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Motivate Your Lazy Self To An Active Lifestyle

Nothing happens over night, nothing. You see that double chin; it did not come into existence within a day. Everything takes time.

The first step is always the hardest.  Take the first step and the rest of the steps just keep following.It is like you are trying to get off a mountain. Thinking a zillion times before taking the first footstep, evaluating which pace to take where to take it and which will be the best direction to take that step from and once that decision is made then it just gets easy. The difficult part is done. After the first movement is made eventually the other movements get into a flow and before you know it you are halfway down the mountain.

So, here are some guidelines for those who have no motivation to get towards a fit lifestyle.

Do it for your health

No, matter how much you love your body or how comfortable you are in your skin, know that your body needs exercise. It is not only about looking good but it is more about what is healthy for you. Whether you are a diabetic or someone in depression, exercise helps you in regaining your health. Not saying go spend thousands on the gym but just walk daily even if for 10-15 minutes.









Nothing is easy

If you think within a day or week your life will be on track well then you’re sadly mistaken. Everything good takes time. Of course, your body will ache, at one point you’ll feel as if there is no energy left. At this time remember `no pain no gain.`Keep in mind this pain is temporary. After a month you’ll be thankful that you did not give up.

Slow and steady

You did not start feeling lethargic in a week; you did not get in that condition within a day. It all takes time. Next time you have a moment where you feel this is not benefiting in any way and you are just wasting your time and energy, bear in mind that this is a game which shall only be won when played calmly.

One step closer

Been months you haven’t eaten chocolate because you start eating it and bam! No self-control, you end up eating more than one and there goes your weighing machine showing extra digits. That is the best part of an exercise, eat whatever you like, just burn those calories off. Imagine being able to eat as you please!

Feel good look good

Although you started off this journey to regain your physical health and be active but guess what along the way you have shed some weight and now those old clothes fit!

How amazing is thattttt?!!!

There’s this misconception of exercise and weight, please know that exercise is not only about the weight.  It is a step towards an active lifestyle.

A way of life shielding you from many health issues.

Contributed by Yaamzadi Jamali




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