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Things You Can Relate To If Pizza Is Your One True Love

They say ‘fries before guys,’ but who can ever deny that Pizza is forever. That cheesy, thin crust topped with pepperoni and jalapenos just takes you to another level of euphoria! People who are obsessed with pizza don’t let hunger/time stand between them and their one true love. So, if you’re one of those who’d always choose hot, cheesy pizza over biryani then we’ve got few things you can totally relate to.

Sharing Is NOT Caring:

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Sharing is not one of your best traits when it comes to pizza. Unannounced arrivals make you protective, like a mama bear of her baby. Sharing a single piece makes you feel like you lost a fortune. You become Joey from Friends and mark your territory around your love!

It’s Always Pizza Time

Whether its 3 pm or 4 o’clock in the morning, pizza can suffice your hunger and your cravings. You can have pizza any time of the day. You will never have enough of it, ever. You won’t refuse to have pizza regardless of what time it is.

You’re The Pizza Guru

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No pizza discount deals or coupons ever go unnoticed by you and you know all the best places that serve great pizza. Plus, your friends always call you up when they’d want to order that cheesy happiness in a box.

Pizza = Calories

You know that abs and pizza cannot go hand-in-hand. Your ammi, abba and friends have advised you against it. So, you’ve just given up on it and have bid farewell to that amazing body.

Pizza Is Your Comfort Food

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There is that specific flavor of pizza that could always raise your spirits. All your loved ones are aware of what to bring when you are depressed, upset or angry. That round, cheesy pizza is your ultimate mood uplifter. Your smile pops up at the sight and smell of it.

You’re A Pizzaholic

You can gorge on an entire pizza all by yourself, regardless of its size. The idea of eating those 8-12 slices all alone is too tempting. Throw in Netflix and your entire night is a perfect date with pizza. Often you choose stay-in pizza night rather than going out because it sounds too damn good.

It’s Your Go-To Food

Whenever there is a get-together or an order-in situation, nobody asks you what you want.  They just know what exactly you’ll have.

Pizza Lovers Are Your Best Connections

You make friends with pizzaholics faster when they love pizza as much as you do. You guys always have that one thing in common you could always talk about or drool over.




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