Salman Khan’s Prank!

As an active member of the Salman Khan fan club, there is no doubt that my fellow members have been waiting for our favourite Bollywood superstar to get married and settle down for the longest time now. That is obviously because we only want to see him happy after all the heartbreaks he has had to suffer in his 50 plus years. Also, even now after all these years, we want the absolute best for him.

However, he shouldn’t get to exploit our feelings just because we care so much about what happens in his life (probably more than our own)! But that is exactly what he did.

Recently on Twitter, Salman charged up twitter warriors with his extremely vague tweet saying “Larki mil gayi”.


There is no doubt that he fully knew about the kind of reactions this tweet would entice among his fans all over the globe and to no one’s surprise, that is exactly what happened. Within a few hours, responses came flooding in with all kinds of reactions. Some fans were overjoyed by the idea of their idol finally finding his happy beginning.

Some hearts were obviously broken as well.

His second tweet provided an explanation that the ‘larki’ who he had found was in fact for a movie he was involved in, starring Warina Hussain. Salman consoled all the broken hearts asking them not to worry and celebrate the news of the debutant for his next film.

It’s funny how our idols have so much influence over our thoughts that they can simply make or break our mood by just a tweet! Sigh…


This post was contributed by Eman Lakhany.


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