5 People To Follow On Snapchat

Snapchat disappointed many of its consumers with the recent update. Kylie Jenner, also tweeted her dislike on the new update.

There was a chaos on social media regarding this update. Users just won`t stop cursing the upgraded version of Snapchat. Many even left Snapchat due to this.

The idea of something good, gone bad.

Keeping that aside there are still many out there who use this application and nothing is going to stop them from that. Gradually people are getting the hang of this new look.

So, here we list down the 5 people you should follow on Snapchat-

  • Umar Khan (u.khano)

This NCA graduate is a crazy Pathan living in Lahore. He`s a photographer and filmmaker.Someone you should definitely have on your Snapchat list. His daily craziness, making his little nephew dance on mardaala or traveling around with your favorite celebrities!

Dodging Lahore`s traffic with his skateboard. His creativity is next level! Also, those who are interested in production should add him up right now.

  • Anna Leghari (annaleghari1)

Baloch’s are usually known to be conservative. This Balochi diva is breaking the stereotypes. Anna Leghari graduated from PIFD. She is a fashion designer and blogger. Her Snapchat gets 2k+ views, daily. Giving a glimpse of the glamorous fashion world and her life.It`s a treat when she goes to Balochistan and shows us her culture in a different light.

  • Faiza Saleem (faizasaleem1)

Faiza Saleem is a lawyer with funny bones. Pakistan`s female comedian who runs The Khawatoons like a boss with her girls.

She is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

Her snap stories are about her life and travel diaries. She puts up little skits on Snapchat picking issues which are normal in the society and boy can we relate to them.

  • Gulali Khan Afridi (gulalikafridi5)

This young makeup artist not only has magic in her hands but is one of the sweetest person you’ll come across. Gulali’s Snapchat story consists of her work and personal life. She reviews products and reviews them honestly. When someone hits her up with a query she makes sure to help them out.


  • Huma Mobin (humamobin)

We love her from the time this fearless woman went viral for going on her honeymoon, alone. Huma Mobin is full of life. Her positivism is the vibe we all need in our life. Singing songs in the car with her husband and annoying him. Her Snapchat story helps you unwind after a long day. She makes every moment fun and never forgets to record it and make us laugh!

The best part is if you message anyone of them, they reply!

Contributed by Yaamzadi Jamali


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