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We Swear By This Miracle Drink!

Getting clear, glowing skin feels like a never ending task were all trying to achieve with our countless number of syrums and creams. We found an ALL NATURAL solution to amazing skin that’s super easy!

It’s a mixture of beetroot, carrot and orange juice- and its delicious. With its countless benefits for the skin- we just cant get enough. Heres a breakdown of how this magical comination can transform your skin:

Combats oily skin, acne and blemishes:

Carrot juice detoxifies your body and prevents you from breaking out.

A glass of this everday will leave you with healthy, supple glowing skin:

Carrots are infused with Vitamin A that give you a glow from within.

Beetroot juice purifies the blood and eliminates toxins, leaving you with healthy skin.

It maintains the elasticity of your skin and delays the aging process:

Orange and beetroot juice hydrate the skin and keep it moisturised- which helps keep those wrinkles at bay.

Carrots contain Beta- carotene and Vitamin C that make your skin firm and plum.

Besides all these internal benefits, beetroot, carrot and orange juice also provide a lot of external skin benefits when applied as a mask onto the skin. Itll make your skin naturally fair and lighten up any scars.

To create your own mask;

Mix grated beetroot along with grated carrot and a few tablespoons of orange juice and apply all over the face for 15- 20 minutes.

Give this all- natural miracle drink a try and watch your skin transform!

Contributed by: Manal Garib


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