Paris Opens Its Doors To Modest Fashion

Paris recently opened its doors to modest fashion and people responded very well.

Designers revealed designs with ankle length dresses and brightly colored pants to cater to the demand for styles popular among Muslim women.


The event was part of the Oriental Fashion show held on the sidelines of the city’s haute couture fashion week, which showcases designers catering to the Asian and Middle Eastern market.


This comes at a time when modest dressing has been facing resistance due to the French ban on niqaab and burqa and even burkini.


However according to the organizers of the fashion show, there is a demand for such designs among the French population and for exports as well. Keeping the untapped market in mind, designers like Dolce and Gabbana and Burberry have jumped on the modesty train and released their own line.

Once can only hope that such fashion shows will help make modest fashion more mainstream in Europe and elsewhere.


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