Health Tips From Around The World

A new language isn’t the only thing you can pick up from around-the-world travels. Many cultures have good-for-you practices that are worth taking home with you too. Luckily, you don’t have to step on an airplane to benefit. These healthy habits from different countries are worth incorporating into your own lifestyle, no matter where you are from.


You may have heard that coconut oil is a great way to slim your waist. Well the people of Sri Lanka figured this one out way before the rest of the world. Coconut oil is packed with medium-chain fatty acidsthat stimulate the liver to burn fat faster than normal. Try having about two tablespoons of coconut oil daily (in your cooking) and you could shed up to three pounds a month!


Traditions have long pointed to ginger as an effective treatment for the heart. Indonesians use ginger in their cooking, teas, candies and breads because gingers helps by cutting the fats that clog your arteries. A daily dose of ginger could cut the production of these fats in your body. Ginger is also twice as effective as aspirin at preventing blood clots and inflammation.



Did you know that people in China go for a walk and clap their hands. The walk comes as part of an exercise and to free their mind of any negative energy but the clapping is said to activate the acupuncture points in your hands and allow energy to flow freely, feeling relaxed and positive for the whole day. If you want to release any negative energy one should to do it the Chinese way.


Since we Pakistani’s love having spicy food, you won’t believe it but in Mexico people consume hot chiliesbecause it reduces cardiovascular disease, help prevent diabetes and prevent cancer. It is believe that eating chilies helps to boost metabolism, and aiding weight loss. Spice up your food the natural way and enjoy health benefits at the same time.


In Egypt the most a popular remedy to sure any sort of stomach pain is coriander seeds. These seeds can speed up the recovery time by destroying dangerous bacteria. Next time you are having tummy troubles, try adding 1 teaspoon of ground coriander to one cup of boiling water. Drink up to three cups of this mixture daily until your stomach is feeling better.


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