Pakistani Celebrities Drunk With Power

The rise of Pakistani film and drama industry has brought Pakistani celebrities in an extremely powerful position to influence thousands of people, especially in this country where everything is open to inspiration from people we regard as our idols. Considering they’ve made it through the cutting edge world of fame and fortune, they must be doing something right.

Some celebrities find it to be their duty to act responsibly with their influence and try to bring a positive change into the world by encouraging their followers to do good for the citizens of their country.

One such example was when celebrities like Ayesha Omar and Juggun Kazim, stood in solidarity with the clap in pride and support movement (#changetheclap) for acceptance towards the transgender population of our country.

This movement showed how some household names want to inspire others for the greater good of their fellow citizens. Their display of unreserved support was a breath of fresh air, considering the possible backlash that could have resulted from it, seeing the status of the transgender population in this country.

However, some prominent personalities simply deem it their right to act in whichever way they prefer and consider the entire population of this country to understand their strange point of view. They fail to acknowledge that not everyone has the same preferences in life, no matter how much they wish so.

One such incident happened recently when a certain self proclaimed queen of pk, brought it upon herself to shame travelers on their choice of clothing on her recent visit to the airport.  She displayed no reservations before attempting to police people for choosing to not be paparazzi ready.



Furthermore, her exploiting the status of a celebrity to publically embarrass unsuspecting victims was an act of immaturity.

Another reason why this is shocking on her part is because of her recent unveiling about her own sexual harassment experiences. For a person who has had her privacy invaded in the worst possible way, her lack of empathy was simply baffling to a lot of people.




Perhaps the severe criticism will cause her to reconsider her point of view and perhaps become more knowledgeable about what live and let live actually means.


This post was contributed by Eman Lakhany.


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