Holla ! Who at the Gym?

These are the girls you meet at the gym!

1. Tomboy: There’s always at least one girl who’s wearing her heavy headphones, possibly a bandana, a heavy-duty stopwatch and simply minding her own business. She cares about nothing and no one, probably not even about how manly and haggard she looks while working out. The tomboy is considered a serious (read boring) gym addict who works out like a man ! She’s hit the bar high for herself in terms of working out. She is very competitive, and knows her stuff. She is there to work out and that’s it. She’s just another dude at the gym.

2. Barbie: Possibly in the perfectly tailored sweatshirt, body-hugging trousers, and neon colored gym shoes; who looks no less than a model dolled up for a sexy workout photo shoot – this girl will always turn up with layers of makeup so she looks nice and dandy till the end of her vigorous (or a worthless) workout regimen. She might come across as a breath of fresh air as she enters the gym, but when you’re on the 13th pushup and struggling between life and death, a quick glimpse of a plastic bombshell may seem like you’re hanging on your last breath.

3. Yogi: These girls are usually seen by the window where they can get sunlight or near the mirror where they can check themselves out. They will be seen doing yoga moves which you’d be thinking how is that even possible. For her, it’s all about showing off what she’s really good at and her flexibility. She could be doing some of these yoga moves for attention purposes too. However, She will be poised and not much of a talker unless you’re into yoga too. She will be dressed in really tight clothes from head to toe so she really gets those yoga positions on point and so that one checks her out too.

4. Social Butterfly: These girls in the gym would be your best friend. They will be willing to do pretty much anything for you. They will be dressed in cute gym attires, may even have two braids to pull that hair back. They want you to know they are cute and their attire will really reflect their personality. She will be there to guide you with any information that you need. She does work out, but you can easily spot her out as she’s on the treadmill walking at a slow speed, chit chatting away with the person next to her as she is the socializing type. With this girl’s skills and charisma, you’d want to hang out at the gym and take it easy. However, she can be the clingy sort so just be careful!

5. Gossip Girl: You’d be surprised but there are girls and even guys at the gym who gossip. It’s simple math – one plus one equals two. This girl has power, and she knows when and how to take advantage of that. She knows all the right people and won’t hesitate to throw it on your face. She knows secrets of everyone at the gym. Her criterion of coming to the gym is to spend time with the gossip king. She has filth on pretty much everyone. She and the gossip guy together are best buddies, but behind each other’s back, they will be talking nuisance about one too. She is not someone you can trust, because she likes to talk, and won’t even think twice before spilling anyone’s dirty little secret. If you want legit information you know who to ask.

6. Sexy Mommy: This lady is one who all the young girls look up to when they reach their late forties. She will be constantly working out in the gym. She is a powerful woman who has it totally figured out. Her toned body and sharp features can put a younger girl in the gym in a weird dilemma. She knows exactly why she’s at the gym. It could be distress or just have some alone time. She is a housewife and a mother, so time for her is very precious. She takes working out very seriously. Nothing will stop her from working out even if it’s for half an hour. However, her attention can be diverted if she gets a call from home. You can’t blame her, she is a mom after all.

7. Groom Seeker: When you first set your eyes on this girl, you instantly know that this girl is seeking for much more than just working out. She will be on a hunt to catch a male potential. She will be in their vicinity doing light exercise to their attention. She will be the dressed in the best gym attire flaunting her body. She is poised and knows exactly what she wants. Her first question would usually be related to fitness tips, and then her charismatic personality would engulf all the attention. This seeker will work her schedule towards her target. She can also get very vicious and knows her prey. If you do happen to exchange a conversation with her, you’ll know exactly what she’s thinking.

8. Clueless One: This one will try and act as though she knows everything at the gym, it could be to impress or maybe to get some attention too, but she is totally new when it comes to the gym. She will be dressed in the most professional gym attire as though she’s a hardcore gym addict but it will soon be pretty obvious that she is fresh off the boat. You will find her struggling with her workout when she tries using the weights or any machine. It will take her time to realize she’s just fooling herself dressed in proper gym clothes maybe trying to act a little too cool.

9. Gymfie: Can someone please tell them to stop? These girls just don’t know when to end. They will cross all boundaries to get the perfect gym selfie in their perfect gym attire. This girl will wear clothes that would be picture perfect, and very appealing to the eye. But is she really working out? This one will just be wasting time, and trying to find the perfect light, the perfect setting for the perfect gym selfie which by the way can be distracting to others who are working out or at least trying to.


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