Ainy Jaffri on “What’s inside your beauty bag”?

We caught up with actress and model (and serious beauty goals) Ainy Jaffri to ask her about her beauty routine and insider tips to looking red carpet ready. And we’re nice enough to share! So grab a chair and a notebook and let’s get to it!


  1. What’s in your beauty bag?

I don’t really have a beauty bag, just a bag holding all my makeup and that has loads of lipsticks most of which I don’t use, and other essentials like blush, mascara and eye liner.


  1. Your go to lipstick?

For a night out, I love Flat Out Fabulous by MAC


  1. What’s the secret to your perfect skin?

My skin is far from perfect, its very dry! But I try and drink lots of water, and stay moisturised.


  1. Signature perfume?

These days its Narciso Rodriguez For Her


  1. What’s your makeup inspiration?

I just like to look as natural as possible, and not too made up.


  1. What’s a DIY hair treatment you swear by?

Would you believe me if I say I barely ever do anything? I didn’t even own a hairdryer till a couple years back when my friends who were staying with me bought one for their own convenience haha. I have a curling tong though and use that sometimes to add some waves.


  1. Your signature makeup look in three words:

Minimal, Fresh, Fun


  1. Your go-to place for hair and makeup in Karachi:

I go to Natasha Salon or Nabila’s when I want to get my hair and makeup done for an event.


  1. When applying makeup, what’s the most important thing?

Moisturizeyour lips and skin beforehand. And use primer!


  1. What’s a beauty mistake you used to make but now don’t?

I still make many, many mistakes! Despite my profession I’m pretty bad at buying good makeup. I’m a bit lazy about it.


  1. A makeup trend you think is overrated:

Silver around the inside of eyes, I don’t love it.



  1. What’s your go-to makeup brand?

It’s Charlotte Tilbury these days.


  1. What’s the biggest makeup risk you’ve ever taken

The craziest trend I tried was a perm but that’s a hair thing. Back when I was in college, it was a disaster.



  1. Three songs on your getting ready playlist are:

These days they are Feels by Calvin Harris, Attention by Charlie Puth and Faded by Zhu.


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