Strategies to Deal with Negative People

Isn’t it such a downer having to deal with negative people 24/7? Sometimes it isn’t even our choice to ignore them or completely block them out, in which case one needs to know how to deal with them the right way.

Negative people; they’re like black holes who show up out of absolutely nowhere and suck the life out of you, and its only been thirty minutes since you talked to them.


As Judy Orloff said in her book “Positive Energy”, some “very nice” people are like energy vampires! So how do you tell if they’re actually on your side or someone you should be on the look-out for? Here are some signs to look for:


  • You feel a sense of being attacked or demeaned
  • You immediately tense up around them
  • You feel put-off and cannot wait to get away from them
  • Once you’re done talking to them, you look at yourself feeling not good-enough and more importantly not ‘blessed enough’


This is the most important step in dealing with the negative people in your life-recognizing them.

Once you know who they are, it will be easier to follow the next steps.



Escape them; there is no need to fight them every time. The easiest thing to do is walk away from them, make up an excuse to get away from them altogether. The more you sit and listen, the more you let the poison of negativity conquer you!



Most times, negative people behave irrationally, without a valid excuse. Best thing to do? Instead of over-analyzing and destroying your own well-being take a deep breath and just do your stuff. Once you know how negative people have absolutely irrational outbursts, you won’t be bothered anymore.



Instead of letting negative people get all over you, get over them with your OWN positivism. Be the very essence of positivism and optimism!


The beauty of this is that eventually they will be embarrassed of their own putting down of you.


This post was contributed by Faryal Magsi.


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