Raise Your Hair Color Game

Everyone likes to change up their hair color at least once in their lifetime. You may agree or disagree but this thought must have crossed your mind on a few occasions. Usually, the reason people are skeptical to play with their hair color is because they believe that it looks good in the beginning but doesn’t last long. It is common for people with newly colored hair to go for touch ups soon after.  Let’s be honest, everything looks good in the beginning but eventually with time the spark dulls down.

Colors like red or any other pastel hues tend to fade out faster than the usual brown and golden highlights. After a few showers you’re left with a color that’s a ghost of its former self. Mostly hair stylists will ask us not to wash our hair frequently, but let’s be honest, how can one skip showering in this heat?

Here are few hacks to keep that hair color game strong!


Here’s an easy trick; learn creative hairstyles. As mentioned before, the easiest way to prevent dull hair color is not to wash the hair regularly. Some people have this issue where if they don’t wash their hair daily, their scalp gets oily. Well, then you have to put in a tiny effort and look up creative hairstyles for dirty hair. Its not that difficult. A messy fishtail braid or a sleek top knot will help you keep that color and hair in a good place.


This one ingredient has numerous benefits. Its definitely wonderful! Once a month, mix one part apple cider vinegar with three parts water. Use the mixture to rinse your strands following the normal shampoo and conditioner routine. This shall refresh your highlights and boost the shine!


No, you may not use the normal shampoo after your hair has been colored. It is important to change your hair products and go for products which are specifically for colored hair. Remember moisture is essential so please make sure that if you did not use a conditioner previously, now you do. What good will changing the products do? They are made for the purpose of making hair color last longer and giving it a vibrant effect.


We completely understand when someone says ‘I have no time’. Days and months pass by so fast that many things are left undone. Don’t worry though, everything else can wait but your hair color should not be left on pending! Hair mascara is your easy way out to hiding those grey hair without going for any touch ups. Use the hair mascara till the next appointment.


A long hot shower surely is very soothing, but it is not good for your hair color. Hot water is recipe for dry, rough skin and if you want that hair color to last long then you will have to give it up. So what’s it going to be? A strong hair color or hot water relaxing your exhausted body?

We gave you these easy solutions to keeping that hair color stay longer. So which trick will you use?


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