Iffat Umar Stands up for Children In Showbiz

Iffat Umer has brightened up everyone’s newsfeeds on social media by shedding light on an issue that often goes unnoticed in the world of showbiz. She has spoken up about the way children are treated on sets.

There are children of all ages, sometimes as young as 1-year-olds, starring in various TV shows.  However many parents don’t keep into consideration the fact that their children could potentially be exposed to intensely traumatic occurrences not just on set but offset and around the team as well. They are under a real threat to becoming victims of abuse.

Iffat Umar used her celebrity status to give this issue prominence and suggested ways to keep children protected. She talked about how producers can accommodate set timings in a way that works around the young actors’ school timings. She suggested that a parent or a trusted guardian be present with the child actors at all times and someone reliable should help them in changing rooms and so on.

She further highlighted how children are exposed to unnecessary fights and gossip on set where even the parents are so absorbed in conversation that they fail to acknowledge the kind of information they’re exposing their kids to.

Iffat’s fans are all praises for her and so are we!



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