Cover Story – Fashion Dynasty



Fashion artistry, luxury and sentiments inspire this latest collaborative effort put forth from Designer Asim Jofa and his stunning muse and actress, Iman Ali. Our cover face’s infectious appeal goes deeper than the selective work she does. According to Iman, “I would rather prefer to sit at home workless than do something which is below my standards.” Her strong spirit and fearless demeanor upped ours, as Iman agreed to be our 2018’s first cover face, a day after she twisted her ankle. Nothing stopped her. She was punctual, ate her salad during hairdos, twirled around the music to raise her spirit, and only complained twice about her ankle during the entire cover shoot. “I am Iman Ali. I have been doing this for a very long time. I was born to do this.”

With so much power and determination on the set, and in the midst of this exclusive collection for Iman, designer Asim Jofa shared his philosophy on life, fashion and starting fresh in 2018.

“Fashion is a medium of expression. It is a creative channel which allows me to share my imaginativeness, emotions and artistry in a constructive manner. It should leave a lasting impact.” – Asim Jofa


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