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The Real Goodness Inside!

People say that it’s difficult to find the real goodness inside each of us and people around us. I believe that if we only start reflecting upon the littlethings which others do for us, this alone would be sufficient to find the real goodness in our lives.

Hitting the bull’s eye, Peek Freans with their new TVC, has resonated perfectly with all parents who keep doing things for their children to make them the epitome of values. The TVC got many people teary-eyed with memories of their own lunchboxes and the hand written notes depicting a mother’s love for her son Ayaan and the importance given to saying the ‘magic words’, accepting mistakes and sharing sweetness and happiness with loved ones.

Confused about inculcating good values in your children and making sure they stick with them for life? Involve your children in a week long creative activity that would end with a mouth-watering, extremely delicious and super fun reward for all of them.

All you need is a chart paper, some stickers, a marker and your kids around to make it fun!

The activity is called ‘Goodness Week’ where each kid will have their own ‘Reward Chart’ maintained for a week upon the end of which, all kids will be rewarded with the sinfully delicious and super moist Cake Up Cupcakes according to the number of good deeds and the stickers that they would have on their chart by the end of the week. Your reward chart should look something like this:

Children learn the most from experiences and practicing as compared to preaching and such an activity will help you in inculcating good values in your children and ensuring that they stick with them for life!

Before starting the activity, sit with your children, explain them the importance of good deeds, values, usage of the ‘magic words’ and how it’s essential to have ‘goodness inside’.

Before starting the activity, sit with your children, explain them the importance of good deeds, values, usage of the ‘magic words’ and how it’s essential to have ‘goodness inside’.

Your child may be more amiable depending on the goodness instilled in him. Those can be judged through the following:

1. Usage of Magic Words:

Make your child understand the importance of “magic words” and the appropriate situation to use them in. Teaching them these basic gestures will allow them to become good human beings and will also be liked more by the people just like the ‘goodness inside’ of Cake Up. This is how you can use the ‘Reward Chart’ provided above:

  • I will say “please” before asking for anything
  • I will say “thank you” after accepting anything
  • I will say “sorry” if I make a mistake

2. I will always respect my elders:

Teaching your child the difference between his friends and his elders.

3. I will always share with my friends and siblings:

It’s always a good idea to share. Sharing leads to caring about other people and shows that you’re a soft and good person on the inside just like the “goodness inside” Cake Up.

4. I will always obey my parents:

Teaching your child to listen to you no matter what and that parents are always right and want the best for them.

5. I will always speak the truth no matter what:

Always encourage them to speak the truth and never lie.

For every star they achieve on that chart, they will be rewarded with a Cake Up – because it’s the goodness that lies inside(your values) will make the cupcake more delicious (make you a better human being).

You may now start the ‘Goodness Week!’

You can also make the activity more fun by inviting a few more kids over and letting the children decorate their own cupcakes with creams, marshmallows and fruits. I am sure the kids will have a blast and will also be able to bring the values that they learned over the week in to practice by apologizing on creating a mess and saying thank you for the rewards that they receive.

You’ll see the activity going a long way when your kids will request for another ‘Goodness Week’, when they’ll learn and practice good values in front of you and you actually start seeing the ‘goodness inside’. And come on, a few bites of those delicious Cake Up cupcakes won’t harm you either.

Encourage cooperation not competition, be approachable, appreciate and become a friend to your child!


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