There has always been a tug of war between men and women, and the true beauty of it is that it will never end. Men will be men, and would conveniently stereotype the opposite gender or would not understand them at all. On the other hand, women will never change. The jokes you see on the internet of girls wearing makeup to gym, taking 20 selfies a day, and easily crying over matters is all true! But, what if we told you that men and women do not differ a lot in their intensity of moment-to-moment reactions? What if both the genders are too similar and it is beyond the bounds of possibility for them to know that?

We spoke to two incredibly talented actors who turn heads (when they are inadvertently caught at a public spot). Osama Tahir, the star from Chalay thay Saath and Verna’s main lead, Haroon Shahid. We tried to have a quick word with these two men to know their emotional intelligence, how they deal with their different relationships with people, and of course tried to understand a little about the male psyche. We asked – and, wow, did they open up a vault!

Osama Tahir

Haroon Shahid

Read on to find out what they are like and what tops their secret wish list.

So what was your childhood like and how does it show in the kind of person you are today?

“I must be six or seven years old, when my parents and I went for our little picnic in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We ate shawarmas together and thoroughly enjoyed the time. I remember that to be one of the most loving and peaceful moments of my life. I guess that’s what life is all about, right? Trying to attain peace.” – Osama Tahir”

“I grew up in Saudi Arabia, and it’s a pretty tough place for people to grow up in especially if a person is passionate about arts or music. But, growing up there, I learned to become resilient and you have got to keep believing in what you believe in and never to give up. I would give Saudi Arabia the credit for making me who I am today” – Haroon Shahid

What’s the first thing you’d try to notice in a girl to know you like her?

“It would have to be her fearlessness” – Osama Tahir

“(Haha) I am very happily married but if I must answer, it’s the hair! Bleached hair immediately turn me off. So, the lady’s hair need to look nice and decent.” – Haroon Shahid

If a girl asks you to cook for her, what would you make her?

“I would probably try my hands on a cheese omelette with fries.” – Osama Tahir

“Oh, I’m a horrible cook. You know it’s weird that I have a twin brother and he’s the best male cook I’ve come across in my life. So maybe I’ll make him cook for me or just try my luck with an omelette. I’m pretty sure it’ll be bad but I’ll still give it a shot.” – Haroon Shahid

What do you think is the biggest problem in relationships and how should people deal with it?

“Communication. I think we try to maintain this fake personality, which we even do not completely understand why we do it, and then we end up not talking about the real issues and create misunderstandings and eventually resentment. It is a sad place to be, but we all do it. Some make it alive, others don’t. Some just live the fake life forever. Good and honest communication is the key to a transparent relationship.” – Osama Tahir

“I feel expectations need to be realistic. Normally, people in relationships keep unworkable expectations, they pile up a huge burden, and in the end; it becomes difficult to live up to them. You have to expect the least and you will be happy.” – Haroon Shahid

Have you ever had your heart broken? What did you learn from it?

“Of course, I have had my heart broken! Who hasn’t? But, I would like to say that it did teach me a few important things in life. I learned to be myself and to be honest. It took a few times to understand this very simple concept though.” – Osama Tahir

“A girl once dumped me and it upset me a lot, not because of the fact that she left me but because my ego didn’t expect something like that to happen to me! With time, I realized it could happen to anybody and ego needs to stop controlling me. Listening to Junoon’s Kyun Pareshan Hai Tu made me realize it’s not the end of the world and that life goes on. I’m a much calmer and humble person now.” – Haroon Shahid

What are those three annoying habits women should immediately quit?

“Women are extremely complex creatures. I can’t say they should quit one thing or all of it. It is what makes them, them. However, if I must pick one thing, I would say women should just stop trying to win an argument all the time. It is sometimes okay to accept defeat.” – Osama Tahir

“I feel they need to improve their driving skills. They need to be more honest about the time they need to get ready to go out. And please, stop those pouts!” – Haroon Shahid

Give us 2-3 reasons why guys don’t commit? What really goes on in your minds?

“Maybe guys are not willing to be transparent to the girl. Maybe there are societal pressures that stop them from committing. Alternatively, maybe they have a different notion of perfection in their minds, which is not realistic or attainable. Guys are dumb, what can I say?” – Osama Tahir

“There are too many fish in the sea and many guys feel that way. Another reason could be that many guys just want to have fun and not be restricted. Third reason could be that they haven’t found the right person to commit to.” – Haroon Shahid

Two things a guy should never leave his home without especially when he’s going on a date?

“His wallet and his phone.” – Osama Tahir

“If he’s going on a date; definitely a strong minty chewing gum. If he can play, keep his guitar. It really helps!” – Haroon Shahid



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