PSL Final-All that Good?

Pakistan Super League (PSL), ended yesterday. Everyone was left teary eyed upon seeing the stadium full of life after 9 years. The National Stadium, Karachi was finally out of its ‘dry spell’ and we couldn’t be happier!

All’s well that ends well, but sad to say, there were a few major loop holes in Pakistan Super League’s final. Let’s talk about where this wonderful event went wrong.


Remember, Zainab Abbas from Champions League 2017? Now that is someone who has knowledge about the sport and knows what she’s talking about. Whereas the nation’s heart throb, Bilal Ashraf, surely is eye candy but host at the PSL, seriously? Calling ‘Peshawar Zalmi’ ,‘Pakistan Zalmi’ and not even being sure as to who the team’s captain was. You’re hosting a program on such a huge scale! You CANNOT afford to make such blunders. PSL should take notes and maybe next time hire someone who is familiar with the game. Good looks can’t be your saving grace every time!


Why were we given a separate nation? So, we Muslims have the freedom to practice our religion. What happened yesterday at the stadium was not something that could be foreseen. Ali Zafar, the artist who previously took a stand against VIP culture was seen performing at an event which had the same VIP culture. We let that go as PSL happening in Karachi was a big deal and everyone was over the moon but what really hit the nail in the coffin was that he did not stop singing even during Azaan! The Maghrib Azaan was accompanied by his singing. Can you picture that? ‘Allah O Akbar’ in the air and music on at the same time? Ali Zafar could have stopped for 5 minutes just to respect the prayer call. This is the least he could have done being a Muslim himself. This is not just about being a Muslim but also about respecting others beliefs. In contrast, Salman Khan did pause Big Boss’s promotion as a sign of respect for the Azaan.


Aima Baig made waves with that belt! Although we don’t get the idea behind that belt. Ehtesham Ansari what were you thinking?


The ticket selling this time reminded us of the sale madness that goes on. Women buying clothes in bundles during a sale and then selling them online at full price. The final’s tickets were sold out within 3 hours and after that these tickets started beingbe sold in black. Some people sold 1k tickets in 4k, whereas few had to face the music. There was a craze, agreed, but perhaps the fact that Karachi was not in the finals lead to a loss for those who bought those tickets with profit making intentions. On the final day, people actually got 12k tickets for 6k and 10k. No, doubt one’s misery is another’s luck.



Guess what was the difference between the 1k seating arrangement and 12k seating arrangement? Well, in the common compound you had to sit on these blue benches like seats whereas in the VIP section you got those marriage hall chairs to sit on. It got so over crowded that despite paying such a huge amount, people were sitting on the stairs and floors because of no vacant seats! There was no such extra comfort even after paying those extra 11k.



The long line in that scorching heat surely left one thirsty but guess what? No drinks and food were allowed in the seating area. Sitting and cheering there for hours surely exhausted people. Maybe the management should have been a bit considerate and allowed people to at least keep themselves hydrated. There were food stalls but on the other end of the stadium which after a while went out of stock. One wasn’t permitted to take the food where they were sitting unless you hid the food in your shirt and escaped the Rangers’ eyes. Some people were smart; where one got the Ranger engrossed in a conversation, the rest sneaked in the food.


The roads were blocked! There was no traffic. No restaurant was willing to send out a delivery either, even at 1 am, after the match was over. Why? Due to the blocked roads.


The memes never stop do they?

Sigh. The sad, harsh reality.

Now that’s getting too personal,no?

We swear! This man does NOT age. We need the secret potion too, Shehzad Roy!

Back to reality?

Let’s hope this request is taken into consideration.

Despite it all, this was one of the best things to happen in a very long time!

Contributed by Yaamzadi Jamali


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