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Comfort Food Becomes Guilt-Free!

Are you one of us who work laboriously and live to eat food? Karachi is known for its impeccable taste and as much as it was difficult to dig out healthy snacks, we managed to find some of the best options that we all can munch on at any time – without going on a guilt-trip!



Doesn’t the name itself entice you so effortlessly! The amazing combination of eating and staying fit at the same time is as cool as any food place can be. Delightful green salads, delicious whole wheat sandwiches, and low-calorie stuffed wraps are only some of the many healthy snacks from the Eat Fit menu. The workaholics at Women’s Own are currently obsessed with their almond and raisons cereal bars for mindless yet incredibly light munching at work. For all those who easily instruct their office boy to get you Fried Daal Chaawal, it’s time to ditch the greasy richness and enjoy the goodness of Asian Brown Rice Salad or Roast Beef Wasabi for lunch. Trust us, you’re eating good food and staying healthy!



Yes, we all want to follow a healthy diet yet cannot compromise on the taste. Greens+Grains is our safe haven – it offers healthier snacks and makes sure to hold our love by keeping all things light and full of flavor! The brand is known for its super healthy, organic, and flavorful Granola. The toasty and crispy goodness of their Granola is perfect for a quick breakfast instead of those sugar loaded cereals, or to munch on during the day as opposed to a bag of crisps one normally succumbs to. It’s that good! But wait, there’s more. As big as a two-pound cake, Dhokla from Greens+Grains is made with suji/semolina. This protein-rich goodness is not only addictive when eaten with its tamarind and garlic dip, but is also great for weight loss. We also strongly recommend their Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies for a girls’ night in, post-workout treat, bad work days, or on a cozy night with a glass of warm milk. It’s the best form of comfort you’ll get by consuming yummy proteins.


Matcha Made in Heaven

How can we not mention green tea when we are talking about health and fitness ! Matcha, the refined form of powdered green tea is the “IT” beverage in Japan for its 3 calories in a cup, and is full of nutrition and antioxidants that help you melt that stubborn fat. It has a strong taste when you drink it with warm water, but who said losing weight would be absolutely undemanding? Remember the time when you forced yourself to like black coffee, green tea or even black tea? Developing your taste buds to like Matcha should not be difficult. You can also use Matcha powder to dress up your greens, sprinkle it on your desserts and toss a teaspoon of it in your favorite fruit smoothie. With the right amount of caffeine to get you through the day, Matcha will not only kick start your metabolism, but it’ll soon kick out all the tea/coffee you have stocked in your kitchen.


Slim Fitt

We all have those moments of shame when you’re sitting on your work desk and a bag of chips is sitting right under your nose, tempting you to grab it. Stop! Slim Fit is a click away. The dietician approved menu is healthy, low in calories and offers just the right stuff to fulfill your appetite. Not just that, Slim Fitt also plays the role of your customized nutritionist, setting up your weekly meals ensuring you follow the right amount of calories and tasty variations. Chicken Arugula and their Whole Wheat Pizzas in pita bread are our two favourite items from the menu. Other healthy snacking options Slim Fitt offers are Caesar Chicken wrapped in Whole Wheat Spinach Tortilla, and Lettuce & Mushroom Wraps. So basically you eat your greens in the most interesting way possible that losing weight doesn’t seem boring. Could you ask for more?



Yes, we are a tea-loving nation. Our day does not begin or end without a cup of tea. Wouldn’t you easily switch to slimming teas, instead? Don’t lie. You’d love the idea of drinking interesting organic flavours of tea that boost weight loss and gives you just the right amount of caffeine your body needs. Skinny Morning, Super Berry, and Divine Lychee – don’t the names excite you already? For those of you who’re looking to unwind after an exhausting day, Skinny Night is the flavor for you. It has zero caffeine and a perfect balance of soothing peppermint and sweet apple for that blissful effect. These organic flavored teabags come in really cute tins that you can reuse in a number of ways later. So ditch your coffee and normal green tea, and add some flavor to your weight loss expedition!



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