Our Favourite Brand Is Spiraling

The famous Swedish clothing brand, H&M, that we’ve all come to know and love, seems to be under the wrong leadership for the past few months, as it is losing a lot of its customers due to their recent questionable choices regarding their brand.

We are not fully aware if their mishaps were deliberate or unfortunate; either way, it seems like they’re paying a huge price for it.

The first incident occurred just one month back in early January when the clothing brand came under fire after running a product photo featuring a black boy in a hoodie with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle” emblazoned on the front.

This was followed by severe criticism from people, including The Weeknd who had been modeling for their clothes since 2017. The singer professed his disgust and stated that he would not be working with the brand in future.

Other people including Models of Diversity and Diddy expressed their disgust towards the racist act as well.

The brand had issued an apology along with removing the picture but keeping the product on their website. People were just starting to forget about it when H&M got themselves involved in another incident a few days back, sparking even more hatred altogether.

The event happened when H&M released a new ad over their social media with an unknown song in the background. Upon inquiry, the retailer claimed that the song had no name since it was exclusively developed for their use.

However, when the actual musician of the song, a Melbourne musician Mike Katz, a producer who works under the name Harvey Sutherland called out the brand over social media, they had no choice but to respond. He offered to make a deal with the company in his posts.

The deal hasn’t happened but they are in contact with the producer. They also ended up revoking the ad along with an apology on social media for their mistake – “We apologize and have now removed content featuring the music from all of our social media accounts,” a spokesperson for H&M told multiple media outlets.

Perhaps H&M needs a beginners’ guide to business including a special lesson on not taking things without permission.


This post was contributed by Eman Lakhany.


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