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Post Work Out Snacking

It takes a lot of motivation to get out of the comfort zone and push yourself towards the gym. However, only exercising won’t help in keeping fit, one needs to take care of what goes into his body as well. After all, you are what you eat. We understand how working out isn’t the hard part and restraining yourself from eating is. How junk food appears even more tempting when you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a list of food items that you can eat after a workout without any second thoughts!


It aids in repairing your glycogen levels in addition to giving you a high dose of potassium on the side. Banana is a good carb to opt for after work out. People who have diabetes are even asked to eat a banana before working out, in case, their sugar level drops during the exercise. It prepares them beforehand.


Sushi lovers out there? Good news for you! You may have salmon after a workout session. What good is Salmon? It is not only rich in proteins but also comprises of bio-active peptides that help regulate the insulin levels and rebuild muscles.


Want something sweet after work out? Have some blueberries and as many as you want to. Blueberries are the powerhouse of antioxidants and can increase your rate of recovery post-workout exponentially.


When have a healthy diet not had egg in it? An egg cannot only be taken in the diet in several different ways but is also very healthy. Containing a lot of proteins, its the ideal post-workout snack.

Don’t starve yourself after a workout. Just eat the right food so all that sweat does not go down the drain.



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