PSL 2018 In A Nutshell

The latest craze in Pakistan is PSL (Pakistan Super League)! The Twenty20 cricket league was established by the Pakistan Cricket Board in 2015. This year it is their 3rd season.

As the last match goes on let us take you on the trip that’s been PSL 2018.


Who can forget such great cheer leading skills this guy has for his team, Peshawar Zalmi? No matter how nerve racking the match gets, the dance is a good way to relax and also root for your favorite team! This was a good distraction in that Karachi V/S Peshawar match we must say.


Whether one was supporting Lahore or not, this man definitely had us all supporting him! After every shot, his face appeared on the screen and every time a different face expression was presented. We saw him cry and laugh. We saw him wearing his emotions on his sleeves and he was not afraid to show them. He won our hearts even though his team did not have the same effect on us.


The stadium seemed empty during almost all the matches. We agree, the media has portrayed a negative image of Pakistan but people, what is PSL without the Pakistani audience going crazy for their teams?


The finale tickets were sold out in 3 hours! Talk about crazy fans. But the madness did not end here, people kept on posting on their social media accounts asking if anyone has tickets they could purchase. A man came all the way from Sukkur to watch the match but his sad luck that he got a fake ticket and never made it past the long line inside the stadium. There was buying and purchasing of tickets in BLACK! Yes, the 1k ticket was being sold for 4k and guess what? People were willing to pay that much!


Remember the Aurat March banner going viral? The one that said ‘Khana khud garam karo’? Well men leave no chance to make their point hence this man was seen holding this banner in the finals! Also yeah he’s a ‘Sakht launda’ hence he is a strong man. Other than this we also wonder were the banners against India really needed?


In the 1996 Cricket World Cup final a chopper has been used to dry out the pitch and guess when the second time a chopper was used? Two helicopters were sent one by the Punjab government and the second by Pakistan Army to dry the ground and save the match from being ruined at Lahore’s Gaddafi Cricket Stadium.


Did you miss this legendary song made by a fan?


Aren’t they always ready to have some event coming up so they could use it in their favour?

Which side are you on?

While half the country watches the game behind the screen few enjoy it at the stadium. Karachi has been decorated like a bride!


Let’s see who brings the trophy home this time!

Contributed by Yaamzadi Jamali



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