Real Life Wedding Bloopers

Weddings can be stressful. We get it. You want everything to be perfect and most brides like to call the shots when it comes to their special day. These brides entered the bridezilla territory but despite all the mishap they still managed to work it out for themselves. Kudos to these beautiful brides!

Nida Raza Khokhar

Since I didn’t live in Pakistan, I had placed the order for my Valima dress months before my wedding day since these big designers take a lot of time getting the clothes ready. I reached Karachi just days before my wedding so I had no idea how my Valima clothes would turn out as I got really busy with my Mehndi and Shaadi.

I was super excited to see my clothes at the designer’s studio but to my surprise my Valima dress looked horrible, it was not what I told the designer to make. The dress was simply horrible, and it just looked dreadful.  I had a panic attack, and did not know what to do.  I was furious, and told the designer to keep the dress as I did not want it.

Afterward I realized I had nothing to wear for my Valima since it was in two days. I don’t know what happened but I randomly ended up going to Nomi Ansari, he is a gem of a person, calmed me down and told me not to freak out. I told him my situation; I needed my Valima dress in two days’ time. He delivered the most beautiful dress for me in just two days. I was in complete shock because I had no idea my dress would turn out exactly how I pictured it. He’s my hero. If Nomi wasn’t there I really don’t know what I would have done.

Aaliyah Ansari

My Reception was on the 18th of August and three weeks prior to that, I had picked up my bridal suit. Foolishly enough, I did not try my bridal shirt before the actual day. On insistence of my mother and best friend I did so three hours before I had to get to the studio for my makeup. While I was trying on my shirt, I had a panic attack. I could not get into it. An instant call was made to my tailor who calmed me down and my shirt was sent to be fixed. In my confused state, I only told him to loosen my shirt and I forgot to tell the tailor to loosen the sleeves around the elbow.

At the studio, when I wore my shirt, my elbows were suffocated beyond belief. My shirt was of chiffon, so the pressure of bending my elbow caused a little tear in the left cuff. Next, I tore it more to make it easy for me to move my left hand. I thanked the good Lord that I chose a color which did not make it obvious. Needless to say, luckily no one noticed and I freely used my left arm while my right one was stuck with no movement. Also, while I was fully dressed up as a bride with all my jewelry on, I went to get petrol for my car because it was too much for me to sit patiently at the venue. I was petrified than, but now I just laugh about these events that occurred on my big day.


Aliya Ilyas

I was really excited about my big day and pretty much just went with the flow. I forgot that my lehnga was loose on the waist and I only realized this while I was walking into the ballroom. My lehnga kept on falling and coming between my shoes that I kept on tripping. I did not know what to do as it was my queue to walk in with my better half, now my husband. He was in a rush as we were already late and I had no idea what to do.

I was super nervous in case I fell down as my husband was taking the lead. During our walk down the aisle I was just thinking about my lehnga in case it falls down. I tripped multiple times but thankfully no one noticed. That walk which could be done in a few minutes was probably the longest walk of my life. Now when I look back and recall the whole situation it was just pure luck that I didn’t fall down or make a fool of myself. I can only thank my stars for that otherwise I would be a total mess.

Eliza Reza Naik

I had planned everything from beforehand as I’m an organizational freak. My plan was to go to my Mehndi venue, basically where the stage was all set in a rickshaw.

Everything was perfect; the rickshaw was nicely lit, with proper décor. It was just as I expected. I got in it with a lot of trouble as my lehnga and dupatta were super heavy. Then my brothers got on each side of the rickshaw door. The rickshaw started moving going up in normal speed, then all of a sudden the rickshaw just stopped working and we hadn’t reached the stage yet.

I got out of the rickshaw which was very difficult as my clothes were super heavy, and I had no idea what to do. I tried to keep my calm but somehow my brothers could sense the stress.  My brothers told me to get on the side door of the rickshaw while they pushed it (rickshaw) it in. To make matters worse I had chosen a specific song for my entry that went wrong too. However the DJ played it while I was already there. My song played, I came whistling on the rickshaw, at that moment it was chaotic, but later for me it was a joy ride. It was awesome and I couldn’t have been happier even if my entry didn’t go exactly as planned it was just what I wanted. Everyone loved it, more importantly I was ecstatic.


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