Does Justin Timberlake Deserve His Fame

Justin Timberlake did the biggest halftime show in all of US, the Super Bowl, a few days back, however, there was way more in his reviews than just his performance.

Along with his performance, his recent album, Man of the Woods has also surfaced, aiming to reflect on Timberlake’s Tennessee routes. However, it might seem surprising to him that, both his performance and his album were crucified by critics for their bland and boring appeal. This wouldn’t make sense to an outsider who doesn’t have any insight into Justin’s history with Super Bowls. Although to us, i.e. people who are fully aware of the unfair scandals that people around Justin Timberlake had suffered while his career soared, it comes as no shock.

A major reason that Justin Timberlake was so harshly judged on his Super Bowl performance and his album as a trickle-down effect was perhaps that we don’t believe that  Justin Timberlake is worthy of the prestigious honour of doing a Super Bowl halftime performance or to even enjoy the status of a pop star.

A few reasons would explain why this conclusion has been reached by so many music lovers who’ve observed his career over the years.

The major reason for some people goes back to his controversial Super Bowl performance with Janet Jackson that resulted in the infamous ‘Nipplegate’. Before the cameras cut to a shot of the fireworks surrounding the stage, Jackson’s exposed breast was seen by millions of viewers. While everyone is convinced that Justin was at fault for the incident at least partially if not fully, the reactions at the time were completely opposite. Janet had to bear the major chunk of the fall, even though it was due to Justin’s mistake that her breast was exposed to the public for merely a second.

Janet Jackson was forced to issue a public apology, lost her respect with Disney, missed out on movie roles and was uninvited from the Grammys that year. Following all this, her album at the time, Dimitri Jo, became her worst selling album to date.

While she had to deal with this severe backlash, Justin Timberlake enjoyed a peak in his career, becoming one of the best selling entertainers of the 21st century. His album sales skyrocketed along with him performing and winning at the Grammys that Janet Jackson was banned from.

So looking at his second performance at the Super Bowl all these years later, people can’t help but emphasize how unfair this was towards Janet Jackson. The people have come a long way since 2004, and now 2018 is the period of change. These days feminism has finally allowed women to get justice for everything unfair that has happened.  Was Justin Timberlake’s disappointing performance worth forcing people to relive the biased past all these years later?



This post was contributed by Eman Lakhany.


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