egg will serve the purpose of cleansing your scalp whereas avocado and banana will give your hair a smooth and shiny touch. See the change yourself.

Strawberry hair mask

If you are looking for a shiny hair texture, strawberry hair mask is all you need at the moment. All you need for preparing this hair mask is a bowl of strawberries and mayonnaise. Blend the mixture to prepare a paste and apply all over your hair. As strawberries are rich in vitamin C, this hair mask will nourish your hair and keep your scalp moisturized for long hours. Mayonnaise is equally beneficial as it will help in adding a shine to a dry hair texture. You can rinse your hair after 15 minutes to be able to see the magic this hair mask does.

Yogurt and honey hair mask

You can do a deep conditioning treatment of your hair at home with two basic ingredients like yogurt and honey. This hair mask is the best for treating frizzy and brittle hair texture. This hair mask can fight dandruff issues by cleansing your scalp completely. Honey present in the mask will nourish your hair and reduce the breakage. Try applying this mask at least twice a week for better results.

Pumpkin and honey hair mask

Make use of the pumpkin puree leftovers. Mix pumpkin puree with raw honey to make a mask and apply it to your hair starting from the scalp. It is ideal to leave the mask on your hair for about 15 minutes. You can use a shower cap to keep the mask in place and get ready for a complete hair transformation. This mask will provide you with healthy hair and faster hair growth in long run as pumpkin puree consists of vitamins and minerals.

Health Tips from Around the World

There are so many interesting beliefs and rituals that are followed across the globe for wellness, better healthcare and a healthy, clean living. You can learn so much about different cultures and what people in several other countries practice to eat well and keep physically and mentally fit. Those who travel a lot may be familiar with numerous interesting health tips from various parts of the world but we bring you some right to the comfort of your home!

Here’s our roundup of some useful health tips from around the world!

  • Japan

The appearance of the food matters a lot in this country. Most people in the country focus on how their food looks as it not only makes for an appealing meal but helps them with portion control and healthy eating. When there are more vegetables added on the plate to make it colorful, your calorie intake becomes restricted and you also end up with a high content of mineral and vitamins in your meal.

  • China

Using chopsticks regularly is a widely followed eating custom in the country. Health experts say that it’s actually very good for you to eat with chopsticks as it slows down your eating which results in people eating less food.  This helps in the prevention of weight gain and obesity.

  • France

This might be everyone’s favorite health tip! The French love their food and they want to feel at their happiest when eating so instead eating lots of healthy food they eat less of their favorite food. Basically, what I am trying to say here is that you can eat what you feel like but in controlled portions rather than have a lot of your healthy meal.

  • India

I guess, its one tip we all follow to some extent but just in case you think avoiding spices is the key to eating healthy, well not always. Indians add a lot of spices to their food and usually it works out in their favor since they not only make up for the great taste but also are good for health. Red pepper may help with keeping cholesterol levels low.

  • Mexico

For the Mexicans, lunch is the most important and biggest meal of the day and in a way, they have it right. It is said that the food you eat at night contributes majorly towards weight gain. Once you eat a large meal during lunch, you can have something light for dinner. In Mexico, lunch is actually very elaborate and almost a feast!

Depilex Marks Its 40 Years with the Opening of A New Branch

There is no doubt that Depilex is one of the pioneers of hair care and beauty within Pakistan. It has redefined wellness, self care and beauty trends since the beginning when it first opened doors. Recently, on July 20, 2019, Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute marked its 40 years celebration in the country with a Spa Day and meet and greet session for the media. This event was held at the newly opened branch of Depilex at Muhammad Ali Society, Karachi.



People from the media as well as other socialites got to experience the truly one of a kind spa and salon services.  At the occasion, there were top journalists and personalities from Pakistan present for the celebration and the opening of the new branch. Those in attendance enjoyed and experienced the exceptional personalized hair, skin and beauty services offered at the clinic along with a tour of the state of the art facility.


On the event, Nighat Misbah, Regional Head of Depilex Karachi, said;  “The all new Depilex MA Society has opened its doors for the women of Karachi keeping in mind its 40 years’ legacy as beauty experts and brings premium spa and salon services to the women of Karachi. It is our promise to serve you to the best of our abilities as we have always done in the past and we aim to continue down the same road to provide you the best in hair, beauty & makeup.”

Misbah joined Depilex as a master-stylist and owing to her medical background and make-up expertise from renowned makeup institutes across Europe and the US, she has become the country’s leading makeup, skin and consultation services authority today. Nighat Misbah has been heading the Karachi salon and institute and is the regional head of Depilex branches in Karachi.

Redah Misbah, daughter of Massarat Misbah and Regional Head of Depilex Karachi, also stated; “As the torchbearers of the hair & beauty trends in Pakistan, Depilex is and has always been committed to setting new benchmarks for ensuring the ultimate customer services.” Her professional degree ranges from the knowledge of cosmetic science to cosmetology from renowned and respected institutes such as Vidal Sassoon and Ray Cochrane Beauty School, where she graduated from with honours. Redah Misbah had the privilege of representing Ray Cochrane Beauty School at the CIDESCO convention in Greece, 2006, as well. She has also acquired a professional diploma in special effects makeup from Joe Blasco in Orlando, Florida. She took up the role as director and head creative stylist at Depilex at the young age of 20 and has since orchestrated numerous artistic bridal and fashion shoots that have been featured in Pakistan’s top beauty and fashion magazines, headed hair and makeup teams for fashion weeks and conducted solo hair and makeup shows for Depilex.


Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute 

Always at the forefront of hair and beauty fashion trends in Pakistan since its inception in 1980, Depilex has grown from a single premise providing professional beauty relaxation and training services to 70 locations nationwide. Over the years, Depilex has gained greater expertise and wider exposure in each of its specialized service areas. The clinic and institute is passionate and takes pride in providing its customers with the best in customer service, professionalism and expertise. Hard work, consistency in high standards and Nighat Misbah and Massarat Misbah, both being well-versed and internationally qualified in this field, are the main reasons for the success achieved by Depilex over the time. Now, under the the inspiring leadership of Nighat Misbah, Depilex has opened yet another state-of-the-art and purpose-built location at Muhammad Ali Society, Karachi.


Facebook: Nighat Misbah at Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nighatmisbah/


Four teas to have and why

It’s hard not to survive a day without tea consumption and reportedly humans consume about 60 billion cups of tea a year. Well it is not surprising at all as tea does the work of rejuvenating the mood and refreshes a person with its soothing taste. Herbal teas are most effective type of teas to consume as it boosts energy and provides with a lot of other health benefits as well. We are introducing you all to four different herbal teas you must consume for a healthy living.

Chamomile tea

If you are wishing to have a perfect and sound sleep, chamomile tea is the best option you can have. Flavonoids present serve the purpose of a mild tranquilizer and you can easily go off to sleep right after finishing your tea. It is best to have this tea after dinner if you have an early morning. Chamomile tea also helps in minimizing the extent of your menstrual pain and can treat migraine naturally.

Turmeric tea

You can have turmeric tea at any time of the day. Also referred as ‘golden milk’, this tea acts as an anti-inflammatory that can treat arthritis and joint pain easily. The tea provides other health benefits which include a better immune system; protection against Alzheimer’s and it also lowers levels of cholesterol present in your body.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is mostly referred as the stomach healer. So there is no need to take medicines if you are having a bad stomach day, aches or cramps. Peppermint tea contains anti-spasmodic effects that can help heal the stomach pain at any hour. Having a cup of peppermint tea during menstruation will save you from the unbearable pain that can hinder your productivity.

Echinacea tea

It is better to consume Echinacea tea during breakfast as this tea is said to be effective when it comes to treating cold or flu. It can also prevent you from getting a fever so you must have it daily as it is better to be safe than sorry. The tea has a strong soothing taste that will keep your energy level high throughout the day.


Delicious things that actually BURN belly fat

Burning belly fat can be a tough task when you are on a mission to battle the bulges present in your body. Fighting belly fat is undoubtedly very challenging as diet and strenuous exercise routine can get monotonous and boring at one point. However, many of you are not aware that there are some delicious foods that actually help in fighting the belly fat. From now onwards you do not have to compromise you taste buds in hope of reducing you waistline.


Avocados consist of mono-saturated fats which prevents your system from collecting fat around the midsection area of your body. Along with fighting belly fat, avocados help in absorbing carotenoids that are cancer-fighting compounds. Bless your body with avocados for a healthy and fit body.

2- Creamy Greek Yogurt

Having a bowl of yogurt every day is very advantageous for your body. Yogurt intake speeds up the growth of bacteria inside gut which is responsible for eliminating other bugs present in your system that causes bloating. You must try Creamy Greek Yogurt which is more than just tasting delicious. It contains carbs and proteins that will help your system stabilize levels of insulin that directs the body to store calories in form of fats when the levels exceed its limit.

3-Whole Grains

All the carb lovers are in luck now. Fiber present in meals like brown rice or oatmeal helps in keeping the insulin level in your body under control. Researchers believe that having whole grains does the work of shrinking fat cells which will automatically reduce your belly fat over a period of time.

4-Chocolotae Skim Milk

Having a chocolate skim milk right after workout helps in building muscles and prevents a body from bloating. So stop thinking that only kids can have the pleasure of having chocolate milk and make it a point to carry chocolate skim milk every time you step out for a workout. We are sure all the chocolate lovers will be celebrating out of joy now.


Bananas contain considerate level of potassium which helps the body to limit the amount of belly swelling. Bananas can be consumed in form of fruit chart or milk shakes that is absolutely refreshing. Go to your nearest store and grab a pack of bananas soon!

Exercises to treat chronic conditions

Relying too much on heavy medications can have a lot of side effects on your body. We recommend you to give a little focus to you physical exercise routine that can protect you from getting various diseases and even treat your chronic conditions if you have any.


Diabetic patients must never skip a workout session. If you are not aware, exercising does the work of building muscles which put diabetic patients under a lot of advantage. Working out also reduces the level of glucose present in blood and improves insulin sensitivity which keeps diabetic patients glucose level under control. Combination of aerobic and resistance training lowers the risk of getting diabetes as well.

2-Heart Diseases

If you are suffering from a heart disease, you must learn to get regular with aerobics and interval training which will improve your heart functioning and give boost to your cardiovascular fitness. Moreover, it will also keep your blood pressure at a normal level and will burn off all the unnecessary stress, keeping your heart condition under control.


Intensive workout will make arthritis patients life a lot easier. They will feel reduced pain in their joints as cardio and treadmill workout increases the flexibility of muscles which in return combats fatigue. Register yourself in the nearby gym and workout at least five days a week.


Asthma can be treated with yoga and swimming. But try not to do it for prolonged hours. While doing these exercises make sure to breathe from your nose and try performing yoga and swimming indoors. Doing these activities outdoor can increase risk of you getting allergy from air pollution that can trigger your asthma. Don’t forget to carry an albuterol inhaler at any cost.


Back pain can surely take away all the productivity leading to frustrations. Focus more on crunches and hamstring stretches to give your back a relief from constant pain. If you are lazy to step out of your home, you can even do these exercises at home. So stop finding yourself an excuse and start these exercises already.

Boost your Brain Power

Brain memory matters as it is in charge of your entire body process including your movements and adequate functioning of your heart and lungs. So we believe it is a good idea to be a little caring towards it and consume foods that boost your memory. Five foods that can make your brain memory better are listed below:

1- Broccoli

Broccoli is high in vitamin K and contains antioxidants that prevent your brain from any sort of damage. Studies suggest humans to have daily intake of broccoli for healthy brain functioning. Past research studies indicated that students securing high grades were found having higher vitamin K intake. You can have broccoli in salads or even in your pastas to ensure your body has decent consumption of broccoli which can do justice to your memory.

2- Blueberries

It is believed that blueberries have antioxidant effects which fight against the symptoms of inflammation or stress that are considered to be the major contributors of neurodegenerative illness and memory loss. Believe it or not, blueberries can prevent you from having short term memory loss. Try having blueberries in form of smoothie or desserts so that you never get bored of it.

3- Dark Chocolate

All chocolate lovers are in for a treat! Dark chocolates have flavonoids, caffeine and antioxidants that stimulate learning and sustain a sound mental health. Scientists suggest that positive feelings are positively correlated with high dark chocolate intake which keeps your mind healthy.

4- Green Tea

Along with a soothing taste, green tea also boosts your brain performance and mental alertness. It consists of high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants that may reduce the chances of you getting Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Twice intake on a daily basis is recommended.

5- Turmeric

Make a habit of adding turmeric in your food which offers multiple benefits to your brain like better memory and low stress levels. Antioxidants present in turmeric protect a person from weak memory and health problems like Alzheimer’s and depression.


Nail Art Designs

Girls often get put off by the idea of trying different sorts of nail arts due to the complexity of tutorials that are uploaded online. Funky looking nails are the best accessory ladies can wear which needs to be done only once a week. Have a look at five super easy nail art designs you can try at home.

1-Monochrome polka dots nail art

Monochrome nail look can be anyone’s cup of tea if done the right way. Apply a black color base coat on your nails. Use a pencil or any dotting tool and dip the tip inside a white nail polish. Create dots all over your nails and you are ready to flaunt them.

2-Glitter V-Tip nail art

Ditch the idea of hitting the salon for getting your nails done. To get Glitter V-Tip nail art look, put a black nail polish on your nails. Cut down a section of tape into a V shape and place it at the tip of your nails. Apply glitter nail polish at the bottom half of your nails and take out the V shape sticker. Finish off the look with a transparent top coat on your nails.

3-Galaxy nail art

Galaxy nails stand out! Start the look by applying black nail polish. Grab a sponge and get some metallic green, pink and blue color shades on it in order to dab it on your nails. After you feel that your nails are giving out galaxy look, you can add some glitter on it to add glamour.

4-Chevron nail art

Paint your nails with a red color which will be used as a base. Cut tape into chevron shape and trace the shape with blue color at the center of your nails. Place another tape of the same shape near the cuticles and paint white. You are ready to go!

5-Bow nail art

Paint all your nails in light blue nail color which will be your base coat. Cut a tape into a bow shape and stick it on your nails to make outline of the shape with a black color nail color at the bottom of your nails. Color the space of the bow with white color and apply a top coat to make it last longer.


Makeup Hacks

Make your life simpler by implementing these super cool makeup hacks in your lives. The five steps listed below are super fun to try and will save your time and efforts.

1- Reinventing your mascara

Please next time invest your money in something better than adding another mascara product to your makeup collection. You are totally wrong if you think your mascara is of no good and you need a new one. Just insert four to five drops of saline liquid to the mascara tube and it will seem like it’s a brand new product all over again. All the best!

2- Giving a smooth touch to your wing

Adding a dramatic look to eyes by proper eyeliner application can be challenging right? Well not anymore. You can now make your eyeliner pencil tip smoother by placing it on a flame for 5-6 seconds. This will prevent your eyeliner from a rough look and the smudge you will get will be too hot to handle.

3- Ever lasting lipstick

For some girls lipstick hardly lasts for a longer while. One hack that will totally work for you all is using a translucent powder as frequent as you can. After application of lipstick you can place a tissue paper on your lips and on top of that you must rub the powder with your fingers. Although a bit old school, this trick always works.

4- Saving your life from clumpy mascara

Not getting the right mascara can spoil your entire look as eyes are significant part of your face. A quick step you need to follow every time you plan to put mascara is to place your mascara inside a glass containing hot water. This will free your mascara from any clumps that are present and you will be grateful for knowing this trick all your life.

5- Creating lip gloss out of your own makeup

You don’t really have to spend thousands of bucks until unless you are brand conscious. If you obsessed with funky color lip glosses, you can easily prepare one yourself at home in less than fifteen minutes. Yes, you heard that right. Rather than discarding your over used or old fashioned eye shadow palettes, you can bring them to use by inventing lip glosses for yourself. All you need is a very small size spatula to convert your eye shadow into a powder form and later add petroleum jelly to it. Only two steps and you are done. Try it out yourself!

Choose Organic!

When it comes to organic foods, one rarely thinks about chicken meat and eggs. You get the ones available in the market and are used to having the regular kind in your every day diet. However, now with more awareness, many of us are concerned with what we are putting into our bodies and its affect on us. Like everyone else, you want to know whether what you are eating is not harming your system or health in any way.

In the recent years, research has shown that the poultry industry is increasingly using elements in their chicken farming or breeding which can end up impacting a person’s long term health. A number studies as well as documentaries showed how chickens were being injected with hormones, given feed or raised in conditions which could lead to serious illnesses in humans.

The harmful effects of the regular chicken meat (broiler chicken) have become commonly known nowadays. One of the health problems this meat is associated with is PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) which causes various issues within women including a chance of infertility.

Despite all this, it cannot be denied that chicken and eggs are an integral part of our meal and unless you are a vegetarian or vegan, you do not really want to take them out from your diet. Then what do you do? Well, there’s the option of free range, organic chicken and of course, organic eggs (desi). This might be more expensive and difficult to cook as we often hear people say that it’s a challenge to cook ‘desi’ chicken meat, but in the end, nothing comes before your health.

Why Organic and Free Range?

A number of people become confused as to the reason behind opting for organic options in chicken and eggs.  The price hike aside, there are various arguments that organic or free range chicken and eggs might not be as nutritious as the regular ones. Well, let me clarify this right here.

There is no difference in either of their nutritional value, in fact, according to a research, eggs from free range chickens actually have more vitamins than the ones you regularly consume. These organic eggs basically have a higher amount of vitamins because of the diet of the free range chickens that they come from.  Basically, when it comes to poultry farming and breeding of broiler chicken, the practices are such that most of the times, the chickens are kept in very poor conditions and their feed contains chemicals as well as harmful elements. Hormones injections are also given to them for faster growth and maturity.

On the other hand, free range or organic chicken is farmed in a way that no chemicals are included in their feed, they are given space to grow healthily and move around and no genetically modifying elements are given to them. These chickens have a higher amount of protein, they make better and healthier eggs, do not result in any hormonal imbalances when consumed and their meat might also be more delicious than the regular one.

When it comes to eggs, you can say that all of them, no matter whether organic, are nutritious and important for body. However, the organic ones might be a better choice if you are actively trying to adopt a more positive and health conscious lifestyle.

Makeup bloggers

To all the makeup lovers out there, follow these trendy makeup bloggers right away to get the hang of the right beauty and skincare hacks.

Farah Dhukai

Farah Dhukai has solutions for all your skin problems. You don’t need Botox or facial enhancement surgical procedures when you have Farah’s natural remedies in hand. In case you are suffering from pimples, dark under eye circles, uneven skin tones or blackheads, you can follow her shared tips of making homemade face masks that will show its result in first attempt only. Girls facing hair loss must try out her hair mask recipe (mixture of yoghurt and coconut oil) that does wonders. In case you are trying hard not to laugh in mission of hiding your yellow looking teeth, Farah has a remedy for that as well. Her ‘desi totkas’ can be followed for instant teeth whitening. For now, just log in to your Instagram profile and follow her to make your life simple.

Huda Kattan

Who doesn’t know Huda? We bet you all learned about the right way of contouring by using a tape or a ruler from her tutorials only. She recently introduced eyeliner stickers which prove to be a blessing for the millennial generation. Girls don’t have to spend hours in perfecting their eyeliner when they have access to Huda’s eyeliner stickers. She has also introduced some tips on getting fuller lips that can be created by contouring your lips which means it’s time to say goodbye to lip fillers. Isn’t that great? Don’t forget to follow her on social media to get access to all the hacks.


Krystal is known for trendy makeup videos which she uploads on daily basis. What makes her unique is her risky attitude and non-hesitance towards experimenting new looks. What all the ladies need to learn from her is to practice often and not to get afraid of making mistakes because in process of taking risks only they will invent a look that will make them stand out. Her crazy hairstyles and dyes are to look out for. You can follow her on her Instagram account which is by the name of Krystal Clear makeup to keep a track on her videos.



Own your style with IRIS Handbags

Women’s Own interviewed Javeriya Mehmood about her handbags line. Let’s see what she has to say about her brand ‘IRIS HANDBAGS’.

Tell us something about yourself and your brand ‘IRIS Handbags’ in a few sentences.

I am a textile design graduate and my first love is handbags. IRIS is a dream project of us three fresh textile graduates and we believe that handbag creates an individuals own style statement and gives a finishing touch to an outfit. Every girl deserves to have a jaw dropping handbags and formal clutches collection for sure.


When did you decide about launching your own handbag line and how has the response been so far?

I decided to launch my brand in the last year of textile designing during my thesis. The response is good so far and I am grateful to God for that.  It was a bit slow in the beginning as our market is huge and full of replicas but currently the response is pretty satisfactory.

We are interested to know about your current handbag collection and what is your target market?

We at IRIS are catering a niche market of luxury clutches.  Our target is to become a big name in the clutch market. Our new collections are basically based on beads and mosaics.  Moreover, we are channeling our inner artist out to make these pieces.

What is the best part about being a handbag designer and how do you ensure to bring in creativity?

The best part about being a handbag designer is giving the final enhanced touch to the outfit as no outfit is complete without a handbag. Being a big fan of handbags and clutches i am living my dream. Moreover, creativity is something that can’t be left behind. So a piece is taken as a canvas and every design has a particular theme and inspiration behind it. Hence, every piece is a masterpiece.

How do make sure that your brand stands out as competition is really tough these days?

Competition is definitely pretty tough these days.  The only thing that helps us to stand out competition is not to acknowledge it.


How do you deal with difficult clients?  Is there any standard approach you follow?

Patience is the only way to handle difficult clients. As far as complaints are concerned we try to accommodate as much as we can.

Where do you wish to see your brand in the next 4-5 years and are you intending to expand your brand to other countries?

Yes we intend to expand to other countries. We hope to see ourselves some what near Charles and Keith in the future!!

Healthcare Breakthroughs so Far!

We are already halfway into 2019 and the medical discoveries that have been made just in these months are actually ground breaking and can result in a major improvement within healthcare. Some of the research or studies have also established and even debunked a few of the popularly believed medical myths.

These are the breakthroughs which you need to know about!

  1. 25 cups of coffee may be safe for heart health

A research conducted by experts at Queen Mary University of London and carried out by the British Heart Foundation presented the results after their findings came out. The study took 8000 people divided into three groups, of less to more coffee drinkers, and it turned out that up to 25 cups of coffee have the same effect on your heart health as less than one cup does.

  1. Sleeping with light on can be a risk for obesity in women

While obesity and being overweight is linked to the lifestyle a person follows and dietary regime, researchers have also just recently found another factor contributing to it, particularly in women and girls. The study found that those women who had some kind of artificial light in their sleeping area had a higher chance of becoming obese and overweight.

  1. Medication does not expire the same way as other items

There has been a debate going over the expiration of medication since a long time. Amongst other studies, a recent one suggests that while expired medication is not advisable, there are certain medicines which can last longer than the date says. Experts have tested a few drugs and it turns out their potency does remain after they have seemingly expired.

  1. There is a gene mutation which can protect against diabetes

Researchers have found an ancient gene mutation which could actually protect against diabetes. They found that half the population across the world carries this gene which effectively removes excess sugar from the blood and reduces risk of type 2 diabetes. Determining this gene within people could help doctors and health experts advise people on their risk to diabetes.

  1. Patches of Stem Cells may be able to mend hearts after cardiac arrest

In a trial or research conducted recently, it has been determined that stem cell patches can help reverse the damage done to the heart after an attack. These patches are made of heart tissue and can be incorporated successfully into the muscle. Research showed that the patch could aid heart function and even had blood vessels grow on it.

  1. High number of people at risk due to less vegetable and fruit consumption

A very report has given us some alarming results. There are a high number of deaths occurring because people do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. When it comes to cardiovascular health, its directly linked to intake of fruits and vegetables which means that the more you consume them, the less risk there is of a stroke and heart attack.


Fighting Anxiety

Anxiety is a prevailing health issue that is being witnessed by adolescents and young adults these days. Some common symptoms to realize that person is suffering from anxiety is constant struggle to deal with stress that can trigger nervousness and high level of disturbance. Majority people use aid of drugs to ease their sufferings. However, side effects of drugs can be quite unpleasant and there are a few drug free remedies that can help control anxiety.

1- Getting adequate and sound sleep

 Study and work routine are often the main culprits of disturbed sleeping patterns an individual encounters. People often forget that adequate sleep is a decent requirement of human body and shall not be ignored. Hence, developing a habit of going to bed at appropriate time and also indulging into a novel reading habit before bed time can be very soothing for the mind and help reduce anxiety that generates at the end of the day.

2- Exercise is all that you need

You might feel lazy when the idea of exercise pops up especially when you are emotionally drained by the series of events  in your life. To be honest, hitting the gym is the only safe way  to cure anxiety naturally. Exercising helps in diverting your attention from the issues you have been handling and gives you a break from your stress. A must try out!

3- Time to ditch caffeine

You might see caffeine as your friend in need but that is the last thing you want  during stress as caffeine is known to trigger anxiety at faster pace. Not saying to completely cut it off your life, but try having it in moderation as nothing in excess is good for your mind and body.

4- Have proper meals

Usually under stress  people tend to lose their appetite which actually worsens the situation. You must not be unjust to yourself and make it a habit to have proper meals at regular intervals as you do not want your blood sugar level to decrease, do you?. Hence, healthy food means healthy mind which is all that is needed to overcome anxiety.

5- Learn to say no to others

 It is great to help others but never at the cost of your own expense. Sometimes people go an extra mile to make others happy by taking their work not realizing they have their own deadlines to meet.  Hence, prioritize yourself first to avoid unnecessary delays in work and make your life simple. Not saying that you should quit the habit of helping others, but not by compromising your health and peace of mind.



Beat the Heat with Lush Crush

With the sweltering heat and rising temperatures, summer in our city is never an easy time. You find yourself exhausted more often, dehydrated and avoid going out much. Ice creams, cold beverages and just anything chilled is what everyone looks for to get through the day. Previously, there were fewer options as to where you could go in the summer, alone or with family and get your fix of something to beat the heat but now, Lush Crush has changed the game.

Now, a lot of you may already be familiar with this little ice pop shop that took the local food scene by storm.  Their ice pops have become very popular amongst both children and adults due to their natural ingredients and health factor. You don’t have to compromise on your fitness regime or worry about sugar intake while indulging in these delicious popsicles!

During my earlier meeting with Ayesha Samie, the brainchild behind this Popsicle shop, I discovered how much she stresses upon the health aspect of her products. When Lush Crush came into being, it began to instantly attract people by presenting them with dessert options which are flavorful, natural and preservative-free, and also handcrafted. Since then, the venture has stayed true to its essence and you can see the success right there!

Starting from Bukhari Commercial, DHA, the joint has expanded to Tipu Sultan, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and also Malir Cantt. While, my team and I visited their Bukhari branch due to convenience, I definitely look forward to trying out their other branches as well.

This time, our visit was in the middle of a very hot day and the icy pops were just what we needed to refresh. Since, my experience at Lush Crush has always been incredible and I am a fan of their icy range as well as the creamy one, I usually have a hard time deciding what I want to try. A number of their icy popsicles are made from seasonal fruits so when you visit in the winters, so you will delicious options such as orange and spicy orange which are a must have in Karachi winters!

However, the summer is just your time to experiment with everything they have to offer because you can never really go wrong with Lush Crush. They are a pioneer in the industry and have paved the way for others to follow. Much like their introduction of ice pops to the market, Lush Crush is also the first ever place to serve fresh juice slushes and sorbets at their Tipu Sultan and Gulshan branches. It’s an instant pick-me-up in the humid weather and a visit here might just make your day.

If you are worried about calories or weight gain, you don’t have to. Each item comes with the amount of calories written right next to it so if you are particular about that, it’s easy to keep a check on your calorie count.

Yes, you can see that I cannot recommend this place enough and why, let me just tell you!

What’s Not to be Missed!

My team and I went in searching for options that would instantly help us regain our energy as well as have a cooling effect, and we were not disappointed.


I had wanted to try this for a long time and finally got my hands on it. The Falsa ice pop is from their icy range and also very much in demand, much like the fruit. It is perfectly balanced in flavors, does not have any artificial additions and is not too overpowering. You also get a slight taste of Kala Namak for that authentic summer feel!


Well, who isn’t a fan of mangoes? I am sure that it’s the one thing we look forward to in this season and Lush Crush’s Mangolicious can definitely satisfy all your cravings. The mango popsicle is your answer to your mango fix and it’s as close to eating frozen mango as you can get. You do not want to miss out this flavorful treat with the right blend of tangy and sweet!

Nutti Yogi

If you a fitness freak and are looking to indulge in a healthy treat, this is it! The Nutti Yogi is one from their Greek Yogurt range and contains an ideal balance of nuts and raisins which we surely loved. It’s sweetened with honey and is great for children as well since it’s not a sugary item.  This was an instant hit with us and will become your favorite too!

Black Forest

This is another one from the creamy range that you do not want to overlook. It will definitely be much loved by the children for its unique flavor and taste. If you feel adventurous, you can try it out for yourself too!

Triple Dutch  

Now, everyone has heard of Double Dutch and loved it as well, which is why, the Triple Dutch is a must have! It’s a burst of flavor that will make you want to come back it again and again. You may not even be a fan of creamy chocolate delights, but this one is nothing like any usual ones. It’s well-balanced in everything and does not have a high amount of sugar either.

Keto Range

We tried the Keto Berry from this range and it turned out to be quite different. The berries may have slightly overpowering but it certainly is a good option for those looking to stay true to their diet and not give up on the occasional treat!



Lush Crush is one of my favorite places no matter what time of the year it is where I don’t have to worry about enjoying fruity treats or indulging in sweets with high sugar content or artificial flavoring.  They also have a delivery option, so you can have them within the comfort of your own home too.

Diet for depression

Depression can be caused by multiple factors a person is exposed to in his/her life. Diet is one factor that can contribute to your well being and it must be taken care of. It is better not to neglect a healthy diet routine as it can have negative impact on your physical and mental health. If you are wondering which foods you can consume that can help fight depression we have already prepared a list for you. Have a look!

1- Walnuts

Walnuts contain mono saturated fats and proteins that supports brain health and reduce signs of depression. It is better to eat them on a daily basis but in moderation to have a happy and sound life.

2- Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is deemed beneficial for overall health. Moreover, it contains omega 3 fatty acids that comprises of brain boosting properties which is vital for securing a stable mental health condition. Try it out if you haven’t done so yet.

3- Whole grains

A whole grain is considered to be one of the best things that can reduce depression. It is rich in high fibre carbohydrates which makes a person feel good about himself/ herself and provides relaxation to mind.

4- Turmeric

Turmeric consists of tumerones and curcuminods that can reduce signs of depression. You can have turmeric in Asian curry or other delicious forms. We bet you weren’t aware of the benefits of turmeric.


5- Dark chocolate

All chocolate lovers are in luck from now on wards. Reportedly dark chocolate instantly boosts up your mood and relaxes the blood vessels as well. So if you want to go to a relaxed zone it is better that you have one piece of dark chocolate thrice a week.


Looking After Your Bones in Your 30s

If you are nearing your 30th birthday or are already in your 30s, you may have heard people around talk about the importance of maintaining bone health. Now, this is not meant to scare anyone but as women and girls, it is imperative to look after your bones and pay more attention to them once you reach a certain age. This isn’t to say that bone health doesn’t matter as much in your 20s or before, it just requires an additional boost after you turn 30 years old.

You might be thinking that it all has to do with getting older, well, not primarily. You see even those in their early twenties can be faced with bone health issues, and if you do not start caring for your bones earlier on, which most of us rarely do, we become more prone to problems as we age. It mainly has to do with how much time and energy do you spend looking after your health. Most women and girls tend to focus a lot on other areas, such as skin care, increasing the amount of anti-aging creams and serums in use as they grow older. Bone health gets neglected.

Health experts say that people reach their peak bone mass in between the age of 25 to 35, which means that once you are past this mark, you can begin to lose your bone health at a much faster pace. The one way to prevent this is by building bone mass and making sure that bone density stays optimal.

We have found these simple and timeless tips which can help you build and maintain your bone health:

  • Never skip on dairy

A lot of us, as we grow older, tend to skip on dairy and dairy products. Well, there’s a reason why children are told to drink milk again and again. This can really help you in adulthood as well. You need a certain amount of calcium to improve your bone health and dairy provides it. According to various researches, there is a very less percentage of adults who take the recommended amount of dairy each day.


  • Do not avoid the sun

Since many of us are busy in our day to day lives, we rarely get the chance to actually soak up some sun. While calcium is important for your bone health, it alone cannot fight off diseases such as osteoporosis, which is why your body requires Vitamin D. While its supplements can also work, nothing is as effective as getting natural light from the sun.

  • Lift weights

Yes, this can help you strengthen your bones and improve their health. You must try resistance training as well as full body weight bearing exercises which focus on your spine and hips.

  • Decrease your caffeine, nicotine and soft drinks consumption

This sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? However, it can prove to be very challenging. You have to slowly and gradually begin to decrease your intake of caffeine, and nicotine if you smoke and then of course, cut down on soft drinks as well. This has to go on until you have completely kicked all of these unhealthy habits.

  • Know your medications

If you are on any medication, you should be aware of their side effects since a lot of them can have a negative impact on your bone health. Ask your doctor about it or read the label and any other instructions that come with them carefully. This could help you avoid problems in the future.

Cancer prevention diet

A person is actually defined by his/her eating habits. It is very important to eat healthy as food has potential to affect your health in many ways. An improper diet may increase risk of a life threatening disease called cancer. It is scientifically proven that most of the people end up getting cancer as a result of an unhealthy diet. We will be introducing you to food items that actually prevent growth of cancer due to beneficial compounds they contain. Check them out!

1- Brocolli

Broccoli comes under the list of those vegetables that consists of sulforaphane, a compound that has anticancer properties. This compound is known to decrease breast cancer cells by a margin of 75%. Moreover, multiple studies have come out in support of this vegetable and broccoli is deemed very effective in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer.

2- Carrots

Carrots should definitely be included in everyday diet because it can reduce the risk of getting stomach cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer etc. One research study concluded that smokers develop cancer because of little or no consumption of carrots in their diet.

3- Berries

Berries are rich in anthocyanins that reduces the risk of getting cancer. Having at least two berries a day can surely inhibit the development of cancer cells and save your life. So please don’t ignore this!

4- Beans

Fiber is essential for a human body. You should make sure to incorporate beans in your diet at least twice a week to reduce chances of getting a tumor.

5- Nuts

Munching on nuts can be really beneficial. It’s a universal fact that nuts protect the body from the risk of getting cancer. In case you want to try different types of nuts you can have Brazilian nuts and walnuts  for a change.


Live the Dream with Diva!

You know how they say retail therapy is the best, well, it can really help! Some people look at shopping as an effective way to de-stress and if you really know where to shop from, you won’t even regret your purchases in the end. Diva is really the one stop online store that makes shopping and life much easier!

Diva has established a strong online presence since its beginning and guarantees high quality and original products to customers all over Pakistan. They have stocks from numerous brands across the globes and take orders through their Facebook as well as Instagram page. When ordering online, people usually worry about the authenticity of the products and delivery, but with Diva, you can be assured that there will be no compromise on any of those factors.

The team behind this venture promises that they only deal in branded and 100% original items which are imported from USA and UK. If you are looking for a reliable page to place orders from, then Diva should be on your list!

Be it makeup products, shoes, clothes or gadgets, you will find the latest items available here. Both the founders of the page, Hira Javed Saya and Anum Abbasi, are incredibly cooperative and make sure the customer or potential customer is satisfied before placing an order. They answer all the queries and questions which people pose at them to the best of their ability. However, they do advise customer to also place orders after careful research so that there is no problem in the sizes, colors or shapes and everything is exactly as desired.  

Their product and brand range is quite extensive and you will find high end to street wear design houses with them. Diva also retails electronics and gadgets which include smartphones, cameras and laptops. Basically, it doesn’t matter whether you are a tech geek, makeup lover or fashionista, Diva is where you can get your hands on your favorite products!

The Story Behind

Diva is a joint venture which is run by two friends, Hira and Anum, and has been in the business for two years now. Hira had always been passionate about starting an enterprise but had not been able to find the right platform to execute. During this time, her friend Anum reached out to ask her if she was interested in Michael Kors scarves which she could get for her. In a few days, both of them were discussing the idea for Diva and worked upon bringing it to life.

Initially, the duo only took orders for friends and family, but slowly and gradually, their reasonable rates started to attract customers. This is when Diva really took off. More orders began to pour in as different sales were going on. The venture went from small orders to catering to thousands of customers all over Pakistan.

Why Diva

Currently, there are more than sixty thousand people that follow Diva’s Facebook page. Most of them are satisfied customers who order various products through them time and again. They handle around five hundred orders per month and make sure that each client gets exactly what has been ordered. In a tough market, Diva offers authentic products at the best possible rates.









The process for placing an order is also quite simple. They regularly update the products available with prices and you can choose what you like from there. All you have to do is send them a message on their Facebook or Instagram page with the picture or link to the product and place your product. If your desired item is not listed with them, you can reach out with the details and the team will get back with a price quotation.









Customer satisfaction and support is what Diva thrives on and have managed to maintain throughout. It’s why they have grown so rapidly in a short span of time. You can ask for help on placing an order, deciding what you or any other question you may have, and the team will be quick to clarify all doubts.

Their orders are open all year round and the delivery takes about 3-4 weeks, which means that you do not even have to wait for long before your favorite items arrive on your doorstep.










Both Hira and Anum are dedicated to their business and give their all to ensure that the customers get a premium shopping experience. Diva is definitely here to help you live your dreams and there really is no going wrong with them!



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divapakistan/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diva.pakistan/


Uplift Your Mood in No Time!

As adults, how many times do we find ourselves angry or grumpy during the day? If I can be very honest, quite a few. There are some people who can instantly be put in a mood with very little things. You can be hungry, arguing with your partner or might just be missing your family; any of those matters can mess with your mood and it can end up putting off other people around you too.

So what do you do? How do you avoid being grumpy cat? I get it the cat has become popular but in the end, you really cannot walk around with a permanent frown on your face. If you do, you will soon enough, end up making everyone close to you angry as well.  In order to avoid such a situation, you have to find ways to uplift your mood just as soon as it was put off.

Well, look no more! We have come up with some foolproof ways of uplifting your mood immediately.

  • Munch on some snacks

When you are in a bad mood, chances are that you are probably hungry or ‘hangry’ as you might call it. It is a real thing! For uplifting your mood instantly, try munching on snacks, most preferably nuts. Keep walnuts in your bag or drawer to munch on as they are a good mood lifting snack and can make you come out of your bad mood in a short span of time.

  • Take a Walk

This maybe something that people use when angry but it’s actually an effective way of changing your mood. You might have heard of people say, ‘get fresh air’ or ‘be present’, well this is what it entails. Walking around in a park or in a quiet place can do wonders for your mood.  You will be feeling much better and even happy within minutes of stepping outside.

  • Remove the Clutter

Decluttering can be very helpful when it comes to lifting a bad mood. Basically, when you are going through it, you begin to feel bad about yourself as well. By removing the clutter from your surroundings, you not only feel at peace but also experience an immediate boost in your mood.

  • Get a Calming Scent

You may find this slightly odd but research says that lemon has a calming scent and inhaling it can instantly put you in a good mood and even help you de-stress. There are other scents as well such as basil or lavender, which can have a very soothing effect.

  • Meditate for five minutes

Yes, it helps!  A little meditation during the day can work wonders on your mood and it has been proven. All you need to do is take time out and find a quiet spot that is away from all the chaos and noise around you. In just a short of span, you will be feeling more relaxed, present and uplifted.

A Guide to Dealing with Overfriendly People

You know those people who always seem too nice and enthusiastic? Well, everyone has come across them at some point in their lives and if you haven’t then I have to say that you must be one of those. Now, I am not being judgmental or harsh here, it’s just that overfriendliness can sometimes be a problem and result in the other person becoming uncomfortable.

A number of people mistake overfriendliness for politeness or they just think that it’s being nice while the effect their behavior can have might be quite the opposite. In social gatherings, co-workers, acquaintances and even strangers may get irritated by a person who is overly friendly. If you are wondering whether you are one of those overfriendly people or whether you have them in your social circle, well, you can find this out quite easily.

It’s not someone who smiles frequently or greets you politely when you meet them, but it’s probably the person who is always laughing at the smallest jokes, is enthusiastic upon meeting anyone and agrees on everything. Now, you may be thinking that this sounds like the nicest person in the world, but when you really consider, is this someone you want in your life or be friends with?

This kind of behavior can become irritating and superficial very quickly. It can also make people suspicious as to why this particular person is being so friendly. You can argue that only pessimistic people would think this way but you would be surprised to know that when someone you do not know that closely is being overfriendly with you, they can provoke such a reaction.

Usually, there’s no avoiding such a person; they can be in your workplace, extended family or a part of your social interactions. When faced with such people, you may find it quite difficult to slip out of the meeting or end the conversation because an overfriendly person is an expert in small talk. They can keep you engaged either by constantly praising you, your job, friends and family, or focus the discussion on you in a way that you will find it rude to simply walk away.

While the trick to dealing with overfriendly people is to avoid them for as long as possible and then leave before they can corner you but sometimes it can just become impossible.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to turn an overfriendly person down gently.

  • As soon as you see this person coming your way, get busy in your phone. Pretend you are calling someone or actually call up a friend and begin talking to them. Chances are that an overfriendly will not engage with you then and look for somebody else. This will help you avoid overfriendly people without making things awkward!

  • Be compassionate but firm. You can listen to them, help them and talk about their problems as well, but do let them know that you are not their 4 a.m. friend. Politely tell the person that you are only available for them at a certain time and nothing beyond that.


  • Headphones can be your best friend when it comes to avoiding overfriendly people. Just put your headphones in and tune everything out. Pick up your phone or your computer and look very interested in what you are watching.

  • Try finding your friend at social events. It really helps if you have someone with you when you are caught up in a conversation with an overfriendly person. Your friend could be your excuse to get out of it and leave. Sometimes, you may even completely avoid them if they see you are already engaged with another person.


  • Fake a work emergency. When you pretend that you are busy with work and have something that needs to be done as soon as possible, then an overfriendly person will probably move away.

  • Keep on rescheduling. If you find yourself cornered by overfriendly people and they want to chat with you, tell them you are in a hurry and reschedule the meeting for later. You can try this a few times after which you will have to think of something else!


  • Lastly, if all else fails, just confront the overfriendly person and speak to them gently about how their behavior is making you uncomfortable. Be respectful but honest and clearly communicate your feelings to the other person.

Getting to Know Socially Awkward People

You come across one such person in every social event or gathering. They are sitting in a corner with their phones and trying to look very interested in what they are looking at on their screens. It’s how they can limit their social interaction and meet as less people as possible.  For someone who doesn’t know, such a person might come off as rude or arrogant, when really all they are is socially awkward.

When it comes to an introverted person, you rarely get to see them socializing much as they mostly keep to themselves. However, in big crowds or social gatherings, you might come across an introvert who would be slightly uncomfortable or awkward being there. If you have a friend who is an introvert, you probably know what I am talking about but if not; basically, it’s very easy for someone to become socially awkward in certain situations.

Several people mistakenly assume that introverted or socially awkward people just do not want to socialize with them where else; the truth is far from it. Basically, if you are a stranger to that person or an acquaintance, chances are that they will get uncomfortable upon meeting you. Introductions are the most difficult for these people and tend to even cause anxiety within some people.

It is why socially awkward and introverted people keep their interactions to a minimum. Understanding these people can be challenging as at first, you do not know how to react or what to expect. You might also have problems in befriending introverts as they usually have a small group of friends that make up their social circle. An introvert rarely reaches out to new people or extends their interactions beyond what they are comfortable with.

If you are genuinely looking to make friends and approach such people, then you need to learn the right way to get closer to them. Basically, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind when trying to initiate a friendly conversation with an introvert who may at times be socially awkward around new people.

  • Avoid small talk as much as possible. You will rarely get any response if you begin talking about the weather, sports or asking them questions about their lives. They are not interested in talking about themselves when engaging with someone who is unfamiliar.


  • You have to show this person that you are genuinely interested in getting to know him or her which is why you should not give up or walk away if the other person fails to respond initially. Since social gatherings make them nervous, chances are that even if a socially awkward person wants to talk to you, they probably won’t due to fear of saying the wrong thing.


  • Be comfortable with silences and don’t push them into a conversation. When you want to befriend an introvert, this is the best you can do. The pressure of keeping the conversation going can make such a person anxious which results in lots of awkward silences. You just have to be comfortable with it and figure out what you really want to say.


  • Talk about yourself first. This can help introverts and socially awkward people engage with you as they might be able to find something in common when you start talking about your experiences or a subject where there are less chances of saying something wrong.


  • Give them space. Social interactions can be quite exhausting for them and in order to recharge, they require a little time away from anybody. You should be prepared for gaps in communication, no responses to messages and not seeing them for days.


  • Try and avoid inviting an introvert or a socially awkward person to be a part of a large crowd. Big parties or events are usually a nightmare for these people and they will do everything to get away from these situations. A one on one meeting or with two to three people around are ideal and really allow them to bring out their true personalities.


  •  Digital communication is the most efficient option for you when the person on the other side is an introvert. It gives them a chance to truly shine since they can give thoughtful and well-crafted responses.


The important thing to remember is that you have to be genuinely interested and not talk to them for the sake of having a conversation. Other than this, stay away from any assumptions at first. Your introverted friend does care about you and is interested in your life as well. You just have to find a meaningful way to connect to them and you can have a loyal friend for life!

Catch Up On Your Summer Reading Right Now!

There are a lot of great things to be looking forward to this summer and one of them includes catching up on some reading! This is our list of a few most anticipated books which will be coming out this summer so do pick them up if you can!

All of these books are expected within June to July 2019.

Whisper Network

The book by author Chandler Baker might be exactly what you need. The plot revolves around four women working in a corporation when they find out they are going to have a new boss who might not be fit for his position. Bing’s novel looks set to be published in July and sure looks like a must read for this summer!



Mrs.  Everything

Jennifer Weiner’s novel is set to be released in June, 2019 and seems like a very interesting read. The premise of the book is set in the 1950s and focuses on the lives of two sisters. The book looks like it’s going to one of this season’s bestsellers. You are probably not going to want to put this down after you pick it up!


Honestly, We Meant Well

If you are looking for a humorous yet meaningful read, then this is the one book you cannot miss out on! Grant Ginder comes back with humor, family and relationships all wrapped into his latest writing. The plot centers on Sue Ellen Wright who takes her family to an island to help them reconnect and find a way to get over their struggles.


Searching for Sylvie Lee

Its mystery and family drama that will probably get you hooked in no time! The book by author Jean Kwok is definitely on our list of summer reads. It focuses on a family where the eldest daughter, Sylvie Lee, flies to Netherlands to see her grandmother and then disappears. Kwon will surely keep all the readers engaged till the very end.

Happy Reading!

Ansab Jahangir: Breaking New Grounds

The name Ansab Jahangir is one that almost everyone is familiar with by now. In a short span of time, she has become known for her sleek cuts, intricate design work and creating the perfect fusion of modern and traditional. You really can spot an Ansab Jahangir ensemble at any occasion! Her work ranges from prêt to formals and bridals, and she manages to bring something new each time.

Her newest arrivals, featuring Ayezah Khan, also check all the boxes. The collection is festive and perfect for the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha and the ongoing summer wedding season as well. Jahangir’s use of pastels and light summery colors make each outfit ideal for an evening out, be it a formal dinner on Eid or an engagement party.

Pale Pink


The designer pays tribute to our traditional roots with the incredibly elegant pale pink ensemble which has a distinctly regal touch to it. You can accessorize with chunky jewelry or keep it simple, the outfit makes a statement for itself.

White and Gold



Jahangir has surely outdone herself with the white and gold three piece, which comes with a heavily embellished dupatta. It’s definitely an all-eyes-on-you ensemble with the delicate design work definitely being the main focus!

Lemon Yellow



This classic lemon yellow Angarkha-style ensemble shines like no other. You can keep the entire look minimalistic with intricate jewelry or opt for something different. The chikankari can be paired up with straight pants and make for the perfect evening wear for an Eid lunch, barbecue or any other celebration.

Rustic Mauve


Ansab Jahangir adds her own touch to our national dress with this raw silk sherwani and narrow shalwar which has distinct Gota lines. The dupatta comes with pleated detailing which presents a striking contrast with the otherwise minimalist outfit.

Mint and Crimson

The brilliant use of colors in the mint green raw silk ensemble is one of Jahangir’s signatures that have made her such a success. With the Gota lines on the shirt and crimson Japanese bead buttons motifs, it’s definitely a standout piece which should be a must have this season. The crimson chatta patti on the dupatta gives it the ideal festive touch for a grand occasion.

Ansab Jahangir is one of the prominent names in the fashion industry. Her pieces and creations need no introduction anywhere. She has made a name for herself with her unique, one-of-a-kind outfits that have earned her a loyal clientele worldwide. Her latest offerings are no different. This Eid, you can truly celebrate in style with this festive collection that will make you stand out with a twist of elegance!

5 Hacks to get the ‘no makeup’ look

This summer definitely calls out for a no makeup look that looks completely natural and gives a perfect glow to skin.  We are here to help you out to achieve a dewy skin with fun tips and tricks that can be done in a matter of minutes.

Primer comes first

If you are expecting to achieve a no makeup look, primer is the most essential thing and should always be your first priority. Skin really matters when you decide for a no makeup look as you will be using all the products in minimal quantity. Primer gives your skin an even tone with a perfect moisture. It is best to shakeup the primer well before applying on skin as sometimes primers tend to get sticky which is not great for a best look.  Shake it well to get a smooth finish on your skin.

Apply blush under foundation

Applying a blush before foundation will end up giving a soft and flushed look that you will fall in love with. We advise you to go a little heavy with your blush application and then apply a foundation over it so that the blush stains are visible. Good luck!

Oil and wax textures foundations

We highly recommend the use of oil and wax textured foundations compared to dry or powdered ones for a fine finish. Oil and wax based foundations have relatively high pigments and provides with smooth coverage which can disguise people into believing that you are not wearing a base at all.

Beige color eyeliner pencil

Ditch the idea of a kohl or black eyeliner as it might get a bit too loud for a no makeup look. Go for a beige color eyeliner pencil which will brighten your overall look with its soft shade and make your eyes stand out.


Nude lips

Nude lips are a must for a ‘No makeup look’. Opt for a lighter shade that gives a subtle look. If you don’t feel like going for a lipstick, gloss will work out equally well. Just be sure of applying a lip balm before any shade application to get rid of the chapped lips.

Hydrating mist

After you are done with applying all the products on your face don’t forget to spray a good brand hydrating mist on your face so that the makeup stays settled for long hours. It is better to use a hydrating mist compared to a setting powder as sometimes the powder can melt into the skin due to the humid weather.

How You Can Fight Toxic Masculinity

In the past few years, this term has become quite popular and is often used to describe some of the harmful behavioral traits of men in our society. However, there are still many people who believe that it has nothing to do with how our society functions today. This is not entirely true. In order to truly understand the deep impact it has had on the collective thinking of our generation and those before us, one has to understand what it is actually about.

If you are wondering what exactly is toxic masculinity, well, let me just put it this way; it basically refers to traits or norms of masculine behavior which are not only harmful to themselves but society in general. The easiest way to explain the toxic masculinity and how has been so strongly incorporated within our culture is analyzing how most men or boys around us are brought up. Since childhood, a lot of girls may have heard their parents and elders telling young boys that they should cry and be strong. Well this ‘boys don’t cry’ and ‘man up’ is actually a thought process which becomes deeply set in the minds of men from an early age and they begin to behave according to these very negative ideals that are imposed upon them.

Over the years, by the time they become adults, these traits have become a part of their personalities. The idea of toxic masculinity is that the actions of men as a result of being told and taught that they should behave like men and not show weakness, can have a negative impact on not just their own development but also on the people around them.

So, in the end, the solution comes down to how you are willing to fight as an individual and collectively as well. You may face challenges in the beginning as we are so used to toxic masculine behavior that it does take a long time to realize that what the other person is doing should not be acceptable. For women and girls, the situation becomes even more complicated. You see, they are the ones being affected by it but on the other hand, a lot of them have allowed or maybe even encouraged this kind of behavior to go on. Yes, not surprisingly, a number of times, you come across women who make statements like, ‘he is a boy, it’s what he will do’, or ‘men shouldn’t be so emotional, it makes them look weak’.

While fighting toxic masculinity is difficult, every man, woman, boy and girl can play their part in calling it out.

Here are some things that you can try.

  • Do not be afraid to speak out

Being silent is almost the same as promoting or encouraging toxic masculinity. Do not let your male friends get away with it. If somebody is objectifying a woman, call them out on it and argue against what they have said. Make them realize that it’s not the way ‘men are’.

  • Encourage emotional expression

This can begin from a young age. Don’t make fun of someone when they are upset and let them express what they feel. When young boys in particular get to hear things like ‘toughen up’ or ‘stop crying like a girl’, they tend to take it very negatively. Hence, it is always a good idea to let someone know that they can feel or be emotional when the situation comes.

  • Pay close attention to their activities

For parents, this is incredibly important as learning starts at home and as fathers and mothers; they are the ones who can really prevent toxic masculinity from growing more powerful. Keep an eye out for what they are consuming on television or internet since the media can play a big role in encouraging this behavior. Take an interest in their activities and let them know that they do not have to do something just because boys are supposed to.

  • Be Supportive

Emotional support can go a long way in curbing toxic masculinity. Whether at home or within a workplace, you can help break the gender stereotypes or beliefs which have been passed down from generations. At work, if you are a boss, you can create an environment of positivity and shut down any policies which promote ideas that men should not make excuses or worry about their mental health. In a lot of places, paternity leave is also looked down upon for male employees.

  • Be open to change

You have to believe that people can change and for the better too. There is forgiveness for a mistake and those who are really open to learning and growing, will experience a change in the positive direction. Do not bring up past mistakes and let your friend, co-worker or even family member know that their efforts are appreciated.

Exercises and parts it targets

If you are on a mission to tone your entire body we have some great exercise recommendations for you. Check out these four most effective forms of body exercises that will transform your legs, shoulders, arms and lower back in the best way possible.

1- Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian split squat is great for achieving toned legs. For this exercise equipments that you require are an elevated platform and two 10 pound dumbbells. You can perform this exercise at home and gym both. All you need is an elevated platform which can be a bench or a couch. Put one leg on the elevated platform and take a large step out with your other leg being at the same position. Repeat this exercise ten times on each leg and don’t forget two 10 pounds dumbbells while you are doing this exercise.

2- Lateral Raises and Front Raises

This exercise targets shoulders and should be performed at least five times a day. This exercise requires three parts. First of all you should stand up straight and squeeze your glutes along with holding 5-10 pounds dumbbells in each hand. Make sure that your arms are in a straight position and begin the lateral raises by taking your arms out to form a T shape and come back to your normal position gradually. Repeat this for 10-15 times. Once you are done you can begin front raises by stretching your arms in the front direction.

3- Plank to push up

If you want to know the best secret of achieving toned up arms you have to do exercise that does justice to your triceps. Keep a yoga mat before you begin this exercise and take the forearm plank position by coming down on your elbows and start the push ups. This exercise might come across as something very easy but it is actually not. In no time you will start noticing that your triceps are gaining strength and your arms are toning up.

4- Elevated Glute Bridge

If you are thinking to aim your lower back this is the most suitable exercise. Lay down on a yoga mat in front of an elevated platform which can be a couch as well. Place your hands on the ground and your feet on top of the elevated platform. Squeeze your glutes towards the upward direction and try to form a straight line from your neck to the knees. Repeat this for a minute and you will be good to go.


Start this Nighttime Beauty Routine Now!

You cannot deny the importance of having a proper skincare and beauty routine, particularly one at night time. Having a skincare routine is what keeps it healthy can be the secret to attaining that flawless, glowing skin. When it comes to adopting a nighttime beauty routine, you must make sure that its one that works best for your skin.

Now, we know that it can be difficult to spend so much time figuring out what works best and then following a routine when all you want to do is relax and go to sleep. Well, we have found the perfect beauty routine which doesn’t require a lot of time or energy and can be done in ten to fifteen minutes!

Do this now!

  1. Must Remove Makeup and Cleanse Thoroughly

Sometimes, you might be too tired and exhausted to take off your makeup and may want to skip t completely. This is really not a good idea! Leaving makeup on, even a little bit, can cause a breakout and result in skin irritation. You can use makeup removing and cleansing water along with makeup wipes or on a cotton pad to smoothly remove all makeup. Use an everyday cleanser that suits your skin type to take out any skin damaging elements which could be remaining.










2. Treat and Tone

After you are done with cleansing, apply a toner by gently pressing a little on to the face. Toners are essential for skin prepping and can help balance the pH levels as well. If you do not feel like a toner is the right choice for you, then make sure that you do incorporate a skin treatment that boosts collagen. Applying a toner or treatment also keeps the skin hydrated.




3. Always Moisturize

This cannot be stressed enough. Whether you have oily skin or dry, moisturizing is absolutely essential in a skincare routine. Opt for a hydrating moisturizing which has a light texture and does not feel heavy on your skin. It will lock down everything that you have applied before and keep the skin nourished as well.





4. Target Your Eyes

Most people think that moisturizing is the last step in a skincare routine and it can be but you should remember that the area around your eyes is often neglected and requires special care.  Apply an eye cream, preferably one which also contains hyaluronic acid, underneath the eyes. This will ensure that the area stays hydrated and prevents fine lines too.



5. Vaseline or Oil for Lips

If you are looking to avoid dry and chapped lips, this could be a good solution. By dabbing a little Vaseline or even oil onto your lips you can help them stay hydrated and moisturized.






Improve your vision

People often assume that weak or failing eyesight is a symptom of aging which is absolutely wrong. In reality, proper eating habits and regular eye exercises can actually help in reducing the risk of any potential eye problems you might face. Check out the list of five such things that can restore stronger eyesight and improve eye health problems.

1- Beef

Beef contains high amount of zinc which is beneficial for the eyes as it helps in delaying the process of age related sight loss which causes weak eyesight. It is believed that retina itself has high levels of zinc which justifies why zinc is essential for restoring a healthy vision. Try to replace chicken with beef in your meals next time.

2- Blinking

Blinking is beneficial for a perfect eyesight. Make sure to blink for 10 minutes continuously everyday at a fast pace. After you are done close your eyes for 30 seconds and relax. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times a day to keep the muscles of your eyes active throughout.

3- Carrots

We all have been listening that carrots are the best for healthy vision since our childhood. Well it is extremely true as carrots consist of Vitamin A which is crucial for perfect eyesight. Vitamin A basically assists the retina to absorb maximum light possible making your vision clearer than ever before.

4- Shifting

Shifting is very important for eyes. All you need to do is to rotate your eyeballs in different directions for about 5-6 minutes. Start by looking towards the right corner and then gradually shift your eyeballs to the exact opposite direction which is the left corner. This will keep the tiny eye muscles healthy and will ensure adequate blood supply.

5- Sweet potatoes

If you are a potato lover you will not mind adding sweet potatoes to your diet on a regular basis. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene and Vitamin E that promotes healthy vision. Try it out yourself!

Celebrities NO MAKEUP days

Female celebrities also have days where they take a break from dolling up and are captured without any trace of makeup. These days actresses don’t feel shy in coming out with a bare face that has no makeup on and we must say we love to see them in their ‘NO MAKEUP’ days. Have a look at the no makeup days of these five top actresses we totally admire.

1- Mahirah Khan

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mahirah Khan is an epitome of elegance and beauty with or without makeup. This Pakistani sweetheart never shies away from exposing her moles or chapped lips to the public.  We love the natural glow on her face and can’t wait to know about her skin regimen.


2- Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt posted a no makeup picture of herself during her vacation at Lake Como and we can simply not stop drooling over her flawless skin. She is undoubtedly a natural beauty and we truly appreciate how she believes in keeping things real. Love you girl!


3- Saba Qamar

Our favorite actress Saba Qamar looks radiant as ever even without makeup. Her charismatic personality is enough to grab all the attention in the crowd and we are totally in awe of her. This beauty does not need makeup to enhance her features and we wish to see more of Saba Qamar in these types of looks. You are the best!

4- Katrina Kaif

We find her no makeup days better and more radiant than her dolled up looks. Katrina Kaif is a real beauty who does not need to depend on makeup to look beautiful. Her smile is enough to capture everyone’s attention. Thumbs up for this natural beauty!


5- Iqra Aziz

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actress Iqra Aziz is quite confident about herself and is often spotted wearing no makeup. We appreciate how she flaunts her no makeup face with the right attitude and is never conscious to be clicked without makeup. Keep going!

Don’t Throw Away the Peels

Most of us tend to throw away our fruits and vegetable peels after consuming them. What else is there to be done? It’s a peel, you get the fruit or vegetable and you throw that away! Well, you might want to wait on a bit. You may not realize it but the peels can actually be used in quite a lot of interesting other ways.

They can be utilized for health, beauty, cleaning purposes as well as within cooking. Yes, they are not just useless or to be thrown away! You can give them life after taking them off from the fruits or vegetables.

Here are some ways to use the peels and get the most out of them!

Reduce puffy eyes

It is commonly known that potato peels can be quite beneficial for a lot of reasons. You can use them to reduce puffy, dark and tired eyes by keeping them in the refrigerator for ten to fifteen minutes and the placing them around your eyes. The Vitamin C and other enzymes present can really help make the puffy eyes go away.

Teeth whitening

You probably do not know about this but an orange or banana peel can help you whiten your teeth and get rid of any yellowish stains you may have on them. Basically, these peels contain elements such as potassium, magnesium and manganese that aid in restoring the tooth enamel and ensuring they stay white and shiny.

Reduce skin pigmentation and discoloration

Grapefruit, orange and cucumber peels as well as lemon peels are great for skincare, particularly when it comes to pigmentation and skin discoloration. You can make the peels into a scrub and apply with honey or yogurt.

Removing insects

Yes, peels are quite handy in removing insects for your house! Lemon or even orange peels can be used to keep many insects away. They have a citrus smell which acts as a natural deterrent for pests. If you are experiencing a problem with any insect in your home, place the peels in corners and near windows, and get rid of them.

Water purification

It has been discovered by a researcher that tomato and apple peel can be used for purifying water. If it’s possible, try cleaning the peels thoroughly at first and then leave soak them for an hour or so in the water which requires purification. Both the peels are absorbent and have properties which can  get rid of toxins.

Get The Look!

A rising name in the world of beauty, Imaara Dharani, can do no wrong! She creates this flawless look that you can get inspiration from as well! Find out more here!


A Breakdown of All the Products Used to Create this Look:


Huda Beauty Over Achiever Concealer on lids

 Huda Beauty Nude palette on eyes


Huda Beauty lashes in Samantha

Kat Von D Beauty tattoo eye liner


Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz


Narsissist Soft Matte complete concealer to colour correct under eye


Fenty beauty foundation & setting powder

Tarte Cosmetics shape tape concealer

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer

Narsissist Blush On

Dior makeup Dior Show Mascara

Fenty beauty lipstick mattemoiselle in Shawty

Wet n wild Beauty Highlighter


We also asked her some questions about this look and her beauty routine. and here’s what she had to say!

1. How long did it take for you to get this look?

It took me around 45 minutes.

2. What is the one makeup product you swear by?

I simply cannot live without concealer!

3. Give me two quick tips to prep the skin before getting glammed up?

Moisturize and sun block.

4. Red lips or nude colors?


5. What’s the secret to creating that perfect eyeliner?

Scotch tape can actually be very helpful and easy to use for a sharp and perfect wing.

6. A makeup brand that can do no wrong?

Tough one but I would have to go with Fenty Beauty.


5 times you wanted to copy Pakistani celebrity’s hairstyle

Women often aspire to adopt the latest trend that is ruling the fashion industry in order to stay up to date. There is no doubt that Pakistani actresses always have their style game on point and fans learn a lot from them when it comes to fashion. As hairstyling plays an integral part in how you end up looking, we decided to shortlist five actresses whose hairstyle most of the women wanted to copy in recent times. Have a look!

1- Iqra aziz

Iqra Aziz is never afraid of experimenting and trying out bold looks when it comes to her hair. She received a lot of appreciation for her short and edgy haircut that she got done a while ago. Get the same haircut and keep it as natural and rough as possible to achieve the same look!

2- Amna ilyas

Heavy curls and back combing can never go wrong. Amna Ilyas shows us the right way of carrying out the look with confidence. Buy the best quality curling rod and get the same look. Don’t forget to brush your hair to open your curls a little bit for a bounce. Good luck!

3- Mahirah Khan

No one can pull off the subtle look of a low bun hairstyle better than Mahirah Khan. This seems like the perfect hairstyle for casual and formal look both. You can totally try out this hairstyle if you are hanging out with friends or going for a formal dinner.

4- Sadaf Kanwal

Beach waves are everyone’s favorite these days. Sadaf Kanwal looks gorgeous in her beach waves hairstyle and we can’t take our eyes off her. This hairstyle  is totally invented for a perfect summer look.

5- Sana Javed

Trying out different sort of braids with straight hair texture can be totally fun. Girls literally went crazy when they saw Sana Javed donning this cute girly hairstyle for her project Romeo Weds Heer. Try out this super chic hairstyle soon if you haven’t done it yet.


Power Girl – USHNA SHAH

An actor’s life is ironic. You love them for one project; you hate them for their next riskier one. You probably remember Ushna Shah as easily the most hated, atrocious and sinful character on television after her commendable performance in last year’s drama serial Balaa. This brave chameleon, a gorgeous Balaa soon had people siding with her innocent and moralistic character as Nayaab in Cheekh. Being someone like Ushna Shah is not easy. Bull headed, dauntless and fiery – Shah is someone who doesn’t take long to get bored. As strange as it may sound (I’ll be honest, I found it ridiculous) but it’s true that the actress has never binge-watched any of her dramas, and has absolutely no clue what’s happening in the currently trending drama ‘Cheekh’. Wait, if that was not interesting enough; allow me to give you a low-down on how this supremely talented actress follows no other Pakistani celebrity on Instagram… at least from her account that’s known to the public. Hmm…! Now that’s what I absolutely adore about Ushna. Her cutting honesty makes her stay close to herself. This woman, though admits has now become self-aware and more conscious before speaking up publicly in front of media, has never believed in ‘letting go’! I am sick of being made to feel uncomfortable for being a woman, she says during the long chat we had. Full of chutzpah, there’s no way on God’s earth you will miss her piece of mind. Without further ado, Ushna Shah is here, and she is here to stay.

After giving hits after hits on television’s most talked about drama serials like Bashar Momin, Alif Allah Aur Insan, Lashkara, Balaa, and these days heavily trending Cheekh, what kind of work is attracting you these days and tell me what you’re currently up to.
I am currently shooting for a drama called Bewafa. It’s a story of a second wife which is me. It’s pretty interesting and without giving away too much, I’ll be sharing screens with Ali Rehman and Navin Waqar.
So I am someone who doesn’t take long to get bored. That goes with anything in life. Generally, as an artist you want something that triggers your creativity and stimulates it in any way possible. Let’s be honest, in the Pakistani television industry, an actress can get quite stagnant. There are not many situations an actress would be given, it’s more or less the same story being constantly recycled. Fortunately enough, we have steered away from the usual saas-bahu dramas and have started to cover important social issues. I have played a role in dramas that touched domestic abuse (Cheekh), acid attacks (Lashkara), as well as prostitution and exploitation of women (Alif Allah Aur Insan). Again, everything comes down to a woman and a woman’s honor or marriage. Characters or scripts generally don’t go beyond these subjects. So what sparks my interest is if the content is even slightly different and something that hasn’t been done before, I take it up. Also, the character needs to have that kind of a margin for me to make it even more interesting. The drama Balaa was written beautifully! But it gave me a lot of margin to make my character what I wanted to make her. If I’m asked to play with the character, I might be interested in it; otherwise if a character is painstakingly flat, I would never do it.

Your character from last year’s Balaa as Nigar was a massive hit. You were perhaps the most hated character on television those days and that was the character’s biggest achievement! Tell me how easy or challenging was the character, and did you have to consciously detach yourself from that particular negative character for future projects?
Not everyone is capable of doing the same thing again and again, and I hate to be boxed like that. I like to consider myself as an actor who is inspired by people like Meryl Streep, Daniel D Lewis and Al Pacino who are known for their versatility. I want to be a chameleon. For the longest time in my career, I was so upset because I used to get type casted as this bichari, innocent girl and now suddenly these negative characters started coming in so after Balaa I did Cheekh to rectify that, and that made a huge difference! I am honestly having more fun playing negative roles than the positive ones. As far as detaching myself from a negative character like Nigar is concerned, yes I have to balance it out by playing a positive character in my next drama.

We would like to know a little more about your personality now. You are seen as quite a vocal and opinionated woman of today. I remember you spoke about security checks at the Pakistani airport being extra and uncomfortable. You spoke out against harassment at the time Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy sued a doctor. Once a random guy made the mistake of following your car at night, and later it was you stopping his car and scaring him to bits. Have you always been like this?
(Laughs) You have been keeping a good eye on me! In retrospect, the last one was an extremely stupid thing on my part to do. That could have been very dangerous. My outspokenness sometimes gets me into trouble. I have always been a vocal, headstrong and a highly opinionated person. Sometimes, maybe I don’t think before I say things. This is a women’s magazine so I would like to use this opportunity to share the fact about women that they go through a huge change in the way they perceive the world. Therefore, the shift from my early to mid-20s has been a learning experience. I have realized that as important it is to be vocal and opinionated, it is equally important to choose what to be vocal about. Because if you are vocal about everything, then your voice gets lost. So now, when I do speak up, it’s about things I genuinely am passionate about. I have realized that I have a voice that’s heard. I now feel I have to be a little reserved in the way I say things. However, I would never change for anybody. I’m sick of living in this world where women feel uncomfortable. This movement of feminism is very important to me because I’m sick of being a woman who’s uncomfortable. Every woman I know including myself, has been harassed, and everyone I know especially in Pakistan has been taught “Janay do” (Let it go). I am sick and tired of being in the position where I’m being made to feel uncomfortable for being a woman! So when people stare at me, I stare back. I don’t want my daughters to grow up in an environment where they are made to feel ashamed or scared just because they are women. It’s not fair and it kills me inside!

You started your acting career in 2014. There are all kinds of myths attached to the media industry anywhere in the world. After gaining immense popularity in the past 6 or 7 years, how would you describe our television industry? Also, I would like you to shed some light on gender roles because I know you’ll tell us how it is. Are male and female actors paid equally? Has there been any gender discrimination you faced or observed?
I honestly don’t know how much my male counterparts are paid. For some reason or the other when the casting is happening, there are a lot more options for girls than there are for boys. So I’m guessing men are paid more only because they are less in number in the industry. As far as the myths related to the industry are concerned, I would say that the industry is different for everyone. I came into the industry through my family as a lot of other people do. Later on, it was my work speaking for itself but my entry was very lucky and nepotistic for sure. So the way people approached me was very different than an upcoming new girl who came from far away and doesn’t know enough people from before, has to earn for her family, who might be a bit more desperate for work. The way people from the industry would approach her would naturally be different from the way they would approach me. I won’t say that I have never been exploited. I have been exploited too! But there’s an uglier version of the industry that I have seen for others which I didn’t see for myself. So yes, there is truth to it. There are all kinds of people in the media industry like in any other field of work. There’s a lot of dirt in the corporate world as well! It’s just that there’s more competition and vanity in the entertainment industry so you have to develop a thick skin and really look out for yourself. I learned to do that the hard way much later on. Another thing, which helped me, was the decision to keep my social circle outside the industry. This industry can build you up as a brand and can pull you down as well. So eventually, you need your family and friends you grew up with by your side – no one else!

Speaking on the subject of feminism, it has somewhat become fashionable to be identified as a feminist. But social media and political force needs more substance, than groupism or just award-ceremony speeches to refocus the spotlight. Your views?
Agreed! I think as important as social media speeches are, I am so happy to see the kind of feminism I’m seeing because it raises conversations and that is making a huge difference in the way women are carrying themselves. At the same time, like you said, the substance needs to be there. For me, feminism starts at home! It starts within you. If you are vocal on social media, power to you! If you’re participating in a march, more power to you! But then, that should not end there. I really think that women need to understand that being a feminist means not tolerating any disrespect for any woman at any time! Your morals or your feministic approach should not vary with different groups of people or moods. Feminism starts at home! If you see your mother being mistreated by your father, and you are not being vocal about it at home then you’re not a feminist! Change the little things. Give your daughters equal opportunities as your sons. Then come on social media and talk. I totally support feminists but I truly hope that the feminists I see are as vocal in their personal lives as they are on the internet.

Apart from all this, we understand being a public figure is very demanding. There’s so much of social media awareness, excessive access to all kinds of information, so many people, so many eyes, and so many mouths! Online trolling is another serious issue. It would be a silly question to ask you if you ever got trolled by someone on the internet. We want to know how you deal with it. Do you ignore trolls or answer back? How is this pathetic trend of online trolling supposed to end?
Honestly, I pity the trolls, because it takes a specific kind of a sad person to go out of their way to try to bring someone else down. They have to be that miserable with their own lives. We need to understand that every other person has access to a smart phone but not everyone is morally aware and not everyone transcends the dirt they are surrounded by. People are living miserable lives; there are girls living in far away villages who are not permitted to step outside their homes, and there are men who are sexually frustrated and rejected by women. These people take their frustration out online. So trolling, I would say, is a sad catharsis for them. What I have realized is that they are not aware of how their words can affect others until they go through it themselves. I truly believe in karma. It’s a lack of education, lack of understanding. I don’t know how the trend of trolling is supposed to be stopped. I guess we should limit what we expose. I am a public figure, this is my bread and butter and to an extent I have to expose certain parts of my life. After that, I completely ignore the trolls. Don’t let negative comments get to you nor have a war with those people. Having said that, as far as serious cyber bullying is concerned which targets young minds, teenagers etc – I feel the law needs to get involved and we need certain advancements in our technology that can prevent online trolling.

What’s a day without work in the life of Ushna Shah? Be honest, have you ever binge-watched your own dramas?
(Laughs) No! I have never binge-watched my own dramas. In fact, I have only skimmed through some of them like Bashar Momin. But I have never fully sat down and watched a complete episode of any of my own dramas. I get extremely uncomfortable watching myself on screen. I have no idea what is happening in ‘Cheekh’.
A day without work would be me all day Netflixing and chilling in my pajamas. I usually get Sundays off so I would go for a spa treat or go to the beach with my friends. However, mostly, if it’s a day off in the middle of the week, you’ll find me either running some errands or just at home in my Pjs binge-watching mindless stuff on Netflix.

Lastly, how do you feel about our little chat here? Anything you want to say to anybody who’s reading you right now?
This was fantastic. I loved working with the team of Women’s Own and am super excited for the cover shoot we did. I haven’t done anything like it before. To the cool readers of Women’s Own Magazine, I would like to say that if you see anything wrong happening and feel bad for it, do something about it. Our society really needs to stop being a passerby. Do something to stop the wrong from happening. It is everyone’s moral duty to fix something or attempt to make a change when they see something wrong happening.

Candid with Ushna Shah

Nayaab or Nigaar? Who’d you rather be in real life?
Nayaab, because she had a lot of integrity.

3 qualities in a man every feminist should look for?
A. Honesty
B. Respect
C. Reciprocity

3 qualities of yours that got you where you are today?
A. My principles
B. Honesty
C. Hard work

A job you would do for free?
Maybe I would direct for free.

The Pakistani drama you are currently watching?
The only drama I have watched from the beginning till the end is Humsafar.

Advice to the woman with a broken heart?
The greatest love of your life is your very own lonely, broken, joyful, empathetic, passionate, red raw heart. Make friends with it! Then you can fully love – & be loved by – another, with humor, independence and passion, & without clinging or co-dependence.
By Waylon Lewis.

Advice to the woman who lost her job?
Chill out for a bit. Figure out what you want to do.
Oh, and the world hasn’t ended. Tomorrow is another day! Don’t make the biggest deal out of losing a job. Chill out.

Whose Instagram do you check daily?
I don’t follow anyone in the industry. I only follow close family and friends. I consciously stay away from media gossip and discussions. I follow a lot nature and animal accounts. Also funny meme pages.

What would you do on Mars for fun?
I’ll live in my big space castle with Elon Musk.

What would you do with your last 15 minutes of fame?
I would probably make a strong political statement about animal abuse that would leave a lasting impact.





How To Not Be A People’s Pleaser

learn to say no advice or reminder on a green sticky note against burlap canvas

There are lots of times that you will come across such people in your life who are all about pleasing others around them. They are actually quite easy to spot due to their constant need to keep everyone around them happy and satisfied with them. While some continue to being a people’s pleaser for most of their lives, others outgrow it.

If you really think about it, almost everyone at some point in their lives have shown traits of a people-pleaser. You can actually give in to these instincts very easily. After all, who does not want the approval or validation of friends, co-workers and even family? Everyone does. Hence, if you are a people-pleaser or feel yourself turning into one, try and prevent this from going too far.

Yes, there is a chance that people pleasing habits can become dangerous. While, initially, you may not be able to see any harm, in the long term, your personality, career and relationships in general could be negatively affected by your people-pleasing behavior. It can also put you at the risk of being manipulated and becoming emotionally fragile as well. Of course, when you are people-pleaser and somebody recognizes it, they could end up taking advantage of it. This can be seriously harmful.

So, what can you do to actually curb your people-pleasing tendencies and come out of it? Quite a lot, but you will have to put in a dedicated effort and really work on yourself.

Here are a few strategies that you can try!

  • Become More Self-Aware

The first step to solving problem is recognizing its existence. You have to do a thorough assessment of yourself and become more self-aware. Once, you realize that you are going out of your way for others; you will see how your people-pleasing habits are actually doing you wrong instead of contributing to your growth as a person.

  • Acknowledge that you have a Choice

Yes, this is incredibly important! You must realize and acknowledge that you have a choice to refuse and say no, rather than always saying yes to everything. Being a people-pleaser, your first instinct is to give in and do whatever is going to make the other person, but the way to break this habit is to admit to yourself that the choice lies with you and you can definitely go in the other direction.


  • Don’t Answer Right Away

It’s absolutely acceptable to tell someone that you will think about it instead of giving a positive answer right at the moment. You can stand and tell the other person that you will think about it before committing to anything. This is really a way for you to consider whether doing a particular thing for someone is actually going to take up a lot of your time and prevent you from completing your own tasks.


  • Be Firm with Your ‘No’

The first refusal and ‘no’ will be the most difficult but once you are able to say it with conviction, you will be on your way to getting off the people-pleasing train. Even if you feel guilty about saying it and feel bad later on, you have to believe that your refusal is for all the right reasons. It will allow you to focus on yourself and take time out to accomplishing your own goals.


  • Avoid Explaining Yourself

You know that mantra, never explain yourself to everyone. Well, it surely is effective in curbing people-pleasing behavior. Once you start explaining and giving reasons as to why you are saying no to someone and how it is difficult for you to come through for them at a particular time, the other person will find a way to push through it and make you agree on it later. For example, if you tell someone that you cannot do something for them at a particular time because you have to go somewhere or have a deadline to meet, they can still ask you to get to it later.


5 MUST-VISIT places in Summer

If you are looking for some great adventure this summer and have not planned anything yet, we have some great travelling recommendations for you that must not be missed out. We shortlisted five most exotic locations that must be added to your bucket list right away. Have a look!

1- The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

During the summer season people usually wish to book destinations that have favorable weather conditions and are relaxing. The Great Barrier Reef which is situated in Queensland is a perfect destination for some fun sports and underwater life experiences. You can go for diving in groups to make this adventure memorable and joy able while it lasts. One interesting fact about Great Barrier Reef is that it comes under the list of seven wonders of the nature world which is amazing. We bet you can’t wait to go now!

2- Venice, Italy

If you are someone who is looking for a unique yet fun city experience, Venice is undoubtedly the right choice. Best part about this location is that as a tourist you will come across canals instead of roads that will run you through the entire city providing a beautiful view and great quality pictures. People usually get excited by the idea of travelling in boats which are a medium of transportation in Venice. Don’t think much and book your tickets as soon as possible.

3- Redwood National Park, California, USA

Nature lovers must not miss the pleasure of paying a visit to Redwood National Park in summer 2019. It is believed that this park is a home for some of the tallest growing species on this planet and redwood tree grows about 300 feet tall. Witness it yourself!

4- Easter Island, Rapa Nui, Chile

Easter Island which is situated in Chile will never leave its visitors disappointed. You can plan a trip with your family and friends to have a taste of some amazing adventure options that includes Hiking and Scuba diving.

5-Stonehenge, Amesbury, England

Stonehenge is a place that will offer you a beautiful sight along with a peaceful environment. We recommended you to book a guided tour as that will make your visit to this center easier with more moments of enjoyment. You can relish the incredible glow that comes between Stonehenge pillars and click pictures for a lifetime memory. Good luck!

Find These Natural Painkillers in Your Kitchen!

For a number of people, the first choice for pain relief is a painkiller. You find yourself taking medicines to help relieve cramps, aches and pretty much all kinds of discomfort. What a lot of people do not know is that rather than getting reliant on pain killer or pain medication, they can actually make use of natural remedies for pain.

Now, you might be thinking that pain relief from natural items would be temporary and not as effective but that is not correct. There are quite a few natural pain remedies that can help alleviate pain of any and every kind. Be it a toothache or joint pain, you do not need pain medication to reduce it. The items lying around your kitchen can be highly effective painkillers too!

These are a few natural painkillers that you can opt for!

1. Ginger

You can think of this as a one in all natural pain relief. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can treat muscular pain and soreness, menstrual pain, a stomach ache, chest pain, chronic joint pain and arthritis as well. Yes, it’s really that good! The pain relieving properties of ginger have been determined in health studies too. Ginger is also effective for migraines, respiratory infections and as an instant relief from acidity.

2.  Turmeric

This basic spice is such a great natural pain reliever that you wouldn’t even know! It also contains elements which can help reduce swelling. Turmeric is a good pain reliever for toothaches and back pain. Other than that, the natural remedy contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties which can help you keep healthy.

3. Cloves

You can easily find them lying around in your kitchen and use them as a natural pain remedy. They are actually very good for relieving tooth and gum pain as well as help prevent oral infections. There is a compound called eugenol present in cloves and this is what makes them highly beneficial for curing pain and headaches and nausea too.

4. Coffee

Even if you are not a coffee drinker, you could be able to find coffee easily around. It has actually turned out that coffee works faster and is more effective that many pain killing medications. Coffee has caffeine which can help relieve pain in muscles as well during a migraine. Scientists have found a cup of coffee to be an instant pain reliever for a short span of time but it does decrease your sensitivity to pain in the long run.

5. Yogurt

Just a bowl or a few spoons of yogurt can go a long way in relieving pain. It can be considered a natural pain killer due to the presence of healthy bacteria which help reduce bloating, abdominal pain and ease digestion. You will find yourself feeling lighter and more active after regularly incorporating yogurt into your diet.



These 5 DIY Scrubs To Swear By!

Human body requires care and maintenance in order to stay in the best state possible. If you do the effort of stepping into your kitchen you will find ample of ingredients from which you can prepare home made scrubs yourself in a matter of minutes. There is simply no need to spend extra money in buying expensive scrubs from the stores when you can do it all by yourself. Try out these five amazing homemade scrubs that are beneficial for your skin.

1- The Almond and Honey Scrub for Hands

Make use of almonds at home by grinding it in order to turn it into powder form. Add half teaspoon of honey and little milk on the powder to get a smooth paste out of it. Immediately apply the paste on hands as this paste should not be stored. Wash hands after 15-20 minutes to get the smooth texture.

2- Milk Scrub treatment for Feet

If you have cracked feet, milk scrub is the best for this type of treatment. Take a foot bath tub and mix 1 cup of milk with 5 cups of hot water in it. Soak your feet for 5-6 minutes and in the mean while make a paste of baby oil, sugar, salt and apply on your feet. Rub your feet with Stridex pads and you are good to go.

3- Honey and Brown Sugar Face Scrub

Honey and brown sugar face scrub is the easiest to make. Take 2 teaspoons of brown sugar and 2 teaspoons of honey and apply the mixture of it on your face in circular motion. Wash your face with warm water and you will see the glow instantly.

4- Cinnamon and Sugar Lip Scrub

Prepare a mixture of the ingredients including 8 teaspoons of brown sugar, and 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, honey and cinnamon each. This scrub will help your lips appear fuller and cinnamon will work well for the pigmentation of your lips. Coconut oil and honey will keep your lips hydrated and wrinkle free for a longer while. Good luck!

5- Chocolate Body Scrub

You can make this by mixing half cup of cocoa powder, one forth cup of brown sugar and white sugar each, three forth cup of almond oil and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. Apply it all over your body and see the benefits yourself. Vanilla will keep your skin nourished for long hours as it contain minerals and vitamins whereas cocoa powder being rich in antioxidants will serve as anti aging agent.

Live Tracker Toolkit Apk Download

When you open this page, you expect WhatsApp messages, track calls, instant messages, track messages, and Android phone or iPhone claimed by your child, brother, boyfriend or coworker. Everyone has a question on their mind: Can you filter WhatsApp messages and calls?

The answer is yes!

We will show you how to track WhatsApp messages and calls on iPhone or Android smartphone.

Why Monitor WhatsApp Messages / Smartphone?
Before proceeding, we would like to clarify the meaning of monitoring / controlling Android and iOS gadgets.


Currently, children are given mobile phones at an early age.

77% of children between the ages of 12 and 17 have a cellular or wireless phone. There is nothing strange about allowing their children to go online without help, where they are with some friends (many of whom may be intimidating) or strangers. Ignoring this approach will allow children to overcome wrong decisions and enjoy training that will not help their future.

Additionally, if you want to know how to recover WhatsApp call history remotely and secretly, you can use the reverse app. Unlike other apps, WhatsApp has a unique baby sitter. This is a special WhatsApp notification plan that can operate in incognito mode and offers a lot of things to see about call history, visits, status, photos and WhatsApp Chronicles, all done from this location. What about color?

WhatsApp is the most convenient way to talk to your affiliates, you need to have a productive web connection with WhatsApp. If you are a parent, you should pay attention to your child’s WhatsApp activity with a spy app.

W Parents – WhatsApp Online Monitoring, Last Viewed.
W With Parents – WhatsApp Online Tracking, last seen, now makes it easy to track and report the online status of your children or relatives. You can access WhatsApp, the most popular information app on the cell phones of our children and relatives.

With this WhatsApp Online Monitoring App, you can watch your kids online in hours, minutes and seconds on WhatsApp. In addition, you can easily see the time spent on WhatsApp, and you can use this moment alert even when you are online or disconnected. Similarly, by adding your number to the app, you can check the time you spend on WhatsApp and control your web-based media activities.

Open the app and add the number you want without opening the note.

You can also press the alarm as you wish. Due to the warning feature, as long as you are connected to the web, you will be notified immediately of the number you are following when you log in and exit WhatsApp.

You can buy a monthly or weekly plan to track multiple numbers simultaneously.

With comprehensive plans, you can buy packages on a monthly or weekly basis, create financial plans and add numbers.

You can also name the number you want as you wish, however, your information is guaranteed and never disclosed to strangers.

WhatsApp is currently the most popular information app on the planet. A large number of people around the world use this app to constantly communicate with each other. Like all exciting social talk apps, WhatsApp is currently very popular with teens and teens and is a bit stressful for parents. As a parent, you need to prevent your kids from following the wrong advice by keeping an eye on their WhatsApp messages.

Is it correct to say that you are considering how to take a look at what you are doing on WhatsApp? Relax, we have the perfect answer for you. With this strategy, you can keep an eye on your child’s WhatsApp communications and make sure there is nothing dark involved. We will answer questions in the same way, such as how to hack WhatsApp visit history.

Install now
Is it true that you are on WhatsApp? Also, do you want to keep an eye on a partner, loved one, or even the other important person? Doing this without contacting the phone is a basic stunt. All things considered, this can be very easy for some customers who need to monitor and spy on any of their WhatsApp records, all you need to do is do this simple stunt.

Do we need someone to check WhatsApp history?
These days children do a lot of exercises but stay away from their people and then run into a terrible problem. Every parent often thinks about their children so that they can deal with their children clearly, this web-based media also offers many benefits to people, however it is important that guardians look after the children. . Children are negligent, they know their good and their terrible.

Is it possible to check someone’s WhatsApp chat history?
In fact, you can get the WhatsApp history of others. As you can see, there are two essential ways to view another person’s WhatsApp history online. The basic premise is that the person will give you their phone, but as we said before, it’s difficult. The second and more cautious technique is to introduce a control device on a person’s mobile phone, otherwise it is called an app for secret agents.

Do you want to know how often your friends and family are online on WhatsApp? Would you like to assume they are free from any risk using the Family Tracking app? The ultimate solid parental observation app to check on your relatives and the latest online exercises seen by children.

LastSeen – WhatsApp Monitoring
The Last Seen app aims to deal with the whole family and show their latest movement seen online on WhatsApp. You can keep an eye on your family in need and get instant alerts when your kids are online or disconnected from WhatsApp.

With last login tracking and detail highlights, keep up to date with the latest insights seen online last time, keep up to date with friends and family’s online exercises, and keep an eye on your kids day and night.
Today, I’m going to show you how you can earn more than one lakh from a snack video in a month. Breakfast Video Voice shorts are a great way to create and monetize video kits, giving you the ability to create and watch short videos that they will now be able to offer to different customers like a tick talk.

The interface of this application will help you to remember another popular Chinese application. Video snack is not difficult to use and how to make money from it is very easy to work with which you can earn more than one lakh professions. The Snack Video main screen includes a collection of videos shared by a few different customers on common organizations.

What is the video Snack application?
This is a web-based multimedia application where you create and transfer sports diversion data videos. Snack Video is a tick-like application that makes short videos. On this platform people can show different backgrounds, show their skills and be celebrated among the people while earning a lot of money. Let me clarify some of its highlights, how it works and how it brings money. You can earn it by downloading it from the link provided in this article and introducing it into your versatile. After introducing it, you need to create a record in it.

How to use or transfer video to Snap Video?
Of course, you can use the snack video and transfer views.
Open the Snack Video application.

  • Snap the symbol.
    Select the video you want to transfer.
    On the other hand, you can watch the video by tapping the Home Catch icon.
    How to make money with snack videos?
    Hi colleagues, in case you need to earn a few thousand rupees without any work, then you must read this article carefully. I’ll tell you about a fantast

call voice changer app male to female

Name voice changer app male to female

A full ongoing name is a voice changer app that has the capability to make a man a girl and a voice changer a man. Call call Changer app is the relaxation of the app for frightening and funny smartphone calls. It additionally supports HD voice recording with the cell phone built into the microphone.

Make a laugh of your friends through adding top notch loopy sound results.
Male-lady voice changer is loose.
Name Voice Changer – name girl Voice Changer is a phone app that lets in you to exchange your voice all through a name. There are numerous applications for creators or for audio amusement. Call Voice Changer allows you to customize your pitch and use it thru diverse communication programs. That is an clean way to exchange your pronunciation and a brand new manner to trade your voice thru the app.

Actual female voice changer apk

How can i alternate my voice to a female’s voice?
Name Voice Changer – name girl Voice Changer is an easy to apply utility that lets in you to elevate or lower the pitch to create specific sounds. This permits you to pay attention the sound earlier than calling to listen your voice. To change the pitch you can import a woman voice and store the audio report in WAV format.

Your voice inside the name of the phone. This app lets in you to alternate your voice in actual time with HQ and HD voice pleasant.

This voice changer app can change sounds in lots of voices consisting of cyborgs or animals (cats, dogs, mice) or the voice of an antique man or the voice of a individual.

Female Voice Changer is a amusing app. This app transforms your voice into any other great woman voice changer. A superb voice changer while you are with pals or at a celebration. Listen your voice inside the girls’ voices

Call voice changer apk male to female

Exchange the girl-male voice.
Our Voice Changer is an top notch app within the Play save. This is a smart voice changer that skillfully aligns your voice with ladies’s voice. Alternate the sound with our app that is a totally exciting and amusing actual sound changer.

Changing your voice on every occasion you are making a humorous smartphone name is a traditional tactic. This app permits you to say it with a unfastened credit score, so you can deactivate the courier before paying. In case you make an smooth name, this will be the same old app for you with out breaking the bank.

You can change the pitch of your voice via persevering with among cellphone names. It does this with the aid of deciding on one in every of 5 settings – low, excessive and deep – to your sound.

Live name voice changer for android

How to pay attention the minimal and maximum settings for the call recipient.
The software can connect with VoIP packages and make voice calls using the modified voice. The consumer interface is very simple and lets in you to transport up and down the sphere with a unique slider. All they should do is flip the transfer to degree the pitch they want the quantity to match. The handiest adjustment users could make with the voice changer is the pitch in their voice.

The alternative facet of the sound cannot be modified. But, converting the pronunciation can notably trade the sound, making it almost unrecognizable. Whether it’s playing lady characters or creating content material, it’s a terrific device to help you fill special roles. So, with the app, you can not at once sense like a specific man or woman, however you could in reality sense like a lady with a distinct voice.

Who’s Dr Abby Butt nutrition? read interview to know about him

Muhammad Asadullah Butt or Abby Butt from the city of Lahore is literally a magician who can help you get rid of your stubborn bits with his A1 diet and workout plans. Butt, with 12 years of experience as a nutritionist works as a celebrity fitness trainer and dietician who helps people through wonderous transformations. A certified trainer from UK and USA, you will not be dissapointed with what Asadullah has to offer with his meal and diet plans. With a PhD in nutrition he helps people feel more comfortable and confident about their bodies and overall physical appearance.

Let’s learn what more he has to say about his nutritionist journey!

Q1: What made you decide on a career in nutrition?

A1: Asadullah told us that what drove him to become a nutritionist was the lack of knowledge people have regarding the topic in Pakistan. No one really knows how to properly manage and balance their diets to look their best and he wanted to help the people.

Q2:What credentials do you hold?

A2: Butt holds 3 degrees which are:

A PhD in Nutrition and Metabolism.

CPD certified trianer and Nutritionist.

ISSA certified Master Trianer.

Q3:What aspects of nutrition do you feel are most important to address when consulting with clients?

A3: While in conversation about the clients consultation, Asadullah mainly focuses on the body type his clients hold and if they have any type of medical condition that runs in their family. The meal and diet plans and then prepared for them accordingly.

If you want to shed a few inches this winter, dont wait long. Contact Asadullah Butt and look gorgeous and feel confident as ever!

This Eid Try The Art Of Waxing At Home

The newly launched DVC of Veet cold wax strips featuring Mahira Khan is very relevant nowadays because in the current pandemic situation no matter how badly we miss our waxing wali going to parlors is extremely risky. But this doesn’t mean that this Eid we can’t have silky smooth skin anymore.

With Veet cold wax strips by our side, we can enjoy a parlor smooth finish at home for up to 28 days. Just select a variant according to your skin type and if you want to wax your face then make sure to use Veet face wax strips, which are specially designed for this purpose.

Now get silky smooth skin in just 3 simple steps. Take a pack of Veet cold wax strips, PEEL the strips apart (without rubbing), APPLY in the direction of your hair growth & PULL against the direction of your hair growth. Any leftover residue can be cleaned with the wipes provided or baby oil.

For great results whenever pulling the strip off make sure you pull it back on itself as fast as possible. Do not keep your hand at a 90 degree or pull too slowly. Also avoid damaging your skin by never using wax strips over the same area more than once in one sitting, if you use the strips right you won’t have to reapply on the same area.

Never forget to conduct a patch test on a small part of the area you wish to treat and wait for 24 hours to check for any adverse skin reactions. Be careful and do not use wax strips on parts of your skin that are irritated, suffer from any skin related disorders or are affected by any medications – better safe than sorry!

Now you know the secret to achieve flawless parlor like results at home. So, stop thinking about parlors and #VeetItToBelieveIt with Veet cold wax strips. Let us know of your experience below along with any additional tips that you follow to achieve great results. #JustVeetIt

Unknown interesting facts about Meiraj Haq

Meiraj Haq is an actor and a film maker from Rawalpindi Pakistan. He has debuted in his first drama serial Titled Sabaat, where he plays the character of Dr Murad. Meiraj Haq apart from being an actor has also written/directed Imran Khan’s official documentary for the elections of 2018.

Meiraj haq

Snip bits of Meiraj Haq’s life:

After completing his bachelors, Meiraj went to the Newyork film Academy to Study journalism & Film making. After coming back to Pakistan he made Imran Khan’s official election documentary for the 2018 elections which either Al Jazeera or BBC makes every year. Meiraj has directed music videos for rap artists called Osama Com Laude (Chaklala Scheming). During all this time, he started vlogging on youtube as well, and in August 2019 he signed his first drama Titled Sabaat.The name of his character was Dr Murad, starred with Usman MukhtarSarah Khan, Ameer Gilani, and Mawra Hocane as they were the leading characters.

Ayeza Khan and Osman Khalid to be seen together

The team Ayeza Khan and Osman Khalid to share screen space soon, told by the entertainer on his online media account.

Since the time Ehd-e-Wafa star Osman Khalid has posted an image with Ayeza Khan with the caption”reunited.” The image turned into a web sensation via social media, leaving fans speculating whether they are together in an advertisement or a show. The couple was presenting together for a selfie, demonstrated as follows:

ayeza khan and osman khalid

The duo had cooperated on a project called “Galti sy mistake ho gai”. This undertaking was broadcasted on HUM TV in a Ramzan special comedy drama demonstrating incredible chemistry. The drama featured Samina Ahmed, Atiqa Odho and Ahmed Ali, and so forth comprising of 30 episodes.

Ayeza Khan and Osman Khalid in a drama serial earlier:

Ayeza Khan is as of late observed close by Danish Taimoor in a sentimental show known as “Meharposh” delivered by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under seventh Sky Entertainment. Be that as it may, Osman Khalid Butt was most recently seen in the show called Ehd-e-Wafa close by Zara Noor Abbas, Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar, and Wahaj Ali created by Momina Duraid productions and ISPR.

All things considered, we can positively conclude that Osman Khalid and Ayeza Khan will make an incredible pair, and we were unable to be more eager to see them together on-screen soon.

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Farhan Saeed giving updates about his movie Tich Button

Farhan Saeed is one in all the foremost famous vocalists of the country who has had collaborations within the Pakistani and Indian show business. For the past decade, Farhan has held a special place within the showbiz together with his songs.

Bound with dazzling looks and character, Farhan made his TV debut with ‘De Ijazat Tu’ and has gotten recognition for shows like “Suno Chanda” while is featuring in various undertakings.

Farhan Saeed and Tich Button!

As of late, Farhan discussed his new venture named ‘Tich Button” and the inspirations for the film referring to his underlying viewpoint of the film and his present conviction that it is actually quite difficult.

The film highlights Farhan Saeed, Feroze Khan, Iman Ali, and Sonya Hussain which are all settled characters of showbiz industry.

Farhan has remarked on his experience as a maker “To be honest It was difficult to work while shooting for a film as a producer. The film is a very difficult thing to do, It’s just like a war which you have to fight every day till the shooting of the film is completed”.

Farhan has additionally praised his fellow actors, and the group during the recording as the genius expressed,” We did the shooting in difficult times and difficult scenarios. I’m thankful to all the actors for tolerating us. They all were actors, It was not a big deal if they wouldn’t have come along with us every time, but they did. They all were very cooperative”. The cast is cheerful that the crowd would appreciate the film.

farhan saeed

In spite of the fact that the undertaking is finished the circumstance because of COVID-19 projects a shadow on the arrival of the film as the makers expect to deliver the film in a substantially more good circumstance.

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Is it Minal Khan’s turn to get married now?

We have seen that Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram have started sentiment rumors within the past few days. Both have been seen commenting lovey dovey comments on each other’s Insta posts and it has presently ended up self-evident that the two are in a relationship. But this one photo posted by Minal got everybody considering on the off chance that she is the following mystery bride like Sana Javed!

Is Minal Khan tying the knot?

Minal posted a photo of herself and her mother and sister in which their faces were secured in Ubtan with the hashtag #weddingbells. This made the fans think that it was Minal that was tying the hitch with her playmate and everybody got beautiful energized around the truth that it was Minal’s turn to get hitched!

But sadly, it isn’t Minal that’s getting hitched 🙁 This was a click from Aiman and Minal’s cousin Sarah’s wedding. But we would have been over the moon in if it was Minal who was getting hitched.

When do you folks think Minal will be tying the knot? Are you anxious for her wedding as much as we are? Since we would cherish to see how staggering Minal will look at her wedding ceremony! We just hope that she does not gotten to be a mystery bride as well as we would too cherish to keep up with the merriments of her wedding as we did with Aiman.

minal khan

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The desi money heist, 50 crore

On 18th of October, a few Lollywood on-screen characters and performing artists begun posting pictures of their mugshots and we saw Instagram posts of the individuals dressed in orange jumpsuits as well. The group of onlookers couldn’t offer assistance but capture a likeness between the characters, all of them looked just like the on-screen characters within the Spanish season “Money Heist” or “La Casa De Papel”. They indeed had their names based on cities of Pakistan as the Money Heist characters had been assigned. And the individuals fair went bonkers over the reality that it looked just like the Desi Money Heist tear off!

desi money heist

The Desi Money Heist

The 50 Crore venture incorporates a enormous cast! and by enormous we mean 12 individuals. The affirmed cast that we know of right presently comprises of Mehmood Aslam, Zhalay Sarhadi, Aijaz Aslam, Omer Shahzad, Faryal Mehmood, Saboor Aly, Anoushey Abbasi and few more of the new faces that we see on TV.

The front man that we think is motivated by the “brain” of the heist, Professor is being played by Faysal Qureshi. The title of Qureshi’s character is “Cheif” as we had seen carelessly composed on his mugshot and it appears like he will be the one starting this entire plan.

Now, after a parcel of good/bad audits of the characters, it is being said that this enormous cast shock or the desi Money Heist will not be a motion picture or a arrangement but it really is an advertisement advancement for an internet application that will be discharging before long! It is additionally being said that the likenesses were made self-evident delibirately so that it may rope in as much target gathering of people as possible.

What it really is…

Now, after a lot of good/bad audits of the characters, it is being said that this enormous cast shock or the desi Money Heist will not be a motion picture or a series but it really is an advertisement advancement for an online application that will be releasing soon! It is additionally being said that the likenesses were made self-evident delibirately so that it may rope in as much target gathering of people as possible.

Lovely shrewd move in the event if you inquire us. If this can be an advertisement advancement, The Desi Money Heist truly did turn a lot of heads! But the rest of the story will as it were be known for beyond any doubt when the actors let us know what all this can be truly almost! I think we just gotta little wait more.

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How mehndi can destroy your skin, Shaista Lodhi will tell you.

It’s no modern news that Mehendi/Henna is the center of wedding season in desi families. Whoever is getting hitched, it is obligatory for all the women taking portion within the wedding to dress their hands in shades of ruddy, maroon and dark. But excellence continuously comes with a cost, reknowned actress/talkshow have and Specialist, Shaista Lodhi just made us mindful of all the terrible side impacts henna can have on your skin. Keep reading the article to know how Shaista Lodhi warns us about mehndi.

shaista lodhi

Shaista Lodhi talks about Mehndi

In a later video that was posted by Dr. Lodhi, it was uncovered that wedding henna can be amazingly perilous for anybody who uses it. The chemicals included to the cones to form the colour more dynamic are so difficult that they can cause 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the clients skin.

Lodhi went on saying that 2nd and 3rd degree burns are so serious that they cannot indeed be treated appropriately and can cause lasting harm to the skin. She was completely right when she said that these skin scraped spots can cause a person’s certainty to smash totally.

Watch the complete video below.