Women’s Own Loves!

Women’s Own Team pitch in their weekly favorites!

Oh So Yum!

I have been trying to eat healthy the last couple of months and I cannot be more obsessed with Lush Crush’s Pomegranita ice pops. They’re literally frozen pomegranate juice, taste great and are healthy! If you want to have guilt-free dessert, Lush Crush is your safe haven. Amna Saleem

Tear Drop Earrings by J.

I love these teardrop earrings from J. in dull gold and stone finish.  They compliment my kurtis and jeans and qameez shalwars equally well. SA

 Go Ray Ray!

If there’s one brand for sunglasses that I swear by its Ray Bans! Their shades are perfect for protecting the eyes yet making a fashion statement. Opt for the classics, or any that suit your preference. I know I’m a huge fan! Its love at first sight! Zehra Raza

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita

If there was only one make up item I could carry in my bag, it would definitely and undoubtedly be this. I have never come across a lip pencil so smooth. It just glides on my lips and its vitamin enriched formula instantly leaves my lips feeling plump and moisturized. Aena Asif Bawany


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