Keep The Romance Spark Going

There are countless jokes on how the spark ends after marriage. At the beginning of a marriage, all couples experience a ‘honeymoon’ period, which apparently doesn’t last for long.

Keeping marriage aside, it is said that the same goes for any relationship. The start seems like a movie whereas, at the end of the day, the romance just seems to vanish.

People usually put in efforts at the beginning of a relationship. After that, they get too comfortable and maybe start taking each other for granted. Hence all the hard work goes down the drain as the mindset of ‘where do we go from here?’ takes over.

We believe the spark should never be gone and one deserves those dreamy gestures in their real life. Everyone has a romantic bone, it just takes the right person to tingle it.

Pamper each other

When we say romantic, we don’t specifically mean sexual romance. Romance is beyond just that. Whenever one of you is going through a rough patch, be someone who picks the broken one up. Don’t overburden your partner when you know that he/she is going through a hard time.

Communicate and express your feelings. You don’t need to pamper them with gifts all the time; shower them with compliments, words of encouragement instead.

Have a blowout and go to the fanciest restaurant- You pay

Take your better half to a fancy place that you know they’ve wanted to try out for a long time. Treat them to a fancy dinner and you are sure to see a change in your partner when you get back home.

P.S: make sure you’ve enough savings to make ends meet for the rest of the month.

Send texts not to be read publicly

Out of the blue send them a text. Describing exactly what you want to do with them and what they’re in for once they get back home. This will be a good initiative to get them home as soon as possible.

Serve exciting meals

Push your boat a little. Commitment is one hard job and you cannot always have the easy way out. Cook a different meal every day for a week. Whatever your special someone loves to eat, try making that each day. No better way to make someone feel extraordinary!

Luxurious breakfast in bed

What better way to start your day? With a morning so good, we are certain your partner will be pampering you the entire day for such a good morning surprise.



Recreate your first date- this time even better!

Lots of times, one is caught up in memories when going through old pictures. Why not actually relive the moment? Plan your first date again.

Even better if you could wear the same clothes. Go to the same place, order the same food. Let the past give you an idea of you how far you’ve come.

Why so sexy

Once a week tell your spouse what you find sexy in him. The way he smirks, his wet hair or the way he says a certain word. Say it loud for him. It’ll boost him up and maybe he might start doing those things more often.

Romance does not cost you much it just requires dedication.

Contributed by Yaamzadi Jamali


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