Lakmé Bollywood Week

Lakme Fashion week, a semi-annual event recently sparked excitement among the Indian population. The idea for the event  (a joint venture organized by Lakme, a top cosmetics company from India and IMG reliance ltd. ) was to showcase talented indian designers however it ended up becoming a meeting place for all the superstars of bollywood.

The marketing technique that is used by the organizers of the event, i.e. using Bollywood celebrities as models, proves to be a good way to bring hype to the event. However, the large fan base is exactly what is creating problems for the designers of the event as well.  Let’s just try to think for one second if we can actually recall the name of the designer Sushmita sen was wearing? or do we simply remember that she looked like an actual goddess?

If that’s the case with you as well then you can see the problem! The dresses are overshadowed by our favorite actors.





The entire purpose for which the models were hired was in a way lost among the glamour that these men and women brought along to the ramp.

It simply seems unfortunate yet hilarious that  the designers who had worked incredibly hard on their designs, somewhat lost their own names among the big names of bollywood that the fashion show consisted of. There was no doubt that the people who were meant to be show stoppers, simply stole the show.

Perhaps next time, the designers and organizers will think twice about using other people’s following to create buzz about their own event.

For now let’s look at the beautiful Karishma Kapoor gracing the runway.


This post was contributed by Eman Lakhany.


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