Amira Farooq’s Rich Haven

In this conversation with artist Amira Farooq, we learn the significance of color. In her most recent collection of artworks, the artist hopes to give out the message of child-like joy and alacrity which is beautiful and inspiring.


What prompted you to become an artist? When did you realize an artist was born within you?

According to my mother, it came naturally to me from an early age. She has been my support system since the very beginning and was the first one to recognize my artistic talent early on. My mother is an artist as well, who graduated from National College of Arts Lahore. It was not a conscious realization for me. I feel it has been a very natural transition for me to become an artist too.

Do you only paint or are there other mediums of art you enjoy as well?

I specialized in Printmaking for my thesis at N.C.A. I believe the training I got in the time I put in at N.C.A while learning to work with multiple mediums is an integral part of cultivating one’s aesthetics. I try to keep things interesting for myself by working in different mediums but acrylics on canvas have been my favorite medium of expression so far.

What themes do you normally work around in?

Honestly, I cannot really claim to have any themes to my work. I paint in isolation and the point is to channel the collective consciousness. For me my paintings are like messages from the divine. I don’t use references of any kind. It is just about the emotion I’m feeling at the time, which needs to be positive and my only aim is to create a positive reaction in the person viewing them.

Talk to us about your inspirations. We see a lot of color and different hues in your paintings. What’s the significance of color in your work?

Color is everything for me. To me, it is God’s language that I try to decode through my artwork. I just love colors and how they make me feel when I look at them and I am fascinated by the various effects they have on people. Color is my inspiration.

What is the conceptual content of your stylistic effect?

My stylistic pieces are more like the different states of mind I have personally experienced, specifically the ones that I feel other people can also relate to. Emotions that we all feel in the human experience show in all my artworks.

Tell us about your current collection. What are you currently working on and what is it about?

My most recent series was just about exploring colors and textures. In my recent most collection, I have tried to show how colors interact with each other in a multitude of ways.

From what we understand of your paintings, they are mostly abstract. Tell us what message do you normally give through your paintings?

The message is to take as much joy out of your life as I have gotten out of making this series. Hopefully I have conveyed that child-like joy from the colors and from my pieces.

What do you think as an artist, is the scope of art in Pakistan? Do you think people easily understand your art or does it only attract people with artistic intellect?

I think art is an absolutely crucial symptom and it tests how much freedom actually exists in a society. If you do not have the freedom to create art then you are not free. Therefore art represents freedom to me and this is why I paint The scope of creativity is universal and eternal. Over the course of my career I have had the privilege and honor of being appreciated for my art by all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Understanding comes from one’s own experiences. You can look at the same piece of art and you will see something more every time. Not because the piece has changed but because you have changed. When I work I am honestly not concerned with other people. It is a bonus that I have managed to make a career out of.

Where are your paintings easily found? Do you exhibit them? How often?

My art is easily available online.

Any rituals you have when you are painting? What’s your work style or space like?

I have a very basic work space. My only ritual is that I listen to Healing frequencies while I paint to maintain mental equilibrium.

Your message for aspiring artists out there.

Be yourself. Follow your heart. Speak your highest truth.


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