Mahira And Sheheryar’s Mohabbat On Instagram

Remember the line, ‘Chay Din Larki In’,  from Kal Ho Nah Ho? Where Shahrukh Khan, helps Saif Ali Khan lure Preity Zinta into his love. 

Similar to this line is the title of the new Pakistani movie coming out this Eid ul Fitr.

‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ stars Javed Sheikh, Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar  and is directed by Meenu & Farjad. The poster makes it look like a fun romantic comedy!

Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar have been seen together in Ho Mann Jahaan and the Coca Cola ads; so we can say that they both surely have chemistry.

They’re also really good friends off screen.


Mahira and Sheheryar are seen tagging each other on Instagram with captions related to the movie. The images are quirky and fun whereas the captions are dialogues from the movie. They sound so cute! We are definitely going to be laughing our heads off.


Don’t we all have that one friend who wants to get in a relationship!

That lip biting picture on the left, Neeli looks incredible!

Neeli 🍉😎 @sheheryarmunawar kaisi lag rahi hun? #7dinmohabbatin

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This Eid, Tipu brings the ‘No sorry, no thank you’ rule back again. You all keep that in mind!

Who’d even call this cutie, bhai? Love all the way for you, Sheheryar Munawar!

We assume that Neeli (Mahira Khan) and Tipu (Sheheryar Munawar) are not the love interests of each other’s life here. Well, that’s what the captions are indicating. Neeli is here to save her cousin, Tipu from being forever alone and help him find the girl of her dreams!

In a press release, Mahira’s character is to be said “an affectionate, spirited girl who weaves her own fairy tale fantasies”.

Will they end up together? If it was a Hollywood movie, we’d say no but in Pakistan we all know how cousin marriages are quite common. Will Tipu’s dream girl be someone else or will Neeli become Neeli Tipu by the end of the movie?

Maybe you guys can get some love lessons too!

We are waiting for the trailor to be out!



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