Up Close and Personal With Amna Niazi

We asked fashion stylist extraordinaire and Siddy TV personality, Amna Niazi, our 10 questions.

1. Three things you can eat for the rest of your life?
Beef, burgers, Qeema Paratha and Chicken Manchurian

2. Your most irritating habit at work?
I pace around the room when I’m thinking

3. On a scale of 1-10, how important is fashion week to you?
8 Because as a stylist we need new inspiring collections to witness new trends

4. Hair or cosmetic product that you religiously use?
I use Chanel CC cream and Aloe Vera gel.

5. Who do you still dream to style an event?
Mahira Khan. I haven’t styled her yet, Mira Sethi too.

6. The last thing you googled?
(Laughs) FINE, I was looking up Keto diet

7. Name the top 3 essentials in your styling kit that are must-haves?
A deodorant, hand sanitizer, plenty of accessories and scissors, thread, needles and safety pins.

8. Advice for the current stylists?
Know your worth. Whatever we do, takes thought and effort; so stop doing free favors. Also, stop dressing people by piling trend on trend without thinking. See what needs to be highlighted in that specific person/brand and work accordingly. Don’t create mindless clones.

9. Who, according to you was the best dressed at the Hum Style Awards?
Anum Malik and Shoaib Malik

10. Your all-time favorite Pakistani fashion designer?
Elan and Fahad Hussayn.


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