Classic V/S Modified

Old is gold or new is better? The old times make us nostalgic and give fuzzy warm feelings, whereas the new times to come always leave us anxious and excited!

Many remakes of old songs have been made. The older lot relates to them and relives their past with these songs, while the younger lot is making memories with the new ones.

Let’s see whether these remakes have done justice to the original tracks or not.

Ek Dou Teen

Who has not heard  this song! Madhuri and her dance on this track are ever famous. Did you know there is a remake of this track? Yes! Jacqueline Fernandez is bringing back this song with a bang. Surely you`ll be hearing this song a lot on the coming weddings.

Madhuri’s ‘latka’s’ and ‘jhatkas’ are incomparable. Jacqueline, on the other hand, tried her best but hey! No match to the original dancing diva.




Laila O Laila

Zeenat Aman’s song Lailo O Laila from the film Qurbaani is a song which every kid knows. It was popular even before the remake came out. Some songs just never get rusty and same is the case with this song.

The new version of Laila Main Laila came out in the movie Raees where Sunny Leone stole the limelight. This item song became a hit once again!

Which one did we like better?

Have to say the current one has been stuck in our head!


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan needs no introduction neither does his qawwali’s. He surely is a legend. No one can compete with him. Afreen is a beautiful song about praising the beloved with a passion. Who wouldn’t love this song?

Whereas Coke Studio’s version of Afreen has been something that we cannot get over, it is something we cannot forgo. Does no justice to NFAK’s original track. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is a fine singer, truly, but seriously why Momina? Also what was up with that music? This new adaptation surely lacked that emotion.

Dekha Na Tha

Alamgir’s track is gold, however, Bilal Khan & QB have done fair justice to their version of this song. We cannot decide which one is better!

Tumhe Dil Lagi

Some songs should not be touched. They have a place in our heart and we do not want any more renditions of them! Rahat Fateh Ali sadly again did no justice to his uncle’s qawwali. Rahat is good with his original tracks but he just cannot be at par with the legend!

Tu Cheez Bari Hai Mast

Akshay and Raveena’s chemistry in this song made us enjoy it more! The new track, on the other hand, failed to leave a mark. Sure one gets to hear it everywhere believing it to be the ‘it’ song but honestly taking a song, adding tech music to it along with additional lyrics and converting it into an item song is not always a good idea! The new edition is nowhere close to the original.

Disco Deewanay

Nazia Hasan’s disco deewanay is a timeless masterpiece. There is something about the songs of that time that touches your soul.  Karan Johar came up with a remake of the original track and only then did the world come to know about Nazia Hasan’s version. The new track is peppy and quite popular among the youth. Those who have heard Nazia Hasan sing it, prefer the old track.

Hawa Hawa

Remember the previous version of this song? All decent and simple, with no rapping. YES! the new remake has rap! Rap is good, yes, but adding it to every song does not always work. The new version is modified with a twist of its own. Hawa Hawa always a classic. Mika Singh has kept the upbeat essence of it but the rap is not up to par and one can argue that it was entirely unnecessary.

The main essence of any song are the lyrics, vocals and the composition. When these three things combine to hit the perfect note then the song is already a classic no matter when it was produced or released.

Contributed by Yaamzadi Jamali


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