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Fuel Your Child’s Creativity With Gluco’s Limited Edition Pack

A child’s mind is a factory of unimaginable proportions constantly churning out ideas and new ways to conquer the world. It takes a child’s eye to see dragon’s den under his bed and it takes a child’s imagination to turn a boring foot mat into a flying carpet.

Creativity is fueled by imagination. Peek Freans Gluco is proud to have partnered with mothers all over Pakistan to provide children a healthy fuel-for-mind.  But Peek Freans Gluco refuses to stay the conventional and boring health option, unlike other biscuits. Peek Freans Gluco believes creative imagination and energy channeled in the right direction plays a pivotal role in a child’s development.

So when you fix your child a healthy snack of milk and Peek Freans Gluco biscuits today, don’t throw away the pack.

Children thrive on creative play.

Why not make puppets with them today?

You will need


Follow these steps:

Help your child cut out the characters of Gluco Allahyar & The Legend of Markhor from the pack.



Stick the characters on pencils with the help of masking tape. Your characters are ready!

Now help your child set up an in-house theater by covering the backs of two chairs with a sheet of cloth. Children can stand behind the chairs and perform.

Creativity has no bounds. Make your own stories. The important thing is that kids have fun while putting up this creative show for their family and friends to see.

And what is an even better way to reward them for putting up the performance of their lives?

Take them to the cinema to watch, Gluco Allahyar & The Legend of Markhor, releasing on February 2, 2018 in cinemas all across Pakistan. Then see them incorporate the story in their own puppet show the next day and come up with new ideas of their own.

Keep thinking out of the box. Have fun!


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