Kylie’s Successful Deception

For someone who is considered a celebrity with one of the biggest fan followings on social media, along with her title of the Queen of Snapchat, it came as a complete shock to people all around the world when Kylie Jenner was unexpectedly found pregnant!

Rumors surfaced almost a year ago about Kylie Jenner possibly being pregnant with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott. Kylie had previously kept her fans updated regarding everything that went on in her life, along with having her life documented on TV for over a decade. Due to this, there was never an aspect of the Kardashian life that was hidden from the people.

Which is why as rumors came into existence about Kylie’s pregnancy, her fans anxiously waited for her maternity pictures as were done by her sisters Kourtney and Khloe in their time. However, to everyone’s disappointment, they never surfaced and no one could fathom the possible reasons as to why Kylie would go the extra mile to hide away her baby bump from paparazzi.

All our questions were answered a few days back when Kylie revealed the birth of her baby daughter through a heartfelt post on her Instagram. She conveyed that her reasons to keep hidden away during her pregnancy were due to her need to stay positive, stress-free and healthy.  Furthermore, she wanted to protect her child at least initially, against the stress that was guaranteed to follow.

One thing to keep in mind was that her career largely comprises of every aspect of Kylie’s life documented. Hence, her choosing to give up on the earnings that could have resulted if she disclosed her pregnancy, was an exceptional move. She followed her maternal instincts rather than doing what others might have deemed the smart thing to do for her career. Which is why, despite being one o f the youngest celebrities to conceive a child, she has become worthy of praise and applause for her motherly sentiments.


This post was contributed by Eman Lakhany.


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