DIY Lawn

Who isn’t guilty of jumping onto the lawn bandwagon and getting swept up into the madness of pre ordering or rushing to stores early before a particular style runs out? I think it’s safe to say that we all have at some point, even if we’re not regular lawn- wearers.

However, it’s a shame that by next year there are new prints and styles and we eventually get bored of the previous year’s designs and they just seem to be pushed to the back of our wardrobes or eventually thrown out. The Dupattas themselves are like pieces of art with all the stunning designs printed on them. And so, we’re giving you uses for those gorgeous silk Dupattas from last season so they don’t have to be thrown out.

Add some colour into your wardrobe this summer and layer those gorgeous silks as a scarf on your western wear. Get creative because it can be worn in so many different ways! Wrap it around your neck or layer it with a belt, they’re so versatile.



These silk Dupattas can be cut up and worn as a hair accessory to spice up our regular monotonous hairstyles. Headbands and hair wraps never seem to go out of style and are really easy to recreate with these Dupattas as well.

High end designers like Hermes, Dior and Gucci are constantly brining out bag twillies to make your everyday black bag a little more interesting and playful. You can get crafty with your silk Dupatta and recreate your own bag twilly- they look gorgeous! All you really require is a pair of scissors and the easiest youtube tutorial on how to wrap it around your bag strap.

If you want to get really creative with it, your last season’s silk Dupatta can be stitched into a gorgeous silky top, perfect for a night out or to dress up your regular everyday jeans.

We think these DIY silk Dupatta looks will give your wardrobe a super fun makeover for the summer!

Contributed by: Manal Garib


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