Possibly Watered-Down, Baaghi Still Gives Insight

The last episode of Baaghi aired yesterday, however, the controversial drama series didn’t end without garnering criticism from fans arguing how Qandeel’s life was not the kind you should glamorize in a TV show.

In a recent interview, cast member Osman Khalid Butt addressed this concern saying, “In Baaghi, we are not glamorizing Kanwal/Qandeel or turning her into a saint.”

However, people fail to realize that before Baaghi had hit the small screens, our image of Qandeel Baloch, in a nutshell, was of an inappropriate internet celebrity, whom we talked about simply for entertainment purposes and who died at the hands of her brother in the name of honour.

Baaghi provided unparalleled insight into the life of a farm girl who goes to the big city in an effort to make it big in her otherwise unceremonious life, half out of ambition and half out of circumstance. Not just that, the show shed light on the numerous hurdles she had to pass to survive in this unforgiving society. She lost herself somewhere along the way and turned into, who we all knew as Qandeel Baloch.

Her murder in the name of honour was the last horrendous thing she was subjected to. Way before she died at the hands of her own brother, she had been a victim of harassment, disloyalty, exploitation and so much more.  No matter how glamorized or how watered-down the drama series was, it is hard not to empathize with Qandeel after watching the show. It is almost impossible to not feel a new found respect for the protagonist of the story and this wouldn’t have been possible had this version of her story not come into the public eye.

This show managed to humanize a woman we all judged either silently or openly and never once thought about her as a woman who was once just a normal, simple girl from a humble background. Keeping all rumours about issues with Qandeel’s parents and the channel producers aside, we should ask ourselves if we would have been better off not knowing the full story of how Fouzia turned into the rebellious Qandeel.


This post was contributed by Eman Lakhany


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