Momina Mustehsan’s Take On Women Empowerment Backlashes

Momina Mustehsan is a name that everyone’s well familiar with. Her appearance in Coke Studio besides the maestro Rahat Fateh Ai Khan with her Afreen voice took the entire social media by storm. The 25 year old has spread the magic with her nightingale voice in songs like Awari, Muntazir and Tera Woh Pyar. 

Recently a video of Momina Mustehsan was rolled on social media where she talked about women empowerment and being a feminist. Although, she talked about her opinion but that video raised countless questions on her take on feminism and women empowerment.

In the three minute clip, the Pakistani singer talks about how she is “[using] her fame for change” and that she “wants to help the conservative world embrace feminism.” Although, we don’t know how she’s doing that.

People responded with their opinion and disagreed with what Mustehsan stated in the video, according to them the singer was unaware of what she was talking about and was highly offensive to unprivileged people.

Last year Momina Mustehsan very conveniently ignored a question on feminism, giggled and said ‘i’d rather not answer that’ at a red carpet event last year. We’re guessing that’s yet another cause of such outburst, since the opinion was on contrary of what she said the previous year.


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Posted by Women's Own Magazine on Tuesday, April 25, 2017


People gave a piece of their mind to the singer since she was the one saying that “Qandeel Baloch was not an epitome of women empowerment. If anything, she was portraying the opposite.” The fact that someone who has zero idea or Or no empathy towards women who have struggled is sitting there and giving her outlook on women empowerment came as an irony.

Image may contain: 1 person, textMoreover, people also talked about how in an interview with Hindustan Times, Mustehsan called her style a ‘homeless’ kind. Honestly, it just doesn’t fit well. On a generic view, are we now labeling poverty, lack of security and resources as equal to our privileged ability to purchase sweat pants and baggy shirts and tag it as Homeless? But, that’s just our opinion!

Almost a year later, Momina did defend Mahira Khan when pictures of the actress with Ranbir Kapoor surfaced online. However, if she believed in Mahira’s case that women should be able to do what they want, why didn’t she showed the same support to a woman not from the upper class of society?


In a nutshell, the entire debate comes down to the fact that Mustehsan should stick to her word whether its against or in the favor of feminism and women empowerment.







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